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K40 RL360i
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If better performance, true laser protection and a convenient installation process is your preference then a radar detector equipped with laser shifting feature like the K40 Electronics RL360i is ideal for you. The product has laser sensors and diffusers, which are installed on the front or rear bumper in a stealth manner. The diffusers not only detects laser but also confuses the laser gun signal by emitting a misleading signal. Thus, due to the incorrect reading received by the officer’s laser gun, you will get slowing down time to avoid being ticketed. RL360i is a great device if you are looking for something that is virtually invisible and reliable.

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K40 Electronics’ RL360i is the updated version of the RL360. It has been designed for front and rear radar protection and the company has tweaked the components of the product a lot. Such as, the wireless remote control is more user-friendly now than the previous version. Furthermore, the settings options have been improvised such as it offers volume adjustment, turning the select bands on and off and quiet ride options. However, still K40 Electronics rely upon Defuser G5 Laser Shifter. The product, as per the norm of K4 Electrics, is sold in an a la cart fashion, which perfectly suits driving needs. The RL360i utilizes discreet and minimalist LED indicator lights to control the system. Also, the speeding ticket guarantee is part of the package like always. So, it can be stated that K40 Electronics has introduced highly productive dual remote radar with RL360i. Let’s dig deeper and analyze the efficiency and reliability of RL360i.

Aesthetic Appeal

There are various positive points that make RL360i the ideal system for avoiding a ticket. Unlike other portable radar detectors and radar detection systems, RL360i is literally invisible. There aren’t any plugs, wires or hideous box included and therefore, the elegance of your vehicle’s interior is never compromised. A great aspect is that it since it is undetectable therefore, you won’t ever draw the attention of vandals, ever.

Basic Features

The K40 Electronics’ RL360i is equipped with an integrated GPS antenna, which lets you select options between Mute and Alert for any locations.

It has a Speed Monitor feature too, which provides the driver a continuous audio alert whenever the pre-defined speed level is exceeded.

The new RL360i has improved LED Brightness control feature. In this version, you get five new, customizable LED brightness settings. This improvement lets you adjust the LED’s intensity according to the time of the day or your personal viewing preferences.

How can we not mention the new, completely redesigned wireless remote control? Not just its design has received improvement but also the features that it offers. The new remote controller allows easier and quick access to a variety of handy features.

The Performance Of K40 RL360i

K40 RL360i



K40 RL360i
Operating BandsX-Band , K-Band , Ka-Band
Laser DetectionMultiple Laser Type Detection
DisplayLED display
Best FeatureThreat Directional Detection
Price$1,361,73 on Amazon (price may be changed without notice)
GPS TechnologyYes
Threat Directional DetectionYes
Sensitivity SettingHighway , City and Filter
Over-speed AlertYes
Power Requirement 11.0 – 16.0 Volts DC negative ground
170 mA typical standby
DimensionRemote Control: 3.07 in L x 1.4 in W x.47 in H
Front Radar Receiver : 4.10 in L x 3.20 in W x 2.00 in H w/attached 15′ cable
Rear Radar Receiver: 4.10 in L x 3.20 in W x 2.00 in H w/attached 20′ cable
GPS Module : 2.00 in L x 2.00 in W x .50 in H w/attached 20′ cable
Interior Host Module : 5.749 in L x 3.249 in W x 0.90 in H w/ attached audio quality speaker

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RL360i is one of the best available radar detector because it offers comprehensive security from all incoming and rear approaching radar threats without letting you get spotted. The RL360i has a patented design, involving a concealed system that is installed in the front part of your vehicle, aiming forward. The other part of the concealed system is fixed in the vehicle’s rear portion, aiming behind. This doubles the layer of protection and surpasses in reliability than any other radar detection device available in the market. Two LEDs are integrated discreetly into the cockpit of your vehicle and an instant audible alert will be generated if any radar threats are identified. The audio alert will also notify about the threat direction and the band frequency being used. The best aspect is its stealth, as it can be controlled with a wireless remote control. The visual alerts from the two LEDs and audio alerts from speaker (which is hidden under the dashboard) allow you enjoy maximum protection from speed tickets without making the device evident. No one can identify that you have installed a radar/laser shifting or detecting system in your vehicle. It offers a clean and clear installation display. The device is also less sensitive, which means the tendency of false alerts is minimum

Fully Customizable and Perfectly Compatible

Another great feature of RL360i is that it is very user-friendly and fully customizable to any make, model, interior, color and accessory package of your vehicle. You need to determine the radar detector’s components, installation and programming after analyzing the vehicle’s specifications. Moreover, you can customize the device as per the main driving environment such as city streets, rural areas or highways as well as the traffic strength, i-e, high or low. Also, you can set the device according to your normal driving speed. RL360i lets you build personalized locations database. You may mark Alert for most sensitive and dangerous locations like sharp intersections, speed cameras and school zones. Or else, you can Mute radar bands for certain locations like security systems, automated doors, etc.


K40 RL360i


The K40 RL360i offers a thoroughly enjoyable ride with the Quiet Ride feature. This feature lets you devise a minimum MPH detection speed and eliminate all the voice alerts till the pre-determine speed is exceeded. This is why RL360i is ideal for long commutes when you would want to be alerted only after exceeding a certain speed limit. Moreover, the speed monitor feature enables a driver to receive continuous alerts whenever speed is exceeded. This feature makes RL360i perfect for young drivers or beginners. The Parental Control and Self-Control features are an added plus to further enhance the security.

Flexibility and Affordability

RL360i is better than other radar detectors because it offers two different radar options as well as two distinct laser diffusing options. If you like the idea of stealth radar installation but don’t want to spend a lot on the system then would it be great to invest in a system that is flexible. Such as, if you want to minimize system’s cost then think about where officers usually aim their radar/laser guns while enforcing speed limits. For instance, if it is the vehicle’s front side then you should buy a front only system. With RL360i, you can do just that; you can easily customize the radar and laser shifting kit as per your preferences by opting for the RL360i a la carte package. You can buy both the front and rear parts as well and the entire package can be bought for $1100. Moreover, the device comes with a reimbursement guarantee in case of a speed ticket issued to you. So, it’s a win-win situation from all aspects.
Go for K40 RL360i, the product is totally worth it as there are no prominent side-effects or shortcomings and the benefits are simply never ending. It is a worthwhile investment indeed.



  • Long Range Detection
  • Effective GPS Technology
  • Directional Awareness
  • K40 Will Reimburse If You Get Speeding Tickets


  • Expensive
  • Lack Of Speed Traps And Red Light Cameras Database

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