Whistler Pro 3600 Review

Whistler Pro 3600

Whistler Pro 3600
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This detector has more features than anyone needs. It can read all radar and laser bands, and tell you of all alerts you need to focus on. You can even turn some of the bands off, in an attempt to make the machine work even better for your purposes. In addition to that, the tiny apparatus can be fully customized to fit your needs, be placed at nearly any angle in your car, and be utilized with a number of optional additional modules. It can do the work of many other machines at once, and is worth investigating if you need a new radar detector or are looking to upgrade.

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Radar detectors can be rather advanced nowadays. After all, in this age of technology, there are so many things that can interfere with getting accurate readings, and laser and radar capabilities have also gotten better on the law enforcement side of the equation. More people and more devices can also complicate getting from point A to point B, making your commute a nightmare. Therefore, it is important for radar detectors to get sleeker and more powerful, in order to still keep you safe on the road. Whistler Pro 3600 is an example of a machine that can help you with all of these things, while still being small, powerful, and affordable. Besides that, it isn’t afraid to embrace technology with its new and updated features and capabilities.

Meet The Whistler Pro 3600

Whistler Pro 3600 is the first ever high-performance remote installed radar detecting device from Whistler that is modestly priced and fulfills the needs of those on a tighter budget. However, this doesn’t mean that the Pro-3600 falls short on the technology and specifications department. It is a fully-loaded radar/laser detection system that is equipped with a waterproof laser/radar antenna, a speaker module, and programmable Tricolor (red, yellow and green) LED display unit. The device’s display unit is so easy to use that you can set it to steady-burn or blink alerts as per your need.

Exciting Features



Whistler Pro 3600 Review
Operating BandsX,K,Ka bands
Laser DetectionYes
DisplayRed Tri-directional Text Display
Best FeatureA Custom Installed Radar Detector With A Budget-Friendly Price
Price$249.98 on Amazon (price may be changed without notice)
GPS TechnologyYes
Sensitivity Setting 3 CITY MODES
Red Light Cameras DetectionYes
Auto QuietYes
Warranty5 years
Dimension3.540 x 1.740 x 0.900

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Space Age Design

The slim design of this machine makes it low profile, so you can store Whistler Pro 3600 Red Tri-Directional Display text wherever you want in your car. It is black in color and has silver buttons on the top. It can even be mounted in a number of different angles and still work properly, including sideways or upside down. Whichever way you place it, the text will still be able to be read clearly. Furthermore, there are many ports in Whistler 3600 interface module for the optional accessories that can be utilized by this little wonder.

Laser Detection

Not only does this device read laser radar bands, but it can also tell you how many pulses per second are being broadcast nearby. Of course, it also can read all major radar bands as well, since it can detect in a complete circle around the vehicle. This is because it has a powerful optical lens that is able to interpret events far away.

A Stealth Radar Detector



This level of power is the source of the reason why it employs technology that keeps your detector away from prying eyes. When you use Whistler Pro 3600, the police will not be able to tell you have it in the car and other radar detector detectors cannot pick up its signature either, meaning no one will know you are using this stealth device besides you. This aspect can keep you safer and more cautious of the things around you.

Colorful LEDs

This detector has 3 different colors of LEDs inside of it, which are bright but won’t hurt your eyes, to give you a clear screen that you can read or decipher. The LEDs tell of all the alerts, and you can even make them flash when the device isn’t being used.

Band Stoppage

Since this item can read so many bands, you have the capability to tell it which ones to keep looking out for. In essence, that means you can turn some bands off whenever you want.

Battery Saver

You can keep your battery safe by telling the machine when to shutdown and turn it off when you don’t need to use it. This option allows for you to go longer without charging the machine.

Customization Features

This powerful product has many different customization features that can be utilized by the user. Some of these options include being able to set it to different modes, so that the device knows what type of environment you are driving in. You can also tell the product to give you voice alerts, so you don’t have to take your eyes off the road. This also helps at night, so you don’t have to turn the screen up to be able to see, and it can help you stay awake. Other options include changing the signal strength, adjusting the brightness of the screen, and choosing between different modes. This helps you be able to get more accurate readings and quiet some of noise that is showing up on your detector. Your device will remember your settings as well, so you don’t have to keep programming it in the way you like. Just once is enough.

Optional Modules



What sets this product apart from others are the modules you can use with this machine. The modules include one for voice commands and a laser module for even more help detecting threats all around you. However, the most exciting module is the GPS module, which can be utilized to provide information on speed traps, red light cameras, and many other things. It also shows you how fast you travel and the route you take. You can see tons of data about your trips and your driving times, so you can study them and see how your driving is.

Intuitive Controls

Even though this detector looks fancy, it is still easier to use than other products in its class. It has silver buttons on the exterior which help you get through the menus and are a breeze to understand.

Bottom Line

Whistler Pro 3600 can do everything you want it to do. In fact, it can do the job of many radar detectors that cost much more than this one. Besides that, it’s not difficult to use and you can count on the alerts it gives you to be helpful, especially if you are using the extra GPS or Laser modules, because they can boost the signal to pick up stuff farther away. This keeps you safe while you are driving away from home, whether you are on a route you frequent or someplace entirely new.

There is also a level of customization that can’t be beat. You can turn off bands, set the city mode, and even change the filter to make the device more powerful if it isn’t giving you the readings you want. On top of that, you can get voice alerts, and even set a blinking light to look like an alarm system in your car when the detector is turned off. You would be hard pressed to feel unsafe with this machine around, because it can protect you from all angles and it does quite a good job doing so.

In short, Whistler Pro 3600 is an exceptionally user-friendly unit. It comes loaded with so many helpful functions that you would find it easy to avoid speeding ticket


  • User-Friendly Unit
  • Effective False Alert Reduction Feature
  • One Of The Cheapest Custom Installed Radar Detector


  • Lack Of Newest Features Like Community Sharing

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