Best Garbage Disposals 2018

Have you been wasting your time scraping food into the garbage can and adding an extra step to clearing the table after meals? And then you probably have to rinse the dishes too right? Well you definitely don’t if you have best garbage disposals in your sink.

best garbage disposals

You might have no problem scraping off all of your dishes into the trash can before you wash them or before you put them in the dishwasher, but there’s just no reason you need to do it. In fact, there are plenty of ways that you can reduce the amount by getting best garbage disposals. It really makes sense because you can simply scrape and rinse your dishes all in one step. The water pressure from your sink will push that excess food right off into the sink and your garbage disposal will take care of all the rest. Doesn’t saving even a few minutes in the kitchen sound like a great idea and a great way to start making some more time for the things that are even more important in your life? You already have so much things to do, why take the extra time? No matter how little it may actually be.  Instead, choose one of the best options out there for garbage disposals and you’ll be ready to go in no time at all. All you need to do is understand what exactly you’re looking for when it comes to your next garbage disposal and how you’re going to install it in your sink.

Best Garbage Disposal List

1. InSinkErator Evolution Excel

InSinkErator Evolution Excel

$314.99 From Amazon

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Made with SoundSeal Technology, this stainless steel garbage disposal is actually a lot quieter than other options currently on the market and that’s even with MultiGrind Technology that uses three grind stages. It also includes a 1 Horsepower Dura-Drive Induction Motor, which provides plenty of power to cut through anything you might have left over on your plates. The reviews for this particular disposal are definitely excellent and the product has been proven to work with just about anything you would need to cut up . The automatic shut-off feature if the disposal starts to overheat will make sure that it stays safe to use at any time, though it is a heavy unit to install if you’re going to be doing it on your own.

2. Waste King L-8000 Legend Series

waste king l8000 legend series

$151.51 From Amazon

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This 1 Horsepower, stainless steel, unit has an easy mounting system and rpm up to 2800. It’s made with stainless steel swivel impellers which are intended to cut down on how frequently the unit will jam with anything you use it for. It’s also entirely insulated to cut down on noise and has an easy mount system to make sure that you can put it in quickly and easily. All grinding components have a rust-free coating and a lifetime warranty against any type of corrosion to cut down on any problems associated with the system. Reviewers have commented on the type of products that this disposal can easily take care of including full drumsticks and shells without breaking or voicing the extensive 7 year warranty.

3. InSinkErator Evolution Septic Assist

insinkerator evolution septic assist

$199.99 From Amazon

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This is a moderately priced disposal that offers ¾ Horsepower. Though this is smaller than the other ones that are so far listed, it’s still a decent amount of power for just about anything that gets thrown down inside. It uses the same SoundSeal and MultiGrind Technologies that other InSinkErator products do and also includes a Bio-Charge cartridge, which is intended to work with your septic system to improve the breakdown of waste and to provide a better smell to the disposal, even after you use it. That’s because the cartridge also includes citric acid, but you’ll need to replace it every once in a while because only one cartridge is included. Otherwise you’re not going to get the added features in this stainless steel unit.

4. KitchenAid Continuous Feed Garbage Disposal

KitchenAid Continuous Feed Garbage Disposal

$221.00 From Amazon

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Made by one of the most well-known brands in kitchen products, this stainless steel disposal has ¾ Horsepower and up to 1725 rpm to help with the grinding process. It allows you to keep adding more and more because of the continuous feed technology, which can make it easier to clean up after a meal. You also get the SoundSeal Technology that keeps the volume down even with the two different grinding stages that are used in the process. The only reason to go bigger is if you want a little more speed and the extra grinding stage available with some. You are going to need a couple extra parts to get it working, but they are easily purchased at just about any hardware store or online with your disposal so there’s not really anything to worry about.

5. InSinkErator Cover Control Plus Evolution

InSinkErator Cover Control Plus Evolution

$259.00 From Amazon

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This stainless steel disposal is moderately priced and still includes the SoundSeal and MultiGrind Technologies of other InSinkErator disposals. It also has Magnetic CoverStart activation so the process of turning it on is much easier, without the need of a wall switch. It just requires you to add the food you want to dispose of, turn on the water and put the cover on. This will improve safety and efficiency. Available with ¾ Horsepower, the disposal is quiet and installs very easily with the Quick Lock sink mount that all of this brands products are well known for. With an extensive warranty on parts and labor, you’re going to have a much easier time using the product and making sure that it’s going to keep running properly for as long as you own it.

6. General Electric GFC720V

General Electric GFC720V

$131.23 From Amazon

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With ¾ Horsepower, this is one of the least expensive garbage disposals and still provides a lot of power and grinding action. You get approximately 3100 rpm and super capacity to make sure nothing is going to get stuck. The anti-jam grinder blades on the stainless steel frame also help with this and the EZ mount installation process makes sure that you’re able to put it up in a short amount of time. Reviewers like the easy to use design of the product as well as the ability to continuously add more food to the disposal with the continuous feed features that are already available with many of these products. The disposal will take care of getting rid of waste material effectively and efficiently.

7. InSinkErator Evolution Compact

insinkerator evolution compact

$188.98 From Amazon

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Another of the InSinkErator brand, this version is less expensive and still has many of the best features like a stainless steel body. It comes with SoundSeal and MultiGrind Technologies as well as a ¾ Horsepower motor that provides longevity as well as efficient capabilities. It’s able to work stronger and harder than many disposals and has a large size grid chamber to make the waste process much faster. Extremely quiet, there’s also a small list explaining how to properly care for your disposal and what you should and shouldn’t be doing to use it the right way. Most reviewers believe that a larger disposal is not needed, even though the company sells one, and that this one is high quality enough. It also keeps a moderate warranty with a 4-year, in-home, limited warranty to protect against problems that may occur over general use or wear.

8. Waste King L-3300 Legend Series

waste king l3300 legend series

$141.41 From Amazon

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Here you’re going to get the ¾ Horsepower that’s strong enough for most people. The stainless steel unit has a high speed rpm of up to 2700 and also has rust-free grinding components to make sure that you don’t end up with problems in the system later on. It has one of the longest warranties available anywhere with 10-year in-home and a lifetime warranty against corrosion. Lightweight, it also includes removable splash guards to make the unit much easier to clean when you’ve decided to use it for something a little more messy. It also has its own power cords so you don’t need to purchase one and has a glass filled nylon base which keeps rust from forming inside the machine while it’s running or even after it sits for a while.  There’s hardly any noise, and because of the insulation in the grinding components and the reduced problems with corrosion it’s always one of the quietest options available.

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