Best Smartphones 2018

When you’re looking for a great smartphone for you or someone else in your life, there are so many options that you really may have a hard time. However, it is easy to find a list of the best smartphones. This usually includes top of the line phones, which feature the latest technologies, and can be used for years before they are too slow or outdated to do your favorite things.

best smartphones

For example, among the best smartphones, you’ll find a lot of the same features, and others that make some of the phones stand out. There is everything from powerful front-facing and rear cameras, to extra security features, and even the ability to have a great experience when you use headphones. Depending on what you’re looking for, the smartphone reviews below will tell you which product would be a good buy for you. Each of these items is highly sought out for its quality, and the fact that they can run all your favorite apps, take great pictures and video, charge quickly, and in some cases, they are even able to get rained on or wet without having any problems or failures. Keep these models in mind when you’re shopping around for new smartphones, especially if you want something that can help you out for years to come.

Best Smartphone List

1. Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge

samsung galaxy s7 edge

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This popular phone comes in 4 different colors: silver, gold, white, and black. It can charge in under an hour, understand voice commands, and comes with its own cloud storage. It also has an integrated microphone that will cancel out some of the background noises around you, to give you a clear sound.  It has a Gorilla glass panel in the back and a sophisticated touch screen, which is HD. The screen is around 5.5 inches and the phone has the capability to edit all types of media. You can edit videos, photos, and documents, so it is really like having a computer in the palm of your hand. This means you don’t always have to use a tablet, laptop, or PC to do your work. It is resistant to water and spills, although it can’t be submerged. Other notable features include its fast quad-cord processor and its slim line design.

2. iPhone 6S Plus

Apple iPhone 6s plus

$599.99 From Amazon

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This phone has a 12 MP camera that is able to take 4k video, so you can document whatever is going on around you and get a video that will deliver a clear picture. The camera on the phone is able to autofocus and takes different types of pictures and video, depending on what resolution you’re interested in using. It also contains a 64 bit A9 chip, which is powerful and makes the phone much quicker to respond than its predecessor.  It also features 3D Touch, which ensures that the phone will know what you want to do, depending on the way you press on the button or screen.  It has a 5.5 inch screen and is backlit by LEDs, making it bright and easy to read. It even has a 5 MP FaceTime camera, which is perfect for video chatting or taking selfies. The product comes in different colors and has a matte metallic design that is unique and attractive.

3. LG G5

lg g5

$539.95 From Amazon

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This product has a metal design, which makes it more durable and rugged. It has two cameras, one that is 16 MP and the other is 8MP, which are able to take good pictures and the rear camera is actually able to take pictures that encompass wide angles. It is also able to do special effects in pictures. One really cool thing about this item is that it can get brighter when you take it outside. If you have ever tried to read your phone outside, you may understand how useful this can be. It even has a display that is always on, so you will know what time it is at all times, which can also be extremely useful. I uses special technology that allows the phone to charge within an hour or less, so you won’t have to wait a long time to use your phone again, even if it runs out of battery completely.

4. HTC 10

htc 10

$679.99 From Amazon

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This phone is able to be used for up to 2 days without having to charge it. It also doesn’t get hot when it’s charging, which means you don’t have to worry about leaving it on the charger. You can personalize the look of your phone, such as how the apps work, and other things that will make your phone work exactly how you want it to. It also features high resolution audio, which will provide clear sound when you’re listening to music. It features a 5.2 inch display, and a 12 MP camera. It can take slow motion video, 4k video and even panoramic pictures. There is also a front facing camera, which is 5MP and is able to record at 1080p. The phone is powered by a top of the line chip, which means it works better and responds more quickly that other phones out there. It also means you can do a lot with it.

5. HTC One A9

htc one a9

$294.30 From Amazon

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This phone comes in many colors, such as grey, white, red, and gold. It has a 5 inch screen that is capable of multi-touch and responds quickly when you touch it. It has a 13 MP camera that can take 1080p pictures, and a front camera that is 4MP, which is also able to take HD pictures. It has an octa-core chip, which makes it able to run quicker than many other phones, and make sure that it won’t lock up or freeze at inopportune times. It only weighs around 5 ounces, which means that there is a lot of technology inside of this lightweight and powerful phone. It is also able to give you a great sound when you’re listening to music due to the fact that it has Dolby audio, and cancels out background noise when you are using speakerphone or talking on the phone around crowds or in noisy areas.

6. Sony Xperia Z5

sony xperia z5

$494.95 From Amazon

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This is a very powerful phone if you enjoy taking pictures or videos, because it has a 23 MP camera. It is able to capture videos or pictures in 1080 or 4k, has a clear zoom, is resistant to shaky videos, so you can show off your skills on social media. The battery lasts up to 2 days, and the product is able to keep dust away and is a bit waterproof, which means it is perfectly safe to use in different types of weather. Besides that, it has digital noise cancelling capabilities and a powerful 64 bit octa-core chip. Another really cool aspect of this phone is that you can pair it with your PlayStation 4 through the use of Wi-Fi, so you play games on your phone. This is another reason why the clear sound that this phone creates is so important; it helps provide a more immersive experience. This is even handier if you want to use this phone for VR or something like that.

7. Nexus 6P

nexus 6p

$589.99 From Amazon

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This phone has a large screen, which is 5.7 inches and has a resolution that is higher than full HD. It can also take Ultra HD video with its 12 MP camera, or you may choose to take slow motion video with it as well. The front camera is 8MP, which is still rather sharp. It comes in a few different colors and looks a lot like other top tier phones, except for the fact that it has a sleek metal looking back and a black front. There is a fingerprint sensor, so you know that you’re phone is always protected from prying eyes, and it can keep up with all the things you want to do on it with its Qualcomm processor. It comes standard with 3GB of ram and it only weighs around 6 ounces, so it won’t weigh you down. Other cool features are that it charges fast and hold a charge for a long time.


oneplus 3

$524.00 From Amazon

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If you’re looking for a phone that has a sleek all aluminum body, this is one that you’ll be interested in. It has a screen that is 5.5 inches and has an AMOLED display, which keeps the colors bright and the graphics sharp. It is able to utilize multi-touch and fingerprint scanning, as well as a 1080p resolution, which is what the phone uses as standard. It has two cameras, one that is 16 MP and the other 8MP that are able to take HD video and pictures. Other things you might be interested in are the fact that it has 6 GB of RAM and has an internal memory of 64 GB. However, there is no slot for a memory card, so

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