Garbage Disposal Buying Guide

garbage disposal buying guide

A garbage disposal is a way that you can get rid of the excess food waste in your home without filling up your trash quite so often. Instead, you can put the food waste, which is biodegradable, through the garbage disposal that is located inside your sink. This makes it easier to get rid of and also a lot better for your home because you don’t have to worry about that debris in your trash. Instead, you can just flip a switch and the disposal will get rid of anything you don’t want. There are many models on the market and choosing good garbage disposal is not easy. But don’t worry, This article will let you know how to choose a good one.

Things To Consider

Types of Disposals

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The first garbage disposal type is called a continuous feed disposal. This is generally the easiest to operate though it’s the more difficult of the two to install. All you need to do to operate it is put the food or material in the sink, turn the water on full power and flip the switch. You can continue to push material down into the disposal itself until it’s gone without having to stop. The disposal will continue to run for as long as you keep the switch up and the water on and will take care of anything you need.

The second type is called a batch feed. It’s easier to install but it’s going to take just a little more to operate. Instead of just flipping the switch you must push the material down into the disposal and then put the stopper over the top. This makes it safer to use because flipping the switch will do nothing unless that stopper is in place. That way you can’t get hurt with the disposal. Once you fill it and add the stopper it will start automatically and it takes care of the material. In order to add more you have to remove the stopper which will turn off the disposal automatically.

Grinding Power

One of the most important features to consider is the power behind that garbage disposal. You want something that is going to easily power through anything that you need to get rid of and sometimes that could mean something a little heavier or thicker. Most garbage disposals have at least a 1/3 horsepower unit inside, which is the bare minimum of what you’re going to want. If at all possible you’ll want ½-3/4 horsepower for your unit and you may even want to get up to the 1 horsepower units if you’re able to find them. That way you’re going to have less chance of blocked pipes.

Electrical Switches

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If you choose a continuous feed version you’re going to need to put in a switch to operate it. There are two different options for this with the first being a traditional wall-mounted, electrical switch and the other a countertop air-pressure switch. The electrical switch generally goes on the wall beside the sink. A countertop switch has a better safety mechanism and will have less shock potential as well as not requiring the electrical wires running through the walls for use. This makes them easier to install and safer to use.

Sound Quality

Another important factor is the sound of the disposal. Any disposal is going to make some noise because it’s impossible to grind up food or bone and not make something. Of course, there are some disposals that are quieter than others and these may be the ones you want to look for. The larger the unit the less it’s going to vibrate, which is what causes most of the sound, but there’s also going to be a lot of sound from the inside of the unit as it’s grinding too. A nylon, insulated chamber will provide you with the quietest option.

Septic Systems

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Your garbage disposal is going to expel those small particles and materials into the septic system and that can be difficult to break down. Some disposals actually have a special liquid or special product in them that will help to release new microorganisms into the septic tank to help break down the material and make sure that it’s all gotten rid of properly. This is an added feature and not all disposals have it but it can be a benefit to include.

Build Quality

One of the best materials for a garbage disposal is stainless steel. That doesn’t mean the entire unit must be made of stainless steel but the blades definitely should. This will help them stay sharp longer and also keeps them from rusting over time. It’s also going to provide a stronger surface that is capable of pushing through just about anything you put in your disposal while breaking it down into small pieces that won’t clog up the line. Some will even have anti-jamming mechanism that is in addition to the regular components of the unit. This can especially be beneficial if the motor that you’ve chosen is smaller than ¾ horsepower.

The Warranty

Different disposals are going to have different types of warranties and it’s important to understand what they cover. Some warranties will last for only a year or less and others will last the entire lifetime of the unit. The important thing to know is not only how long the warranty will last but also what it’s going to cove. Some are only for defects in the machine itself while others will cover general wear or even any wear to the product. You want to know what the warranty is going to protect from right from the start.

Bottom Line

The important thing is to look at the different features of each disposal compared to what you’re going to need in your house. Also look at the cost of the disposal itself and how long it’s meant to last. All of this together will help you decide on which disposal is going to be the best option as well as whether it’s going to be worth the cost that you’re putting into it. The more you spend, the longer you’re going to want that disposal to last under regular to frequent use in your home.

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