Best Car Tires 2018

Tires are one of the most important parts on your car because they can add greatly to how safe your car or truck is. They are also what come in contact with the road, so they should be able to handle different situations and terrains, as well as different seasons. The best car tires offer a great mix of value, meaning they will be able to last a long time, ideally, thousands and thousands of miles, and can be used on and off road. They are also a major investment, so you need to make sure you are getting a good deal before you make a purchase for tires that should last for years to come.



No matter what type of car you have, there are many different tires out there for you to choose from. To be sure that you are getting something that works well for you, you need to be familiar with what is on the market, as well as what they are capable of doing. For example, there are tires that perform admirably in wet and dry conditions, and there are other tires that can even climb rocks, so there is a great deal of variance in the best car tires available to purchase. In fact, if you look at each car tire review below, you will get a look at what type of vehicles they are well suited to, as well as when and where you should use them. All of these items are rated to last for a long time and they are from some of the top selling brands on the market, so you know you are getting quality goods if you decide to purchase one of these items. Keep reading for more information and all the details you need on what may be your next set of car tires.

Best Car Tire List

1. Continental ContiProContact SSR



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These tires are rated for all seasons and are great for coupes or sedans, so they can fit many different cars out there. It is able to brake well when it is wet outside and wicks the water away very well on rainy days. It also has treads that make sure the ride is nearly silent and they are able to run flat, if you have an emergency. Of course, they work just fine in normal conditions as well, so if you are on the road on a dry day, the tires will still work great. This tire is also great when it comes to handling as well as steering, so they are all around good, for the most part. Some people had problems with them after thousands of miles, so make sure you maintain these tires so they will last even longer.

2. Michelin LTX A/T2 All-Season Radial Tire


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This tire is great for on or off road driving and in all seasons. It doesn’t tear when it’s driving on gravel, so it works well even if you are driving on country roads or roads that are unpaved. It is mainly designed to be placed on trucks, as they are durable and designed to give you a quiet and smooth ride. In fact, they may work even better on roads that aren’t paved, and last quite a long time under tough circumstances. Wherever you need to drive your truck, these tires can have you covered and for a long time. They are considered to be some of the longest lasting tires made by Michelin, so they are a good deal if you are in the market for new tires on your truck.

3. Goodyear Unisteel G614 RST Radial Tire



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This product has a shallow tread and rounded ribs. They are well suited to trailers of all types, as well as a variety of RVs. If you have either of these things, you likely know how important it is to have dependable tires, to keep you safe and make sure that you don’t lose control of your vehicle. They are able to carry a lot of weight and still handle well, which is what you would expect for a Goodyear tire. Purchase this tire if you have the right vehicle for it, and you want to take care of it. The tire has lateral grooves, so it’s able to handle better, which can help you in all aspects.

4. Bridgestone Dueler H/L Alenza All-Season Radial Tire


$295.00 From Amazon

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This tire is for small trucks and SUVs, and is an all season tire. This means you are able to use the tire year round in different types of weather. It actually works rather well in wet conditions, as long as there isn’t an excess of water on the road. It also has 2 layers of tread, so they are able to last longer. This also makes sure that it handles better and limits much of the wear. There is a treat wear indicator, so you’ll know when the tire wears down too much to keep using. They also don’t make a lot of noise, so it won’t bother you with vibration and extra noise when you are using them on the road. You can also use these in light snow if you need to.

5. BFGoodrich Mud-Terrain T/A KM All-Terrain Radial Tire


$186.87 From Amazon

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This tire is made especially for off road vehicles, such as Jeeps and other rugged automobiles. It is considered to be mud-terrain and one of the best off road tires that there is. The good news is that even though they are made for rugged use, they offer a smooth ride that doesn’t have a ton of vibration. They have black sidewall lettering and are quite resistant to bruises of all types. Since they are rated for mud, they work well in dirt, rocks, and mud, so if you like to drive in rural areas; this tire will be great for your purposes. It can even climb rocks and has great traction, even on slick surfaces. They also have a great look to them, which people enjoy. Users really like this tire and find them to work exactly like they say they do.

6. Cooper Discoverer A/T3 Traction Radial Tire


$128.78 From Amazon

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This tire is great for trucks and other vehicles that are likely to drive off road. This is because they are great on road and off, as they have an all terrain design that lets them drive well in different conditions. They also have great traction and handle well, so you have a great amount of control over them, instead of the other way around. They are even resistant to chips and getting rocks caught in them, which is a great thing, as rocks can damage tires or make you lose much needed traction on the road. They are said to also perform well in the winter as well as rainy conditions, making them powerful enough to be used whenever you need them, without having to worry much about their performance. Even when traveling on gravel, the rib design of the tires allows them to ride smooth, so you’re covered wherever you go.

7. Hankook DynaPro ATM RF10 Off-Road Tire


$126.00 From Amazon

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This tire has an interesting look that features a wraparound tread. It is designed like this so it is more difficult to puncture or damage. It also allows for better handling, and so they will even be able to last longer. The tire also has a footprint that is larger than other tires, which means it connects to the road in more areas, making it have a good grip on the road at all times. This helps if you are driving on something besides a paved road. This tire is for use on different types of trucks, SUVs, or vans, so it needs to be able to be sturdy enough to last a long time and through different terrains. They are great for off road and in different conditions, such as rain and snow, so you can purchase this tire, no matter where you live and it should suit you just fine.

8. Pirelli Scorpion ATR All-Terrain Tire


$153.24 From Amazon

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This tire is suited for SUVs and light trucks, and is rated for all types of terrain, so they are all around tires that you can use all year long. They also handle well no matter if the roads are wet or dry, meaning you are safe on the road at all times. In fact, if you happen to be driving on wet roads, this tire makes it unlikely that you will hydroplane, so if you are being careful, you will not have any problems, even in heavy rain or standing water. It is also described to have a great amount of grip, brakes well, and offers a comfortable ride on most roads. This means it is a great deal if you have a vehicle that this Pirelli will work with, as they can last for about 50 thousand miles, which can take you a long way. They are even very hard to damage, so you will definitely get your money’s worth.

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