Best MP3 Players 2018

There’s nothing like having your favorite music with you everywhere you go. Whether you use a special music program or you have a lot of music files on your computer, the best MP3 player will be able to read many types of files and provide you with hours of entertainment and enjoyment.

best mp3 players

Other things that are important to consider when you ‘re looking for the best MP3 player are that it has a long battery life and can hold a lot of music at once. You will be hard pressed to find one that doesn’t have an internal rechargeable battery, which is something that saves you money and allows you to be prepared. You can leave it charging while you’re sleeping, so it’s ready when you need to leave for the day. Moreover, there are options that let you do many more things on them as well. For example, some devices let you set alarms, listen to the radio, or even take video. It’s up to you to figure out what options are important to you, so you can find something that you will be able to use and also want to use. Most options are designed to deliver a great level of audio performance, so even though these machines are small, you won’t miss your large stereos. In some cases, you are able to use them in conjunction with your favorite headphones. Here’s a look at some of the most popular items you can purchase. Read every MP3 player review to help you figure out which one will work best for your musical needs.

Best MP3 Player List

1. Sony Walkman NWZ-ZX2

Sony Walkman NWZ-ZX2

$1,199.99 From Amazon

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This player has 128 gigabytes of space to fill up with songs, whether it is in MP3 form or some other form since it’s able to read other types as well. It can be utilized through Bluetooth as well as Wi-Fi and has a long battery life. There is a special digital amplifier to deliver a crisp and clear sound. The chassis of the product is copper than has been gold-plated to keep everything sounding great, which also add some durability. It runs Android, so it will be easy for you to use if you are familiar with this operating system. It is important to remember that it isn’t designed for casual music listeners. Instead, you should choose this item if you are someone that only wants the best when it comes to listening to your tunes or consider yourself to be an audiophile.

2. Cowon P1 Plenue High-Resolution Audio Player

Cowon P1 Plenue High-Resolution Audio Player

$399.99 From Amazon

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When it comes to this gadget, it is available in black and gold. Both of these options look rather chic, even though the design itself is a bit plain. It has a screen that is around 4 inches and has 128 GB of memory. You can only control it through its touch screen, and it doesn’t have any Wi-Fi capabilities. However, you can use pretty much any headphones you have with it, and you can also connect it to output devices. Overall, this is a simple enough device that anyone should be able to use without much trouble. This makes it good for those that are interested in music but aren’t exactly tech-savvy. It should also work better with some file types than others, so you’ll need to play around a little bit with different types of music files to see what sounds the best and what doesn’t drain the battery as well.

3. Apple iPod Touch


This machine does a lot more than just play music files. It has a 4-inch touch screen which has a retinal display and is very vivid. It also has a camera in the front and on the back, so you’ll be able to take pictures, record video, and even have video chats with others if you want to. It comes with earbuds and a charging cable, so you’ll have everything you need to enjoy it. Since it runs iOS 6, you are even able to run all the apps that you like and are used to, if you have other Apple products. You can play games on it, read maps, and do a number of other things. It is available in a number of colors as well as different storage sizes, so there is one for everyone to enjoy, whether they need a lot of space or just a little bit.

4. Pono Music Portable Music Player


$324.90 From Amazon

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This product looks very simplistic, but it is a great device to listen to music on. It has simple controls and is able to recognize many types of music files, without encountering any problems. It is in the shape of a triangular prism, so it’s able to sit up correctly on any surface. One of the coolest things about this item is that it is designed for more than one person to be able to use at once. You can plug two pairs of headphones into it, so you and a friend can listen to some of your favorite songs together. The battery life of this one isn’t as good as some of the other options out there, but it does have exceptional sound quality. To fix this, you may want to keep it near an outlet, in order to plug it in when you need to.

5. Sony Walkman NWZA17SLV

Sony Walkman NWZA17SLV

$299.99 From Amazon

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This product is able to give you at least 30 hours of listening pleasure before it runs out of battery. It has an amplifier that makes it sound better than the little machine it is and it has a screen that is resistant to glare, so it’s always easy to control. You can pair it with Bluetooth devices and it has a strong aluminum housing, which is die cast. The design of the machine itself is flashy and looks good. Something that sets this one apart from other players is that you can put your own microSD card into it, which is able to increase the storage dramatically. You can also listen to the FM radio on it, so it can really help you out if you need to catch a traffic report or get news updates.

6. Astell & Kern AK Jr

Astell & Kern AK Jr

$259.00 From Amazon

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The Astell& Kern also has an aluminum body and looks a lot like a cell phone, so it should be easy to use and keep up with. It’s able to play more than 10 different types of files, ensuring it should be able to play songs that other devices are not able to. Other features include a 3-inch touch screen and buttons that you can use to control it, giving you lots of options. It comes with a 1-year warranty, which is different than most products. One issue with this unit is that it won’t hold as many songs as other devices, so if you have a lot of music that you need to have with you at all times, this may not be the right one for you. You can add your own storage card to it though, which can help out a bit.

7. Sony NWE395/B

Sony NWE395/B

$68.99 From Amazon

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This is a simple MP3 player that is able to do it all. Not only is it able to play songs that you load onto it, but it can also read songs from your iTunes or other media players for Windows operating systems. Additionally, you can use it to look at photos, listen to the radio, and you can set alarms and timers. There are no batteries that you have to concern yourself with, since you just plug it in when the battery gets low, in order to recharge it. It comes in black or red and a few storage sizes. It’s a perfect machine for your first MP3 player or to buy for a young child or teenager, so they can have access to music when they are hanging out or playing sports. It has a 35-hour battery life and a small LCD screen that is easy to navigate. It even has a built in feature which regulates the sound levels from song to song.

8. Apple iPod Shuffle

Apple iPod Shuffle

If you are looking for something that can hold all your songs but is small enough to take anywhere, this is the perfect thing for you. It comes in many colors and is around the size of a matchbook, so you can put it on your arm to run or in your purse for when you’re stuck in a line or are traveling. It has about 15 hours of battery life and there are only a few buttons to control, meaning you won’t be fooling with a screen or anything like that. This adds a little bit of mystery to what songs will be playing, but special voice options allow it to tell you what is going to play if that’s something you’re interested in. You will also get the charging cable and the headphones with your purchase. It does have a low song capacity, but it is so easy to carry with you and it is hard to damage.

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