Best DSLR Camera Steadicams 2018

Once you have a great DSLR camera, you may find yourself needing other accessories to go with it. One great tool to keep in mind when you need to take steady video is a steadicam. It can do a lot of work considering the simple design, work that will save you a lot of time and stress. All of the best DSLR camera steadicams are able to be used by virtually anyone and can utilize many different types of cameras.

Best DSLR Camera Steadicams

Even camera men and women that just film for a hobby are familiar with steadicams. They are simple devices that make sure that the video or camera stills you take don’t have jumpy or blurry pictures. They usually do this by offering a built-in powerful gimbal system, so that the camera is basically floating on air. This is the way that it displaces your movement. The best DSLR camera steadicams offer you counterweights and can get into all the heights and angles that you need, as well as strong handles, that are easy to hold onto and won’t make your hand sweat or slip. They are also effortless to use and put together. For each DSLR camera steadicams review, you will be able to see what makes each of these items special. Although they all offer the same thing, every item has quirks that make them interesting. There are those that have easy to remove camera plates, and some are much more portable than others. Every one of them is straightforward to use and are highly rated by its users. That means it is up to you to pick the one that will help you out the most and can even be able to further your career.

Best DSLR Camera Steadicam List

1. Glidecam HD-2000 Hand-Held Stabilizer

Glidecam HD-2000 Hand-Held Stabilizer

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This is a lightweight device, weighing only around 3 pounds. It looks simple, but actually offers a lot to the user. For one, it is able to fully stabilize whatever camera you want to use with it. It also has a complex gimbal system, in which you are able to make adjustments to keep the picture clear and steady at all times. This means even if you’re moving while filming a video, you should be able to have a picture that isn’t jumpy. It is constructed of aluminum and also allows you to change the camera angle and direction quickly and easily. This can come in very handy for professional photographers, especially when they’re on the job, since this is a professional grade product. It comes with all the counterweights you need to keep the device from tipping over, but some users say if you add anything to the stabilizer or take anything away, then you have to adjust the counterweights to keep it from falling over.


Glide Gear DNA 5050

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This device comes with everything you need to get to work. This includes a gimbal that has a 3 way axis, a plate that makes the camera easy to take off the stabilizer, and a pole in the middle that is able to change height on the fly, in which you don’t even need a tool to raise or lower the pole. The product can hold up to 7 pounds, which gives you a lot of leeway in terms of camera size. This is another model that comes with counterweights and is made from coated aluminum, so it doesn’t weigh a lot but is rather sturdy. It has a non slip handle and the capability to get tons of different angles and shots. Users of the product say it takes some getting used to, but if you understand that you need to practice a few times and use two hands when operating it, you should be well on your way to getting some of the best footage you ever shot.

3. Steadicam SOLO Video Camera Stabilizer

Steadicam SOLO Video Camera Stabilizer

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This product looks really cool because it also converts into what is known as a monopod. This means it can stand up on its own without having to have multiple legs. It also features a middle that is telescopic and has an efficient gimbal system that is able to move around and get all the angles you really want. The camera is easy to take off of the stabilizer in a pinch and the handle is pointed down and ergonomic, so it can be comfortable when you’re using it. The point of this model is that it is perfect for any type of camera and any type of camera operator. Even if you only take pictures or video as a hobby, you can get some great use out of this product.

4. ProAm Autopilot Camera Stabilizer System

ProAm Autopilot Camera Stabilizer System

$189.00 From Amazon

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This is another stabilizer that is made out of sturdy aluminum and is able to be changed to meet the angle and length that will do you the most good. The thing that makes it even better is that it comes with a lifetime warranty, which gives you a good indication that it is built to last. You should be able to change it up to meet your purposes rather easily, and it has a large handle so you can hold onto it well. The gadget can hold nearly any camera that weighs up to 7 pounds, which runs the gamut of different types. It is also marketed as being able to be utilized for outdoor filming very well, so don’t hesitate to bring it outside. It also has legs on the bottom, so it can stand up on its own to take shots too.

5. IMORDEN S-60C Carbon Handheld Camera Stabilizer


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This item is formulated especially for people that need to move a lot while they are filming. Whether this is inside or outside makes no difference. To help with this, the handle is ergonomic and the rod to change the height of the stabilizer is made of carbon fiber, so it is strong and tough. It also has all the counterweights you need as well as a camera plate that can allow for quick release of the various cameras you may be using. The gimbal lets you change the direction of the camera very quickly and even users say that the device doesn’t really cause you any problems. It is well made and does everything that more expensive models can do.

6. Neewer Aluminum Alloy Foldable Handheld Video Stabilizer

Neewer Aluminum Alloy Foldable Handheld Video Stabilizer

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There are many stabilizers out there, but not many models that are able to fold up. This one is able to fold up, making it extremely portable and easy to take anywhere. It is made of aluminum and has a handle that is situated right underneath where the camera sits. This gives you lots of control over your video footage and the counterweights on the arm of the device take care of the rest. It is able to rotate 360 degrees, so you can even take steady selfie shots if you want to. The machine can accommodate all types of cameras, but really likes camcorders and video cameras, so it can show you how well it works. The product isn’t very large, but it doesn’t need to be to meet your expectations. There aren’t a lot of parts, so you won’t get confused, which makes it easier to operate.

7. Opteka SteadyVid SV-HD Camera Stabilizer

Opteka SteadyVid

$99.97 From Amazon

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This stabilizer’s construction doesn’t just focus on the large metal pieces because even the small pieces are constructed well. For instance, it has precise bearings and joints that don’t have a lot of friction, as well as a strong aluminum base to sit your camera on. You are able to adjust the height and angle, so you don’t have to worry about any limitations with this model. You will always be able to get the shot you need to get. Furthermore, you don’t need to concern yourself with what type of camera you have because many will work just fine. The counterweights affix to the top of the base of the machine, so you can be sure it is always weighted properly. They are simple to add and take away, depending on how have your camera situated.

8. Neewer 24”/60cm Handheld Stabilizer

Neewer 24/60cm Handheld Stabilizer

$89.99 From Amazon

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This tool allows for you to shoot angles that are high and low because it has special bearings and joints that allow it to move around with ease. It also features a quick release mechanism, so you can interchange different cameras very easily. This can come in handy if you are using this device for a work event or trying to use many cameras at the same time. You won’t need to get more than one steadicam to get the job done when it is especially easy to just change out each camera. You can also change the height of the bar, in an attempt to displace the weight. That will mean that this item should never be top heavy, and instead should be easy enough to use even if you are utilizing a camera that is weighty.

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