Best Bowling Balls 2018

When you’re looking for bowling balls, there are a lot of things to keep in mind. It may seem overwhelming at first, but even if you know nothing about bowling or the hardware it takes to do so, the best bowling balls will be able to help you learn more and improve your game at the same time.

best bowling balls

Most of the best bowling balls have special cores and exteriors, which have fancy names and do different things. However, in essence, each type is designed for a specific way of bowling, or is suited to a different amount of oil on the lanes. There are also regular balls, which are able to bowl straight, in case you are not interested in curving, sliding, or hooking. These are great for beginners and young kids. Each bowling ball review below will be able to tell you the specifications of each ball and who should think of purchasing it. All of them have cool designs and professional finishes, although you will have to get them drilled yourself after purchase, to make sure that they fit your fingers just right.


Best Bowling Ball List

1. Hammer Dark Legend Bowling Ball

Hammer Dark Legend Bowling Ball

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This bowling ball is dark purple in color with a bit of black as well. It can be purchased in any pound from 12 to 16, which is great for a variety of different bowlers. It has a semtex hybrid coverstock and is able to deliver a strong mid-lane with a non-stop backend, so it should be relatively easy to use. It also has a gas mask core and has been properly finished to be nice and smooth. The ball is actually infused with carbon fiber, so it is extremely strong and durable, which means this one will last a long time. The ball itself comes with a 3 year warranty to prove this. The ball is easy to use, even if there is a lot of oil in the lane, and has an attractive look to it. Since it is so strong and easy to use, it can be used by anyone from a novice to a regular at the bowling alley.

2. DV8 Thug Life Bowling Ball

DV8 Thug Life Bowling Ball

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This is a colorful ball that has a composite pearl coverstock and a special core that is asymmetric, so it is able to turn the way you want it to. This also allows you to get control depending on what the lane conditions are like. It offers a great amount of flip and is considered to be a ball that is good for a number of different purposes. It can be purchased in multiple sizes and has an exterior that is blue, green, and silver, so it can be used by a man or woman to help perfect their game. It has a royal compound finish and it is well liked by the people that use it. They report that it behaves like it should and that it really does a good job knocking the pins down. It is good for people that want to have more control when they are bowling, especially since it can travel down the lane at around 15 mph, which is quite impressive.

3. Hammer Black Widow Assassin Bowling Ball

Hammer Black Widow Assassin Bowling Ball

$139.90 From Amazon

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This ball has a gas mask core and an NBT coverstock, which gives it an impressive feel and look. It also has a powerhouse finish from the factory, due to the abralon that is used to finish the ball when it’s being made. You can purchase it in different weights and it works well on lanes that have a little bit of oil on them. It can also work well on medium lanes, but isn’t necessarily suited to do a lot of hooking. It can spin at little, but it mostly is said to have a smooth course down the lane, with a small hook close to the end of the lane. This allows for a bit of leeway if you are having an off day or have a lane that has too much oil. In other words, it’s helpful for picking up splits and spares. Besides that, it has a large spider decal on it, which makes it look quite distinctive.

4. Brunswick Fortera Exile Bowling Ball

brunswick fortera exile

$137.95 From Amazon

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This bowling ball is red and gray and looks like it means business. It has a fortera flip core and fortify reactive coverstock, so it looks really smooth on the outside. It is comprised of royal compound and has a royal shine to it, so it is as smooth as you need it to be. It is designed to provide great flip at the backend, especially if there is a lot of oil in the lane you’re bowling in. It has a core that is not centered, which helps you be able to have more control when you want to use this ball to do different flips or slides. It has a lot of energy behind it and it is strong enough to go where you tell it to. It is even said to be able to work when your lanes aren’t their best and are worn out, so it can be used efficiently at nearly any bowling alley.

5. Storm The Lock Bowling Ball

Storm The Lock Bowling Ball

$165.95 From Amazon

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This ball is very distinctive with its white, black, and red coloring, which is something that looks a bit dangerous. It can be purchased in a number of different weights, so you can find just the right one. It has a hybrid coverstock that features an interior design that is not seen in a lot of other products. The ball has a strong backend and is probably a little different than what you’re used to. People that use it say that it’s powerful and it works great on heavily oiled lanes, which isn’t true for all balls. It has good grip and won’t let you down when you need a great hook. It goes exactly where you tell it to. It is great for bowlers that are really serious about their game, are semi-pro, or on a league where scores matter. This ball will go right where you tell it to, so you don’t have to be concerned that it will move around a lot or slide, which can set your mind at ease.

6. Storm Optimus Solid Bowling Ball

Storm Optimus Solid Bowling Ball

$89.45 From Amazon

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This ball has a design that seems like it can be seen in the dark. It is a red, yellow, and blue pattern that will surely help you keep track of which ball is yours. It can be purchased in more than one weight and has a R2X reactive cover stock that is finished nice and smooth. It has a core that is tri-sphere, which is something that has been used in this line of balls before. It is designed to be able to handle a great amount of oil and still have the traction you need to hit the pins. This is great if you need your ball to perform no matter what the lanes look like at the time. However, it may be harder to control if it is used on a dry lane. Users also say that it’s important to keep clean, so it always does its best. This is because it is very powerful and can be used by nearly anyone.

7. Pyramid Path Rising Pearl Bowling Ball

Pyramid Path Rising Pearl Bowling Ball

$74.99 From Amazon

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This ball can be purchased in a lot of different weights, as well as colors, so there is one that is perfect for anyone to use, no matter the age or skill set. Some versions include pink, blue, black, and aqua, so you can get one that really fits your tastes. This ball has a symmetric core, so it is able to be drilled however you like, and has a reactive pearl coverstock, so it won’t slide all over the lane. It is marketed as a great solution for a starter ball for anyone, especially if you have a teenager that is looking to start bowling and is rather serious about it. This is especially true because it is able to be used no matter what bowling style someone has, even if someone bowls with two hands. It is also able to respond to the lane well, so you can figure out how the game is played.

8. Ebonite Maxim Captain Midnight Bowling Ball

Ebonite Maxim Captain Midnight

$74.99 From Amazon

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This ball will remind you of a globe, since it has a black, blue, and white swirl design. It is a polyester ball that is one of the most popular types on the market. It is another good ball to learn with, especially if you generally bowl at a location that has dry lanes. It is also great for bowling in a straight manner, since it likely won’t hook or anything like that. Many users purchased it just to help them pick up spares, which it does in a satisfactory manner. It is great for kids or adults, so you can even buy this for your little bowler, if they are joining a league or want to get in some good practice.

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