Best Running Shoes 2018

Think about the feel of the road under your feet and the way the wind feels in your hair as you’re running. It’s a pretty great feeling, right? But try doing that without the right gear and you’re definitely not going to be having as much fun. Goodbye, great feeling of the road under your feet and the wind in your hair. Hello, blisters and twisted ankles. That’s why it’s important to have the best running shoes that you can find and to make sure you’re replacing them whenever they start to get worn out.

best running shoes

When you’re looking for regular old tennis shoes that you wear every day it’s simple enough. You just want something moderately comfortable that you can walk in. But the best running shoes need more features than that. You need something with a good amount of padding, a good amount of support through the arch and up around the ankle, and the right breathability. That way, you’re getting a shoe that will help you enjoy your run without having to worry about overheating, sprained ankles or any of the other common problems that runners without those great shoes are having.

Of course, if you’ve ever walked into a shoe store (or any store that sells shoes for that matter) you’ve seen the multitudes of shoes that pass themselves off as tennis shoes or running shoes. So, how do you go about finding the right shoes? You’re going to want to take a look at these running shoes reviews to help you. You’re also going to want to look at things like support (as we mentioned), ‘drop’ which is the difference between height in the heel and toe, materials, midsoles, outsoles, foot size, toebox space and a whole lot more. You’ll also want to take a look at whether or not you can use your own insoles in the shoe or if the ones inside are attached. Before you know it, you’ll have the shoes that you’re looking for.

Best Running Shoes List

1. New Balance Fresh Foam Zante v3

New Balance Men's Fresh Foam Zante v3 Running Shoe

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Available in several color options to get you the exact look you want, these shoes come in men’s sizes 7 – 15, including half sizes and several wide sizes as well. Made by a company that’s well known in the shoe world, these New Balance Fresh Foam Zante v3 have an engineered mesh and synthetic material upper for breathability and a rubber sole for durability, with a 6 mm drop from heel to toe. There’s a fresh foam midsole that’s designed to increase comfort and still stay lightweight and a low-top design from the arch up to the top of the shaft. Best for summer running rather than winter (because of the mesh toe design) these shoes are light overall and provide a tight but comfortable fit.

2. Adidas Supernova

Adidas Supernova

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Available in both men’s and women’s versions, the Adidas Supernova shoe is another one made by a company that’s well known in this niche. They come in a range of different colors and have a low-top from shaft to arch. Made with synthetic materials, they feature plenty of traction control to the soles and great breathability to the uppers to keep you cool and comfortable. The molded heel is designed to fit in a more natural way and the outsole features a stretch web aspect that helps to get increased stability as well as more energy as you run. Sizes are available in regular, narrow and wide and arch support is enough to keep you comfortable during your run.

3. Asics GT-2000 6

Asics GT 2000 6

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These Asics GT-2000 6 are designed in both a men’s and women’s version that provides for a better fit and plenty of size options as well. Available in several different colors, they are made with a mesh and synthetic upper for increased breathability. They also have a FluidRide midsole and a low-top from arch to shaft. Designed with a DuoMax support system to provide enhanced support on the run, they also have an impact guidance system that ensures you land just the way you want to, decreasing the risk of injury. This is in line with a number of other features including Guidance Trusstic Technology, Guidance Line Midsole Technology and Heel Clutching System Technology as well as gender specific cushioning and foam through the midsoles to provide more comfort. Overall, these shoes are designed to keep your feet right where they should be and provide the support and comfort you need throughout.

4. Nike Air Zoom Span 2

Nike Air Zoom Span 2

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These men’s shoes are designed in men’s sizes between 7.5 and 14 and come in several colors to get your personal style out there. The Nike Air Zoom Span 2 are made lightweight so you don’t have to worry about getting slowed down when you run and there’s dual-density foam through the midsole to keep your feet stable and supported at all times. The waffle tread helps to create good traction, no matter where you’re running r how long you’re going to be out there, and the outsole provides more cushion as well as responsiveness to whatever you may find. Mesh across the upper provides plenty of breathability and the Nike name brand is well known for providing athletic gear and shoes that you can rely on. There’s even an internal arch band which helps to keep your feet in just the right place, at all times.

5. Nike Air Zoom Structure 21

Nike Air Zoom Structure 21


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Designed for men and for women in slightly different versions, the Nike Air Zoom Structure 21 has a flywire cable around the midfoot area to provide more support and lock the foot into place. It also has cushioned insoles and reduces the number of stability features for those who like a little more flexibility and freeform to their run. Deep traction grooves ensure you won’t have a problem with slips or grips while you’re running and the crash pad design means there’s plenty of comfort and cushion no matter what you step on. Water repellant and mesh over the top for breathability, these shoes look sleek and stylish, in one of several colors that you choose. They also have a low heel to toe drop.

6. Reebok Floatride Run

Reebok Floatride Run

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There is plenty of breathability through the top of these Reebok Floatride Run shoes and on top of that they have a moisture wicking feature that gets rid of any sweat or moisture that may accumulate. There is a sockliner interior that helps reduce the risk of chafing or any kind of irritation and a low design that keeps you moving the way you want. Additional cushioning through the midsole means that you get more comfort as well as the responsiveness you need and the unique design of the laces means more support as well as something stylish. These shoes are a little more expensive than some of the others we’ve found, but they have plenty of features as well, increasing and improving your run. Available in men’s sizes, these shoes do not have a lot of options, but do provide a lot of benefits.

7. Brooks Glycerin 15

Brooks Glycerin 15

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You’ll find these Brooks Glycerin 15 shoes available for either men or women and available in some really fun colors and patterns. The cushioned footbed is designed to keep you going further and longer on your next run and the mesh design over the toe keeps you cool. Rubber soles with moderate tread mean you can keep going for a longer distance without worrying about where you run and the arched design of the toe provides a balanced aspect to your run. There’s also plenty of support around the ankle to reduce the risk of injury. A midsole drop of 10mm is a little larger than some shoes but these ones provide a lighter weight and a medium to high arch that improves support for most runners. The upper is designed to feel plush around your foot and ankle and the tread is designed to flow smoothly from the heel up through the toe so there’s no abrupt motion while you’re out there.

8. Skechers Go Run 5 

Skechers Go Run 5

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These men’s shoes, make by Skechers, are definitely vibrant and a whole lot of fun. The Skechers Go Run 5 running shoe features plenty of bright colors and rubber impact sensors over the outsole to increase your comfort level. The shaft is approximately 3.75” up from the arch, providing just the right amount of support but enough flexibility for you to run comfortably. There’s also mesh through the uppers to provide increased breathability and a rubber sole with excellent tread for a better grip. Super lightweight, these shoes have plenty of shock-absorbing features and provide excellent impact protection whether you’re out running or wearing them for anything else around the house. The insoles are removable to add your own favorite and get customized support while you’re at it. You’ll also find that they have excellent fit and work well for extended runs. They’re also designed with elastic laces for easy slip on and off.

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