Best Headphones 2018

There are so many types of headphones to choose from, but they are not all created equal. There are items that great for many purposes, but the best headphones are more likely to be utilized by people that really enjoy music or work in the music industry. This is so they can hear all the different sounds in the music that are sometimes missed in less expensive models of headphones, or models that don’t employ the latest technological trends.

best headphones

When it comes to finding the perfect set of headphones for you, you should keep the best headphones in mind. They will give you the richest sound, are able to be used for many years, and in most cases, can do a variety of other tasks to, like replace your Bluetooth mic. Each headphone review below will tell you the aspects of a top of the line product, and what it can do for you. Each of these items can do more than one thing and they all look as great as they sound. However, some of them are only for listening to music, while others will also allow for you to talk on your phone, so be sure that you know what you want before making a purchase.

Best Headphone List

1. Bose QuietComfort 35 Wireless Headphones

Bose QuietComfort 35

$349.00 From Amazon

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You can purchase these headphones in black or silver. They are noise cancelling, so you will be able to hear every single note or word you are listening to. It also has an equalizer that works well at any volume level, which helps not only when you’re listening to music, but also when you are on the phone. This is because you can talk on the phone with these headphones, and they have a 20 hour battery life. When the battery is low, you can plug them into your phone, so that you can have a longer battery life, which may make everything easier when you’re traveling or on the road. They are also lightweight, so you don’t have to worry about them putting strain on your head, ears, or neck if you wear them for many hours a day. They even come with a handy carrying case, meaning you don’t have to worry about the headphones getting messed up when they’re not in use.

2. Sennheiser Momentum 2.0

Sennheiser Momentum 2.0

$388.73 From Amazon

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These headphones look really cool, since they have an exterior that features stainless steel and leather. They are top of the line in the fact that they use 4 microphones, so you will be able to hear all your calls even if you’re in a crowded place or if it’s noisy outside. This should also help when you are trying to listen to music on the go. It has a long battery life, which is up to 22 hours, and comes with a 2 year warranty from the manufacturer. The headphones fold up so you can place them in the included carrying case, and you are designed to fit on the ears comfortably. They even have memory foam, so your ears can have a good fit on the product and won’t cause you any discomfort or irritation. One really cool feature is that you are able to connect these headphones to 2 devices at once.

3. Beyerdynamic DT 1770 Pro

Beyerdynamic DT 1770 Pro

$598.80 From Amazon

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These are the type of headphones you’ll need if you are in the music industry or plan on making your own music at home. This is because they employ some of the latest technologies that are rarely found anywhere else, which includes a special connector that is able to charge the headphones quickly. They are also made with special materials and textiles that are built to last. If they don’t, there is a 2 year warranty you can take advantage of. These are not the type of headphones to purchase if you want to use them with your phone, since they are capable of doing so much more. They are designed to let you hear each note and tone in a piece of music, and stay comfortable while doing so. There have cushioned ears and the cords will last a long time, since they have been tested for long term use.

4. Sennheiser HD 700

Sennheiser HD 700

$459.99 From Amazon

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These headphones are also designed to be used to listen to music. It doesn’t matter what type of music you like to listen to either because this product will deliver a rich and smooth sound with virtually any type. This is because they have drivers that are specially designed and the magnet system inside of them allows for great air control. The unique design of the item itself makes sure that you will have a good fit on your ears, since there are open-back ear cups. This will make sure that your ears can breathe and that you are hearing everything you can. The sound is actually hitting your ear in the place where you can hear it more clearly, which is something that doesn’t happen in most headphones that you can buy. They can be used with many different machines, including laptops and computers, so you likely have something you can already utilize.

5. HIFIMAN HE-400l


$419.99 From Amazon

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This product has a really cool design that has oversized ears and two headbands to keep it comfortable on your head and ensure that it doesn’t slip. They weigh less than one pound, so you can really listen to music all day without your head or neck hurting or getting sore. They have an efficiency of 93 decibels so you can hear all the parts of the song that you want and you won’t miss a thing, as well as hear an overall evenness to the music you’re trying to enjoy. You can use them with your smart phone, computer, or any type of music player too, so they are quite diverse. Users report that anyone will be able to wear these and be comfortable, even if you wear glasses or have a head that usually doesn’t fit in standard headphones. Since these are highly ergonomic, you won’t have any trouble.

6. Sony MDR1A Premium Hi-Res Stereo Headphones

Sony MDR1A

$298.00 From Amazon

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This item is perfect for jamming to music for hours or for using in conjunction with your phone. When you’re listening to music, you can be sure that the headphones will fit well and allow you to enjoy whatever you have playing in your ears. This means you will be able to hear the bass, and have a firm fit on your head, so the noise around you will be minimal, even on your phone calls. The product can also be used with 3 different types of cables, which allows for more chances to take advantage of their wonderful sound. Moreover, there is a carrying case, so you don’t have to worry about them becoming damaged when you have to put them away. This can also help you make sure that the sound always stays crisp and tight, which it should when you care for them properly.

7. V-MODA Crossfade M-100

V-MODA Crossfade M-100

$249.98 From Amazon

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The earpieces on these headphones have a unique hexagonal shape, so they may be a conversation starter when people see you wearing them. They have 50mm drivers which allow you to be able to hear high and low bass. Of course you will also be able to hear the mid level noises too, which will translate into a clear sound, no matter the type of music you enjoy. There is a mic you can purchase separately for these headphones, in case you want to use them for gaming. What’s really cool is that you can remove all the cords that plug into the headphones, so that you’re able to fold them up and put them away for safekeeping. This insures that no wires are bent or damaged in any way, which will allow you to enjoy the product for even longer. They are tested to make sure they will stand up well over time, which means these are a good purchase if you are a geek about technology and music. There are also no batteries to fool with.

8. Samsung Level On PRO Wireless

Samsung Level On PRO Wireless

$153.18 From Amazon

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This item looks simple but is actually very sophisticated. They have clear sound, a great amount of noise cancellation, and are able to plug into devices. Of course, you can also lose the cord by connecting them to a device through Bluetooth. There are no buttons to touch, but there are ways to control it, meaning someone can’t simply fool with the settings you have them set to. It has a battery life of around 10 hours when you’re using it and can be purchased in black or bronze, depending on your tastes. When you are using them through Bluetooth, they have a long range as well, so you can walk all over your house and will still be able to listen to your music or talk on the phone. In addition to that, they have oversized ears, so they fit comfortably, and fold up small so you can store them.

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