Best Golf Gloves 2018

While you’re out there on the green the most important thing is having all the right tools and the best golf gloves could be the tool that you’re missing. Knowing what’s out there and what you should be looking for can definitely help you to improve that next game.

Best Golf Gloves

Not everyone who plays golf uses a golf glove, but the pros are definitely doing it and there’s a good reason. A golf glove is going to give you the amount of grip that you need to hold onto that club better and get the perfect swing that you’re looking for. With gloves made of all different materials, however, it can be difficult to find just the right one for your needs. Keep in mind that your glove should be worn on the opposite hand as your dominant one in most cases. That’s because it goes on the hand that you put at the top of the club, which for a right-handed player means the left and for a left-handed player means the right, at least in most instances. If you hold the club differently you might need to swap your glove hand. Most of the best golf gloves come with both as options, but you want to make sure you can get the correct glove before you buy. With any of these, you’ll have no problem getting just what you’re looking for, whether you play right or left handed, and definitely no matter how long you want to play.

Best Golf Glove List

1. Callaway X Spann Glove

Callaway X Spann Glove

$14.65 – $51.99 From Amazon

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Available for right and left-handed users, this glove uses a 3D performance mesh to provide the ideal fit over your hand while you play. The compression system means that it’s going to stick just how you need it, without slipping on your hand or on the club. Not only that but it’s entirely moisture wicking and made of a lightweight, breathable fabric that helps you move your hand the same way you always do. The cabretta leather with silicon chevrons of the palm provides a secure surface to grip the club and make sure you have the control that you need at all times. Comfortable to wear for extended periods, this is also a durable glove that will hold up for a very long time. The thin design makes sure you have enough support while keeping the same feeling that you need to get the right hit on that ball.

2. FootJoy StaSof Golf Glove

FootJoy StaSof Golf Glove

$25.99 From Amazon

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If you’re looking for the golf glove that all of the pros are wearing this is the one that you want. There are plenty of tour pros that wear it every game and love it, and for good reason. This glove is made with PowerNet mesh through the fingers and the knuckles which provides you with the flexibility that you need to get a good feel on the club and the ball but also keeps you cool when you’re out there playing most of the day. The performance leather of the rest of the glove is exclusive to FootJoy and provides you with great grip while still keeping up moisture resistance and a soft and comfortable feel. Designed to stay soft every time you use it, this glove comes for both right and left handed players and in both black and white.

3. Bionic Golf Glove

Bionic Golf Glove

$17.95 – $46.64 From Amazon

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Made with genuine leather, this golf glove provides you with the added support that you need through the center of the palm. Where most other gloves will start to break down over time, this glove provides you with exactly what you’re looking for in support and added strength. Designed to keep your grip strong but not wear you out, this glove has a relief system built right in to keep your grip pressure distributed just right across the handle of the club. You’ll have plenty of control and you’ll barely even notice the glove itself because it fits like a second skin. Made to follow the natural design of your hand and the flow of your movements, you’ll also have lycra inserts to prevent moisture buildup in all the normal areas, like between the fingers and over the knuckles. Completely machine washable, these are going to be some of the easiest and most comfortable gloves you wear in a long time.

4. FootJoy WeatherSof Golf Glove

FootJoy WeatherSof Golf Glove

$14.99 From Amazon

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Considered the #1 bestselling golf glove in the entire world, these gloves are made with premium cabretta leather through the thumb and the palm to provide you with just the right grip. They also feature PowerNet mesh through areas that you might otherwise have some problems with moisture and use a FiberSof material through the back and the outer area of the palm to make sure that you feel comfortable wearing them for as long as you need to. Designed with a Velcro adjustment and made to move with your hand, this glove comes in different sizes to make sure you get a good fit and offers a left and right handed option for any golfer. You’ll be able to get just the right feel on your club and you can make sure that you’re not going to slip on that all important stroke.

5. Nike Tech Extreme VI

Nike Tech Extreme VI

$19.99 From Amazon

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Cabretta leather on the palm gives you just the right amount of comfort and a perfect feel for your club and your ball. It’s the synthetic leather over the rest of the glove that gives you the lightweight aspect and the overall durability however. With a stretchy style and Velcro closure, you’ll get the perfect fit every time you slip it on and you’ll get plenty of breathabilities to keep your hand comfortable in the glove through the entire game. The sleek design makes sure you look just as great as you feel with this glove and the overall fit means you have the flexibility that you need in order to move just the way you want to, every time you pick up that club. You’ll have the glove you need no matter what the weather is like outside because it’s easy to clean and to wear, no matter what you’re doing.

6. Titleist Mens Players-Flex Golf Glove

Titleist Mens Players-Flex Golf Glove

$19.99 – $25.00 From Amazon

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Made with specially tanned Cabretta leather, this glove is plenty soft enough for extended wear and keeps out moisture that could otherwise accumulate while you play. Super comfortable and made with a synthetic leather over the back that looks and feels just like the real thing, this glove has extra reinforcement around the cuff and thumb to reduce the risk of wear and tear. The slightly looser fit is designed to keep you feeling great and the specially placed seams mean that they won’t get in the way when you’re trying to grip the club. You’ll have plenty of durabilities and just the right amount of grip along with a lot of breathability throughout the glove, so you can keep it on through the entire game without having to worry about a thing.

7. Nike Dura Feel VIII Golf Glove

Nike Dura Feel VIII Golf Glove

$10.99 – $28.00 From Amazon

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Available in white and black, this glove uses a perforated synthetic leather across the back that gives you the movement that you’re looking for while also increasing the breathability of the glove itself. Stretchy fabric through each of your fingers means that you won’t have a problem to move just the way you want and the tab closure lets you adjust it to fit your hand exactly. The ergonomic fit keeps you playing in comfort all day long and with added grip through the thumb and palm made from genuine leather, you won’t have a problem keeping your grip just the way you want it on that club. In fact, you’re going to have no problem getting a great feel for everything that you’re doing and having a great look at the same time. Great for any time of the year and any type of weather, this is a high-quality option for those who want that extra something the next time they head out.

8. Callaway Men’s Xtreme 365 Golf Glove

Callaway Men’s Xtreme 365 Golf Glove

$8.99 – $100.51 From Amazon

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Digitized synthetic leather provides you with enhanced durability as well as improving your overall grip. X-Spann throughout also improves moisture wicking as well as the overall breathability, which keeps you feeling a whole lot more comfortable while you’re out. Cotton around the cuff provides even more comfort and versatility, but it’s the overall performance that you get from this glove that you’re going to like best. With the overall makeup of this glove, you’ll be able to get the flexibility that you need for your game, so you get the right feel on the club as well as on the ball and you can get that perfect stroke every time. These gloves work well in any weather conditions as well as all seasons, keeping you ready for anything that comes your way. Gloves are available for either hand and feature added rubber over the palm to give you the grip you need and provide extra protection at the same time.

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