The Best Drones 2018

Quadcopters and Drones are items that have recently become popular. They are essentially small flying devices, which are designed to get video and pictures in flight. This is perfect for amateurs as well as professional filmmakers and athletes to get some amazing views that haven’t been seen before. Whatever someone’s purpose is for getting a quad, they are generally easy to fly and have virtually no maintenance. To find the best drones as well as the best quadcopters, all you have to do is look into the most popular models to see what their strengths are and how they perform.

best drones

Drones are a luxury item that nearly everyone wants, but not too many people have. This is mainly because they don’t know if they will be able to afford it or use it properly. However, there really isn’t any need to worry because many of the best quadcopters are affordable and easy to use. Some models have controllers that you can fly the drones with, and others let you simply use your smart phone.

Other popular features include the ability to take HD videos and pictures, follow GPS coordinates, tell the device to follow you, and call the item back to you with just the press of a button. One really cool feature is that some of these copters can be used in the air or on the ground, making it a versatile tool to get many different types of footage. The best drones are the ones that can capture the best videos and pictures, and are also able to be used in different ways. To find the one that is the best for you, you can read through each drone review below to see what fits your purposes. If you want a drone just for amusement, you can get one that has fewer features than someone who is trying to make a movie or film different tricks or sports they are taking part in. Either way, there are many options out there and each one uses highly advanced technologies.

Best Drone List

1. DJI Phantom 4

DJI Phantom 4

$1,299.90 From Amazon

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This quadcopter has a completely white body, so it should be easy to see in different lighting situations. It also has a powerful camera, which can take 4k video and 12 MP photos. Besides just taking regular videos, it is able to take slow motion videos too. It also features technology that makes it easy to fly and shaky movements will not show up on the camera. Software that comes with the drone means you can add text, music, and other things into your videos when you make them, so you can personalize your videos until they are truly your own. The best part is that the app that controls the whole thing is compatible with many different smart phones, including Apple and Android devices, which makes it very easy to fly this item effectively. The device can even be flown inside and outside, and is able to dodge objects in its way.

2. DJI Phantom 3

DJI Phantom 3

$799.00 From Amazon

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This drone is perfect even if you are a beginner. That is because the item comes with a specialized controller that allows you to be able to fly it and the even if you have never flown anything before, it will just take a few moments for you to learn. Besides that, you can download an app for your smart phone that allows you to call the copter back to you at any time or you can use it to tell the product a special place to fly to. The app accomplishes this by telling it where to go through GPS coordinates. It is also able to broadcast video from up to half a mile away and can fly around half an hour without having to charge the battery. You can even take photos of its views while it’s still in the air.

3. DJI Inspire 1 V2.0

DJI inspire 1 V2.0

$1,997.00 From Amazon

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If you are looking for a drone that has a unique look, this is one to give some serious consideration. This one has motors that are quite powerful and comes with a remote so that anyone can use it rather easily. If you don’t want to use the remote to fly it, you can also put it on autopilot by simply downloading an app. This app also lets you practice flying the quadcopter and can show you the view from the air. Moreover, this is the place where you can edit the video that is being captured. This product can take videos with up to 4k resolution and can rotate all the way around to get some amazing shots. It is recommended for filming aerial shots for a number of different purposes.

4. Yuneec Q500 Typhoon 4k

yuneec q500 typhoon 4k

$886.90 From Amazon

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This product is just as much a camera as it is a drone. As a drone you can tell the item exactly where to go or even tell it to follow you. There is even a setting that makes sure that you are flying at the legal height, so you won’t get in trouble. This can get you amazing footage from the air, and can capture it in 4k. However, you get to decide what resolution you want it to use, so rest assured that it can capture other resolutions as well. When you need shots from the ground, the camera has a special stand that keeps the camera steady, even though you are holding it. This is because it has a special 3 axis gimbal camera, meaning you won’t have a problem with shakiness, no matter what.

5. 3DR Solo Drone

3DR solo drone

$599.99 From Amazon

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If you are looking for something that you can use for personal or professional reasons, the Solo is something that is quite impressive. It is powered by two potent computers, which means it can do things that other drones are unable to do. One of these things is that it streams directly to a smart phone, so you can see in real time what your copter is seeing. You can tell it where to go and even choose a flight path that has already been laid out. Another great feature is that you get free upgrades as technologies change. That means you won’t be left having to buy another device when this one is outdated. However, you may have to buy additional accessories to make the device work to its full potential. It is specially designed with a GoPro in mind, so you will need one to use this quadcopter.

6. Blade Chroma Camera Drone with 4K CGO3 and ST-10+

blade chroma camera drone

$699.99 From Amazon

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There isn’t a lot of guesswork when you are using this drone. It has everything you need to get the shots you want. This includes a copter, a controller with an Android screen on it, and much more. There are features to help you fly it like a pro, and the app lets you not only view what it is seeing, but you can also take pictures. Additionally, you can set the resolution, color balance, and other aspects to make sure the picture is just right, all without putting your hands on the actual quad. There are even a number of different modes that this drone uses which are for different purposes, such as getting back to you safely on the ground and making sure that it is filming what you want it to film.

7. Parrot Bebop 2

Parrot Bebop 2

$470.34 From Amazon

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This product is designed to be able to fly in different types of weather conditions, meaning it is safe even if the weather isn’t perfect. It has an LED on the front of it, to make sure you always know which way it is facing and is also will be able to stay away from items that can harm it. That means flying this one is easy. In fact, you can fly it with your tablet or smart phone and an app, meaning all the functions are easy to learn and use. Furthermore, it is able to take HD videos, 4k pictures, and has a large fish eye lens for getting great shots of whatever you are doing on the ground. It is also small enough to take nearly anywhere you want to take it, since it weighs less than 1000 grams.

8. Hubsan X4 (with FPV Camera)

hubsan FPV X4

$118.49 From Amazon

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This is one of the smallest quadcopters that you can purchase, and it only weighs around 52 grams. Due to its small size, it is able to do things that larger models can’t. For example, it can flip and roll, so it is just as fun to fly as it is to look at. It is perfect for the enthusiasts or teenagers, and has an HD camera attached to it, so you can get some interesting shots while it’s flying. It also has lights, so it can be seen and maneuvered in the dark, and it comes with an LCD screen on the controller, so you can view everything in real time. It has a shorter flight time than others, but it is quite affordable and easy to replace if something happens to it.


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