Best Rotary Tools 2018

When you need to get projects done around the house, a rotary tool can be a really good friend to you. The best rotary tools can do pretty much any job that you ask them to, such as sanding, polishing, cutting, sharpening, and more. They are also easy to operate and use, and come with all types of accessories to make everything come together just right.

best rotary tools

Some of the tools are cordless, while others are corded, and the best rotary tools can be used at home, while others are even suited to use at your job or to do professional tasks for others. Many have variable speeds and can even be serviced a bit, to ensure that you can own your rotary tool for even longer. This keeps you from having to replace the one you choose, especially if it’s something you really like. You’ll have to try them out for yourself to see which one you like and can work well with. Each rotary tool review below allows you to learn more about a product that can accomplish a lot of different things and can even be fun to use. They also describe what comes in a set and how you should use it, as well as special aspects that you need to know before you purchase one.

Best Rotary Tools List

1. Dremel 8220-2/28 12-Volt Max Cordless Rotary Tool

Dremel 8220-2/28 12-Volt Max Cordless Rotary Tool

$129.99 From Amazon

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This rotary tool is cordless, and comes with a kit that has 28 parts, a case, a charger, and 2 batteries. It has a special tool that will help you change the different bits and parts quickly and the unit will charge within an hour, so it won’t take very long to get back to work. The motor is strong, so it can do a lot of different jobs, and the product can be gripped anywhere, so you don’t lose control of it. It can do things like cutting, sanding, engraving, and more and is much more powerful than some other Dremel models out there. It can operate at different speeds and works well for household purposes. This is not a product that you’d want to use in your professional shop or for industrial type work. A great thing about this product, as well as other Dremel items, is that you can use any of their branded accessories on most of their products, so if you have a different tool or item form this brand, you can use those tips and things as well.

2. Dremel 4000-3/34 120-Volt Variable Speed Rotary Tool Kit

Dremel 4000-3/34 120-Volt Variable Speed Rotary Tool Kit

$83.10 From Amazon

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This rotary tool has to be plugged in, but it is also very powerful. It has more than one speed and can go a maximum of 35 thousand RPM to get the job done. It is easy to control, even on top speed and it won’t get away from you while you’re holding it. You can keep using this tool longer since you can replace the motor brushes, meaning it won’t wear out as easily. It has a 1.6 amp motor and an easy twist top to change out accessories. It is great at engraving, cutting, and sanding, and you can keep all the parts together, since it comes in a handy, rugged case. It is great for doing projects at your house on a number of different mediums. Users say that the machine is very big in size, larger than other Dremel items, but it works quite well.


dewalt dw660

$52.99 From Amazon

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This is a rotary tool that you can use for work or hobbies. It comes with collets and a drywall cutting bit, so you can really cut into nearly anything you can think of. It also has a switch that allows you to turn it off easily, which is great since it has a powerful 5 amp motor that can go as fast as 30 thousand rpm. The controls are sealed, so they can’t be affected by dust or debris, and the device itself is slim, so you won’t get tired of holding it and accidentally drop it, which would be very unsafe. People that have reviewed it state that it is a powerhouse, so you may have to pay attention to what you’re doing so the tool doesn’t get away from you. At the same time, it will hold up and the bits are very easy to change out. When it’s used properly, it stands up well over time and can solve a variety of problems.

4. Proxxon 38481 Professional Rotary Tool

Proxxon 38481 Professional Rotary Tool

$132.65 From Amazon

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This machine is very colorful with a green, yellow, and black base. It is able to do a lot of different jobs because it comes standard with 6 different sized collets. It also comes with over 30 bits and cutters, so you’ll be able to do things at home and at work. It is powerful enough to use for business, and users say that it won’t overheat. The device only weighs a little over a pound and also operates in a quiet manner. It also comes with everything you need to do carving, cutting, polishing, and much more. It is easy to hold onto and it doesn’t vibrate a lot, which makes it easier to make straight cuts and lines. The controls are easy to use and you’re unlikely to touch them when you’re not trying to. It will hold up even with heavy use and it will look good in your garage or workshop.

5. Dremel 7300-N/8

Dremel 7300-N/8

$30.13 From Amazon

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This is a small rotary tool, which is cordless, so it’s easier to get into the nooks and crannies. It features a 1/8 inch collet and can utilize other Dremel accessories as well. It has 2 speeds and can handle projects that involve small and intricate details, such as engraving. It is only 8 inches long and comes with a 2 year warranty, so you’ll be able to get a lot of use out of this little machine. When it comes time to charge the battery, the charger works rather quickly. The device also comes with 8 other accessories and a wrench so you can change everything out with ease. People that own it use it for all sorts of jobs, but some recommend that you should purchase some extra batteries, since a number of batteries will stop holding a charge after a while. It is better to have backups, so you’ll have them in a pinch.

6. Dremel 100-N/7

Dremel 100-N/7

$35.50 From Amazon

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This tool excels in sanding and grinding, due to its small size. It is still rather powerful though, because it is electric and doesn’t come with a battery pack. It has a sealed ball bearing motor, which allows it to be quiet and not get overheated. This means it can work for a long time without you having to take a break. Besides that, it can run at 35 thousand rpm, but it only runs at one speed. It comes with 7 accessories and is easy to use with one hand without losing control. You can replace the motor brushes when you need to and the device is easy to grip with its slender body. It is best suited for at-home projects, mostly on a small scale, but it can accomplish a variety of things if you need it to. Even though it only has one speed, it is so easy to use that you won’t miss having a device with multiple speeds.

7. Black & Decker RTX-6 2-Amp 3-Speed Rotary Tool

Black & Decker RTX-6 2-Amp 3-Speed Rotary Tool

$37.99 From Amazon

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This small device is made of low density polyethylene, which allows it to be very strong. It comes with 27 different accessories as well, so you can do different things like cutting, sanding, and grinding. It has a 2 amp motor and is capable of operating at 3 different speeds, so you have different power levels, depending on the job. It is also straightforward to change out the bits and it comes with a 2 year warranty, so you can get a lot of use out of it. You can utilize it all around the house, to get into places that you may have trouble with if you are trying to use larger rotary tools. This machine plugs in too, so you won’t have to keep up with batteries and chargers.

8. Kawasaki 840589

kawasaki 840589

$46.26 From Amazon

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This device is bright green and comes with nearly 200 accessories to keep you busy. It has a 1 amp motor that can operate at up to 30 thousand rpm. It does a lot of jobs, including grinding and polishing. It is powerful enough to use at home or for light jobs for business if you need to. It is not for professional use, since it may wear out easily if you try to overwork it. People that own the product suggest that you don’t use it on its highest level, since it may struggle a bit with it, which can cause it to wear out too quickly. However, a major plus is that this machine comes with a case that keeps everything organized that goes with it, so you won’t ever lose an important piece.

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