Best iPhone Chargers 2018

When you have an iPhone, you may want to get a backup charger in case you lose yours or in case it stops working. The best iPhone chargers are designed to be used with different models of phones, and will last a long time. They come in various colors and lengths, and offer other additional features.

best iphone chargers

Some chargers have nylon exteriors, while others have stronger Kevlar outsides. Either way, the best iPhone chargers are designed to be used every day without fail, and can be used and bent thousands of times without anything negative happening. Most are tested for many hours to ensure that they are able to live up to this task. These chargers are also able to charge electronics quickly and there is no upkeep. In the iPhone charger reviews below, you can check out each item’s features and find out more about the warranty that comes with each one. Every one of these products is a good buy, and some are even beneficial if you have devices that are not Apple or you often need to charge 2 devices at once.

Best iPhone Charger List

1. AmazonBasics Apple Certified Lightning to USB Cable

 AmazonBasics Apple Certified Lightning to USB Cable

$15.59 From Amazon

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This is a great cable to pick up if you need a spare cable or have lost the one that goes with your phone. You can purchase it in a variety of sizes, and in black or while, so it’ll match your needs and be stylish. It is able to be used on many of the latest Apple products, including iPads, iPods, and iPhones. This product comes with a 1 year warranty and it is specially designed not to fray. It can be used many times without the cord being damaged or harmed in any way. They have been tested to make sure that they will last a long time. This cable has a small head as well, so you will likely be able to use it without having to remove your phone case, which can save you a lot of time. That means you can leave it charging and then grab it and go whenever you’re headed out.

2. Anker PowerLine Lightning

Anker PowerLine Lightning

$13.99 From Amazon

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This cool cord comes in bright colors like black, dark grey, red, and blue, so you’ll always know where yours is or be able to distinguish it from other cords in the house. This really solves a problem if you have two iPhone users in the house or you are prone to losing your charger. With this product, you’ll also get a cable tie and it comes with an 18 month warranty. It is also very flexible and due to its unique design, it’s able to charge at a speed that is quite impressive, due to the fact that it has 24k gold pins on the Lighting head.  This item is 10 feet in length and is made of Kevlar, which is the same material that bulletproof vests are made of. This is so the product will last over the course of many uses without fail. It also makes it one of the strongest products on the market.

3. Atill 2 Pack 10ft Extra Long Nylon Braided USB Cord Charging Cable

atill 2 pack 10ft extra long

$11.99 From Amazon

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This 2 pack of cords looks really cool and comes in white or blue. They feature braided cords, which can bring a little style to your charger. It also makes sure that the cords don’t get tangled up, which is sometimes a problem with chargers and other types of cords. It is able to be used on most of the latest Apple products and is perfect for using at home or at work, wherever you are. There are fire retardant wires inside the cable, which allow for faster data transfer and make sure that it works correctly each time you use it. It also protects it from different types of interference, which can be natural or from other devices. The company offers free replacements for up to a year after purchase, which is something that is really helpful. Since the cords are 10 ft long, you don’t even have to be close to an outlet to charge or use your smart device.

4. Noot Phone Charger

noot phone charger

$15.99 From Amazon

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This is a complete charger, which means you get a cord and something that plugs directly into the wall outlet. When you purchase this product, you don’t have to purchase anything extra to be able to charge your phone. The cable is 3 feet long and is white in color. It is designed so that it won’t overcharge or get too hot, which can damage your electronics. It is also small enough to travel with, if you need to. Simply pop it into your bag or suitcase and take it with your to work or when you’re going on vacation. It comes with a 2 year warranty and the maker suggests that you contact them if you have any problems or need help with your product. There is also a special chip inside this charger that allows for it to still work after there are Apple updates, which is different that some chargers out there. This means it will work when there is a new iPhone and with different models of Apple products.

5. Duto 10ft 8 Pin Lightning to USB Charging Cable

duto lightning

$9.99 From Amazon

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This product also comes with a cord and wall charger, so it’s a complete set.  The plug folds up, so the whole thing is easy to store anywhere, and you don’t have to be concerned that the plug will be harmed. The cable is 10 feet long, and it is compatible with many of the latest Apple products, including iPhones and iPads. It comes with a 12 month warranty and you can plug 2 cords into the charger, so you’ll be able to charge two devices at once, without either one of them getting too hot or anything like that. If you have USB cords, you can even use the charger to charge your Android or Kindle devices, so this item can really come in handy. Most people that use it love that it works so well and don’t have any problems with it.

6. Cablex 2Pack 6Ft 2 in 1


$10.99 From Amazon

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This cool cord comes in black, silver, and gold, which all have a distinctive look. The cord itself has a braided nylon look to it and can be used for not only Apple devices, but also Android devices. This is because it has a 2 in 1 head, which features a Lighting head and a Micro USB head, which really covers you, no matter what types of electronics you like. The heads are made of aluminum, so they’re strong and have a modern look to them. There is copper wire inside, so it’s quite sturdy and powerful and is able to charge quickly and without fail. The cable is 6 feet long, which is very strong and able to bend many times without a problem. Besides that, there is a 1 year warranty and you get 2 cables for a low price. These cables will work well for you for a long time and if you have a problem, Cablex has 24 hour customer service to help you out.

7. iPhone Charger, Cambond

iphone charger cambond

$16.49 From Amazon

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This is another braided nylon cable to check out, which comes in fancy colors like silver, black, gray, and gold. They are designed to match perfectly with your iPhone, which is why it comes in these snazzy colors. The cord is 6 feet long and has an aluminum shell on the head. It works well for many devices, and is even able to be used with most cases for these devices. Furthermore, it can charge your phone very quickly and won’t tangle up on itself, which can sometimes be a nightmare, especially if you have a lot of different cords around your home or office. It has a 1 year warranty and some people that own them say that you have to be careful with the heads because they may break, so make sure you’re a bit gentle with the delicate parts of it.

8. Maxboost Smart Port Car Charger


$9.99 From Amazon

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This product is a car charger that is compact and easy to use. It comes in black or white and has a rugged design, which also gives you a good grip when you’re placing it into an adapter into your car. It will work with virtually any smart device you have, granted you have the applicable cord for the device. It also has 2 ports, so you can charge two things at once. It is designed to be able to tell what you plugged into it, and adjust the speed of the charging based on your electronic device. There is a 1 year warranty and it will stop charging when the battery is full. The coolest thing about this item is that there are LED lights in the USB ports, so you can see where to stick the cords, even in the dark. This gives you a really cool look in the daytime or nighttime.

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