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Radenso Pro
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Radenso Pro is one of the smallest radar detectors you can buy. However, it is not only full of features, but it also can read different bands from great distances. In some cases, you can tell it exactly what bands you want it to read. It is able to get lifetime updates, be customized in many different ways, and fits into small spaces in your car. The body is black and the display has amber lighting, so it won’t be problematic if you are color blind. The device can also be muted, and the user can update personal GPS alerts with locations that need a further look.

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If you are not familiar with radar detectors or have never owned one, you may think they are all the same. However, people that know detectors are aware that it’s the little things that add value to these machines. There are millions of drivers on the road today, so that means there are many opportunities to get into an accident, get a ticket, or worse. These are some of the main reasons why concerned drivers equip themselves with radar detectors.

In the case of the Radenso Pro, there are many little extras, which translate into a big deal as far as radar detectors are concerned. Most notable is the fact that it is billed as the smallest device of its kind in the entire world. However, there is a lot of power in this product. From long range protection to GPS databases to a highly customizable experience, there are many things to enjoy when you use the Radenso Pro. Here are the top features.




Radenso Pro
Operating BandsX-Band , K-Band radar, Ka-Band
Laser DetectionMultiple Laser Sensor Diodes
DisplayLED display
Best FeatureGPS feature
Price$349.00 on Amazon (price may be changed without notice)
GPS TechnologyYes
Red Light Cameras DetectionYes
Sensitivity SettingHighway, City and AutoCity Mode
Community ShareNo
Auto MuteYes
Power Requirement Power Cord with Power ON/OFF button
Dimension3.6 x 2.4 x 1.3 inches

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Easy to Use

Don’t think just because Radenso Pro is small that it isn’t a breeze to use. The controls are intuitive and the device itself has buttons on the top to get you through all the menus, so you can use the product efficiently. It can also talk to you and guide you through setting up your device.

Recognizes Many Radar Bands

This powerful appliance can read X, K, and Ka radar bands, which are the most widely used bands by law enforcement. This means that you are highly protected when you use this detector. The best part about this is you can turn on just the radar types used in North America, which is not standard since this device is manufactured in Europe. You can also select the bands you want to read and the frequencies you want it to read them at. This means you will always have the correct readings that you are looking for and they will be relevant to your area.

Works For Long Distances

This item is known to work at a greater distance than most radar guns, so it won’t have a problem alerting you of many different things on the roadway. This includes officers, red light cameras, and speed traps.

Extensive GPS Database

The way it knows where the cameras and other traps are located is through the extensive database this product uses. For example, the GPS database knows where the red lights are at all times. If you find out that there is not a problem at a location that has been described to you, you have the option to take it off on your GPS map. On the flip side, you can add locations that you know have problems, so you will remember them next time you are in the area. This helps keep the databases current for everyone to keep drivers safer. The GPS feature also allows for it to recognize cameras that you may drive by, so you know if someone is trying to take a picture of your license plate. This can be useful if you live in a large city with red light cameras or toll road cameras.

Stays Fresh

The database can be upgraded at any time by simply plugging your detector into your computer. There are firmware upgrades and new database information, which will always be current. There are also free for the entire life of the device, so you don’t have to worry about buying a new detector any time soon when you have this one. It ensures that it will be your friend for a long time, since it is constantly providing fresh information that you can use.

Customizable settings

Just like most electronics, there are a lot of settings you can change to make this machine your own. You can choose from 3 driving modes, so it will know what type of area you are in. You can also change the brightness of the display. Furthermore, there are different modes to display, meaning you tell it what information you want to see on the screen.


If you are concerned about being caught on the road with this type of device, the item can also be converted into a digital speedometer, which is generally not illegal to use.

Other Features

radenso pro


Besides all the fancy features this one comes with, there are also basic features too. The product is boxed with everything you need to hook it up in your car, including the mount, power cable, and the cord to use in conjunction with your computer to update it. There is also a 2 year warranty, to protect you in the event of a problem.

Bottom Line

This device may not look like much, but it’s actually a powerhouse. It does measure a variety of radar bands, and can do so from farther away than many other models of radar detectors.

When you consider the fact that it has GPS and traffic light databases that are constantly updated and can be used for free, that is really something to be excited about. Since it won’t be out of commission right out of the box, it’s great for someone that is an expert with this type of machine, or someone who is looking to get their first detector. This is mainly because it is easy to use and can be fixed just the way that you want it. It also fits perfectly even in the smallest of cars, and will hardly be noticed unless someone knows it’s there. It can be set to mute and even quiets alerts after 2 seconds by default, so it isn’t constantly making a ton of noise.

The Radenso Pro offers a lot of protection, real-time alerts, and is also user-friendly. There isn’t much more you can ask for when you are looking for a radar detector to put your trust into.


  • Long Range Detection
  • Effective GPS Technology
  • Effective False Alert Filter System


  • Lack Of Newest Features Like Directional Arrows Or Community Sharing

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