Best Airplay Speakers 2018

There are many types of speakers out there, but if you own multiple Apple branded devices, it may be of use to you to be able to listen to music while you’re at home through Air Play. This is exclusively for products made by this company, although many of the best options of this type are also compatible with other types of devices and can perform a wide array of tasks.

best airplay speaker

These products come in all types of shapes and sizes, some that should be kept at your house, and others that are able to be taken around wherever you need to go, including other people’s houses, your office, or even to an outdoor event. Each of the best Airplay speakers that you can purchase are able to be plugged into your computer to use, or you can use them in a number of ways wirelessly. Many of them can also connect with other speakers too, so you have a more diverse sound. At the same time, each is able to deliver a quality experience that is well worth the purchase price. Some even come with handy cases, pair with special apps, and can be controlled right on the speaker. Each Airplay speakers review will tell you everything you need to know about each item, so you can ascertain which one will be easy for you to use and take care of. They are all able to make sure that you can listen to all the music you want easily, and are straightforward to use. Most of them are constructed of the finest materials and are built to last, and often come with a warranty in case something doesn’t work properly. When you need a new Air Play speaker to rely on, consider one of these items before you make a purchase, since these are the best ones out there and highly rated by users as well.

Best Airplay Speaker List

1. Yamaha SRT-1500


$449.99 From Amazon

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This speaker base is capable of helping your house have a great audio system. It can be paired with a TV to get clear sound while you’re watching, no matter what type of television you have. It also allows you to have access to any of your favorite music sites, as well as your personal music library. All you’ll need is to pair it with an app to get everything working the way that you want it to. You are able to play in different rooms in your house, where every room can listen to the same thing, or as many different options as you like. It has 8 beam drivers, built-in subwoofers, and users say that it has a good sound, as well as decent bass, without having to add another subwoofer into the mix.

2. Bowers & Wilkins Zeppelin Wireless


$644.63 From Amazon

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This uniquely shaped product comes in white or black and has a lot of power behind it. This is due to the fact that it has 2 tweeters, 2 midrange drivers, and a subwoofer in the middle that is slightly over 6 inches. You can listen to this one at any volume and it will sound good. It can be utilized through auxiliary, Bluetooth or Air Play, and you can tweak the controls by downloading a special app from the manufacturer. It also comes with a 2 year warranty and it won’t take up a lot of room in your home. People that own this unit love the quality it delivers, and note that the design is something that is special as well. Some people wanted it to have more customization options for the sound, but again, some of those aspects may be utilized through a unique app.

3. Naim – Mu-So Qb

Naim Mu So Qb

$999.00 From Amazon

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This item is shaped like a cube, so it is something that may be a conversation piece as well. Even though it’s rather small, it delivers 300 watts of power in a small frame. This allows for you to get great sound quality whenever you listen to it. Inside it boasts 2 tweeters, 2 drivers, 2 passive radiators, and a woofer with an amplifier. This is a lot of different components, some of which are not often seen in other models. There are also a lot of different ways you can listen to it. It works through Air Play, Bluetooth, and other apps, and there is even a remote control, which you can purchase separately that will make operating it very easy. If you have other items from this maker, you can pair them together too, to get superior audio all over your house.

4. LT-300-NA-1001 Libra WiFi Speaker


$199.00 From Amazon

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If you want a cylinder shaped speaker that has sound that you can be proud of, this one is something you’ll want to look into. It is gray and has a cover that is made of Italian wool, which zips up nicely to protect the speaker at all times. If you don’t care for the luxurious cover, you can find more options at the company’s website, where you will be able to find a color or design that suits you better. This one must be plugged into a system or used through Wi-Fi, so you’ll probably want to be near a stable internet connection to get the best use out of this one. Some had an issue with keeping it connected, so make sure no one else is using the Wi-Fi when you’re trying to listen to music, because this can lead to big problems.

5. Wren V5US

Wren V5US

$703.59 From Amazon

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This device has real wood, so it isn’t your run of the mill design, as far as small speakers go. It contains all the different types of speakers you need and they are laid out in a way that allows for the sound to be well-rounded. It also has buttons on the side, so you can control it the way you need to. It will connect in a number of different ways, so there is much versatility in that regard. You can use Air Play, Bluetooth, and more to start jamming wherever you are. It is easy to pair and it will remember 6 different devices, so you won’t have to pair it again. Some that have reviewed the device say that it has sound that you can find little fault with, and that the speaker is heavy, so it isn’t ideal to keep in a bag with you.

6. Libratone ZIPP Mini WiFi

Libratone ZIPP Mini WiFi

$249.00 From Amazon

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This small but useful device comes in colors like deep green, gray, and red. It can solve a lot of problems for you too. It has a built-in radio, its shape allows for it to be heard all throughout a room, and you can pair up to 6 Zipps together if you need music in a larger area. It works for all types of phones, as well as Wi-Fi, so no matter what type of electronics you own, you’ll be able to figure out how to use it. Its battery lasts 10 hours before it needs a charge, and you can use it as a speakerphone as well. One of the coolest aspects is that you don’t have to download a special app to be able to use it. It weighs around 3 pounds and has a carrying handle too, so it is able to be taken wherever you need to use it.

7. iHome iW3

iHome iW3

$129.99 From Amazon

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If you love Apple products, this is the speaker for you. It only works on these items, but it isn’t limited to just phones and iPads, as it should work for any product that can connect to Wi-Fi. You just need to get a free app that will walk you through the whole setup process and help you configure the product as well. It comes with a cable for charging it and it has audio that you will be surprised comes out of such a tiny machine. You can purchase this one in black or silver, and it only weighs a few pounds, so you can place it just about anywhere, like on a shelf or desk. Many owners had a problem getting it to connect with their network, so you may have to try a few times before it works properly for you.

8. Philips AD7000W/37 Fidelio SoundAvia

Philips Fidelio SoundAvia

$95.90 From Amazon

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This gadget comes with a 1 year warranty and is able to be used with all types of Apple devices, like iPads and iPhones. It will even be able to charge your device while you’re using it. It connects best through Air Play, and it is a lot less expensive than other items of its type. Of course, that doesn’t mean that it doesn’t offer adequate sound. It actually has sophisticated hardware inside, including full range speakers in the front and bass pipes in the back, so you can listen to all your favorite songs and you’ll be able to enjoy them. You can also download an app to be able to use customizable options, so it works like you want it to. You can also pair it with another one of these speakers, for an even better sound.

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