Best Camping Shower 2018

Whenever you need to get something washed or have a shower away from your home, a camping shower is just the tool you need. There are many different types to choose from, and the best camping shower will allow for a lot of versatility and can be used instantaneously. They are designed to make your life a little easier when you aren’t around all of life’s little luxuries.

best camping shower

There are many ways you can use camping showers, including to actually take a shower outdoors, to wash dishes, cars, or dogs, and even to make sure that you have water on hand whenever you need it.  They can be good if you have a power outage or you have problems with the plumbing in your house as well. Perhaps you have a swimming pool in your backyard and want to be able to rinse the chlorine off of you before going inside. These are all great ways to use camping showers, since they are so easy to use and easy to maintain. If you are looking for the best camping shower, you can choose from one that heats up through a propane canister, or you may want one that is solar powered. Either way, you can get a hot shower that can be used in many different situations. Some models don’t heat up the water, but are still quite useful. Most have little to no upkeep, depending on the model. Each camping shower review below tells you exactly how a camping shower should be used and what to expect when using them.


Best Camping Shower List


road shower 2

$299.95 From Amazon

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This product can be affixed right on the top of your car, where the luggage rack sits, so you don’t have to worry about it ever getting in your way. It can be used for a variety of purposes, since the water is able to come out hot or cold. You can choose to drink it, take a shower, or even wash dishes or anything else with this cool gadget. It holds 5 gallons of water and is solar powered, so the sun heats up the water to give you a little something extra. You can even use a bicycle pump to give the product more pressure, in case you need to rinse off a surfboard, campsite, or anything like that. It fits on many different vehicles, is well made, and holds up nicely over time. It also isn’t a pain to install.



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This shower is able to heat up 1.5 gallons of water each minute. That means you can get a nice hot shower as soon as you turn the water on. The unit comes with the hub which can stand on its own, or you can hang it if you need to pair it with a tent or something else for more privacy. It also comes with a water hose, which you hook up, so you can enjoy all the water you need when you’re camping. Furthermore, the hookup equipment for a propane tank is included, which is the way that the system keeps the water hot. The showerhead has 4 settings, so you can get the spray you want and it also folds down easily when you need to pack it back up and store it. Some people even use this in their backyard because it is so simple to use and care for, while others swear by it when they are camping or on the road.

3. ZODI Outback Gear Zip

ZODI Outback Gear Zip

$109.99 From Amazon

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This camping shower is a compact unit that is able to give you hot water in an instant. All you need to do is use a small propane canister and place the pump in a bucket of water or a large body of water. This will allow you to have as much water as you need. The unit itself consists of legs to keep it stable and so it can stay out of your way. This is quite essential since you don’t want to have the propane container anywhere near your water when you’re using it. Moreover, there is a handy storage bag for you to use when you need to pack it up. Some users report that it is hotter than some in-home showers get, so it can be sure to give you a little luxury when you’re outdoors, which may be a nice comfort to you.

4. Nemo HelioTM Pressure Shower

Nemo HelioTM Pressure Shower

$99.95 From Amazon

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This cool gadget comes in grey and blue and consists of an 11 litter tank, a hose, and a pump. The way that this unit works is that you step on the foot pump to get water pressure, in order for you to take a shower. Besides just for showering, it is great for pets or washing off anything that gets too much sand or dirt on it. It won’t heat up the water, but if you’re showering outside anyway, you may enjoy cold water even more than hot. This product is designed not to leak and has a well ventilated storage case, so you don’t have to worry about mold or anything like that. It is also small enough that it won’t take up a lot of space. If you’re looking for something that is really easy to use and stores well when you aren’t using it, this is an item to consider.

5. Ozark Trail Instant 2-Room Shower

Ozark Trail Instant 2-Room Shower

$157.14 From Amazon

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This product is a tent-like structure that is designed for you to take a shower in. It will give you all the privacy you need, but also has windows that you can open up, in case you need some ventilation. It has a floor that won’t get damaged if it gets wet, there are storage pockets on the side, and it comes with a special 5 gallon camp shower which employs solar energy to give you the shower that you want to have. The walls have silver aluminum, meaning you won’t be able to see through them at all, and there is a separate room for changing clothes, which is set apart from the water. This is to be sure that your clothes and valuables won’t get wet. However, the best aspect of this shower is that it can be packed away and set up as easily as your tent.

6. ZODI Outback Gear Extreme SC Hot Shower

ZODI Outback Gear Extreme SC Hot Shower

$161.45 From Amazon

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This product looks as cool as it is. It has a stainless steel water tank, which is guaranteed to not get rusty. It hooks up to a small propane canister, so you can have hot water at your fingertips, even when you are in the middle of nowhere. It also comes with a hose fitted with a showerhead and the stand that the water tank sits on. It also comes with a hand pump, so you can get a good amount of water flow. You can remove the tank and use the ring and propane canister as a cooking stove if you need to, which can save you time and space in your car or RV. The tank holds 3 gallons of water and is able to heat it up to 100 degrees, so you can be sure that you won’t be showering in the cold.

7. Ivation Battery-Powered Handheld Portable Shower

Ivation Battery-Powered Handheld Portable Shower

$29.99 From Amazon

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This is a really cool machine that can be used just about anywhere. You simply put one end in a bucket of water or any body of water and turn the shower on. It filters the water and has a showerhead that will let you have get clean wherever you are. It also has hooks, so you can hang it. It weighs less than 2 pounds and works for around an hour on one charge. You can recharge it through USB, so it is super handy. Besides that, it is also great for washing the dog or your car in your front or back yard and is very affordable, so you can purchase one to have around when you need it.  There is even a car charger that you can buy for it, if you need to charge it in the car.

8. Advanced Elements 5 gal. Summer Shower

Advanced Elements 5 gal. Summer Shower

$36.70 From Amazon

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This is another solar shower unit that heats up adequately in the sun. It holds 5 gallons of water and has a 4 ply bag to keep it insulated and working well. It also has a pocket on the side for all your showering essentials and a showerhead that is straightforward to use. Due to its capacity, you can get a good amount of washing with this item. You can hang it from just about anything you need to, but some people that own the item say it works better if you hang it as high as you can. The bag shows what temperature the water is, so you know what to expect and you can rinse off the outside of the bag if it gets dirty. The sturdy handle means you can take it wherever you need to, and it only weighs a little over a pound when it’s empty.

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