Beltronics Vector 995 Review

beltronics vector 995

Beltronics Vector 995 Review
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  • Laser Detection
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As a leader in the industry, Beltronics makes marvelous radar detectors. The Beltronics Vector 995 is the perfect detector when you drive wide and far distances or even short drives to work or other places in North America and Europe. It incorporates the European Ku-band with ranges ten times greater than other detectors with the same band qualities. Let’s check Beltronics Vector 995 review for more details

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You will drive safely and with a sense of well-being with this unit knowing you are covered for all types of driving conditions and police detection equipment.  The V995 (not V955 a visual blurb) is advanced in technology and design and user friendly for setting up for your specific needs.  Detecting all U.S. radar and laser bands, it will provide you with the most accurate information you could ask for.  The distance features, including POP mode and Ka-band threats are thwarted when you install this unit.  Voice alerts are clear and crisp for keeping your eyes on the road not on the unit; also provides audio.  The patented mute and auto mute button is close at hand on the SmartPlug power cord for using after you’ve heard alerts.


Beltronics Vector V995


Beltronics Vector 995
Operating BandsX-Band , K-Band radar, Ka-Band, Ku-Band and Safety Warning System
Laser DetectionMultiple Laser Type Detection
DisplayLED display
Best FeatureUndetectable by VG-2
Price$212.18 on Amazon (price may be changed without notice)
GPS TechnologyNo
Red Light Cameras DetectionNo
Sensitivity SettingHighway and City
Community ShareNo
Spectre RDD & VG-2 UndetectableYes
Auto MuteYes
Power Requirement 12VDC, Negative Ground
Dimension1.25H x 2.75W x 4.75L

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The remarkable Beltronics Vector 995 utilizes and accurately detects threats in North America and overseas using the Ka-, X-, and K-bands including the preferred Ku-band in the UK.  The new POP mode Ka-band threats are detected at an incredibly far distance.  This unit is the Vector series leader.

Keep your easy to unplug detector with you to prevent theft using the small hard case included with your purchase.

  • Ultra-Bright LED Display—never miss an alert visually with the 280-LED alphanumeric display.
  • Threat display tracks and shows many radar signals, signal strength, and you can see the Safety Warning System (SWS) advising you of imminent highway hazards, construction, travel information/convenience, and slow and fast moving vehicles. The SWS Safety Radar System has 64 possible messages (60 currently allocated), and all can be displayed on your Vector 995.
  • Undetectable to VG-2 radar detector detectors, keeping you alerted to imposing threats
  • Benefit from 3 different brightness settings or operate in dark mode if only audio alerts are your preference.
  • Customize features and all controls easily accessible on top of the device.

The unit uses quick release for attaching and detaching from your windshield or dashboard with a quick snap.

Radar signals are highly reflective; laser signals have inferior reflective qualities; therefore, laser detectors lack in high sensitivity to detect laser within a large field-of-view.  The Vector 995 uses Beltronics best of the best laser detection with its twin laser ports for seeing energy distant from the main laser beam that includes off-axis signs giving you a 360-degree view field.  These signals are received from the front or rear of your vehicle.

V995 Operating Bands

  • K-band: 24.150 GHz ± 100 MHz
  • Ka-band: 34.700 GHz ± 1300 MHz
  • Ku-band: 13.400 GHz ± 25 MHz
  • X-band: 10.525 GHz ± 25 MHz
  • Laser: 904 nm, 33 MHz bandwidth

The City Mode Sensitivity allows you to choose from two levels of city mode filters, including city standard and city No X.


Beltronics Vector V995


  • Audible and visual band alerts for Mute and AutoMute
  • X-,  K-, Ku-, SuperWide Ka-bands
  • Safety Warning System Radar capabilities
  • 10x Range compared to Imports
  • All Radar and Laser Band Coverage
  • Multi-Sensor Laser Protection
  • Digital “POP” Radar Alert
  • Advanced AutoScan Processing, Highway and City
  • Easy-to-Use Options and Controls
  • 7 Selectable Features
  • Ultra-Bright High Definition Display from any angle
  • Brightness Control with Dark Mode

Beltronics has designed and created the most cutting-edge radar and laser detector in the marketplace.  With its full K-, X-, and SuperWide Ka-bands, Safety Warning System, to include rear and front laser detection you will not be under the gun.  It has the varactor-tuned (VTO) microwave receiver and DSP to give you greater range proficiency with decreased false alarms.

If you drive a lot in North America and abroad the Beltronics Vector 995 Radar Detector is a superb top choice.  it incorporates all North American bands and the European Ku-band.  A top radar detector for our international and overseas buyers and users in Europe and Asia.

More Features at a Glance

beltronics vector 995


Radar Receiver and Detector Type

  • VTO Superheterodyne
  • Discriminator Scanning Frequency
  • DSP (Digital Signal Processing)

Laser Detection

  • Limited Quantum Video Receiver
  • Many Laser Sensor Diodes

Laser detection uses the Quantum Limited Video Receiver and the multiple laser sensor diodes.
Remember that hills and curves decrease your odds of warning.  The laser detector needs a fragment of the direct laser beam, or at least a low angle reflection or glint of it. The beam is a straight line.  If the laser is measuring cars in a curve, the beam cuts across the curve, touching it only briefly.  If the curve is even moderately tight, all laser energy that misses the target will soon be off the roadway and therefore out of play for the detector in any other car.  While that setup may sound ideal as the law enforcement strategy, it also increases the probability of phony readings because of swiping error.

Display Type

  • Alphanumeric 280 LEDs
  • Tech Display or Bar Graph
  • Dark Mode and 3 Levels of Brightness,

Programmable Features

  • Indicator for Power-on
  • Voice Processor Alerts
  • Power-On Sequence
  • Meter showing Signal Strength
  • AutoMute
  • City Mode Sensitivity
  • Radar and Laser Bands
  • Circuitry: Automatic Calibration

Important Details

  • Item Shipping Weight: 1.26 pounds
  • Dimensions: 1.25” H x 2.75” W x 4.75” L
  • No Internal Battery: Hard wire into fuse block (have a fusible link) or in the 12-Volt lighter port
  • Warranty: 1 year

Here’s what you get in the Box:

Beltronics Vector V995 Accessories


  • Beltronics Vector 995 Radar Detector
  • Coiled SmartPlug
  • Suction Cups
  • Quick Release Bracket Kit For Windshield Mounting
  • Velcro
  • Quick Reference Card
  • Zippered Travel Case
  • User’s Manual


Save money with the best radar performance offered.  The unit has overwhelming features usually only found on more expensive detectors.  You will be safe and avoid speeding tickets that will drive up your license points and insurance rates.


  • Long Range Detection
  • Effective Laser Detection
  • Immune to VG-2 radar detector detectors


  • Lack of GPS Function
  • Lack of Red Light Camera Detection

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