Best Motorcycle Jacks 2018

When you have a motorcycle, chances are there are repairs that you are going to have to make for yourself, especially if you have been biking for a while. To make these repairs, you will need a motorcycle jack that is able to accommodate your bike and is easy to use. The best motorcycle jacks are highly adjustable and have wheels to get them from place to place.

Best Motorcycle Jacks

When you are searching for a motorcycle jack, there are many different models and types to keep track of. If you have a large space to work with, you may want to get a hydraulic lift, so that you don’t have to do a lot of hard work to lift your bike. The best motorcycle jacks will let you keep your hands free to guide the bike to the right spot, while using your feet to control the height. Another thing that is true about each best motorcycle lift is that they can withstand at least 1000 pounds of weight without any problems. This list offers you information on different models of motorcycle jacks that are worth your time. Read every motorcycle jack review in order to get a feel for what the various features are, so you can tell what you need when you go to buy one. Each of these is highly versatile and will last.

Best Motorcycle Jack List

1. OTC 1545 Motorcycle Lift

OTC 1545 Motorcycle Lift

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This lift can handle up to 1500 pounds and skids that are up to 17 inches, so it is able to accommodate bikes of many different sizes. The back wheels have casters and are able to be locked into place, so that the product won’t slip and can be effectively used for its intended purpose. It also has a removable handle, which means the jack will not get in the way when you are trying to repair a vehicle or large parts. This can come in quite handy, especially if the bike is low to the ground and there isn’t a lot of clearance to work with. There are also two ratchet straps for extra safety and to make sure that your project won’t move. It works well in a shop or even if you need to use this in your driveway, as it doesn’t take up a lot of room and is multi-purpose.

2. Powerbuilt 620422E Heavy Duty 4000 lb Triple Lift Jack

Powerbuilt 620422E

$145.49 From Amazon

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This can be used for motorcycles, cars, or even trucks since it has the capability to lift up to 4 thousand pounds. It has a bar to put in place to reinforce the position when you’re using it. That way, you don’t have to worry about the jack moving around or falling when it is extended. It is great for different types of frames also, including frames that are not separate from the outer body of a vehicle. This is because it has a lift saddle and lift rails, which aren’t seen in all models. Some owners have had a problem with some of the small parts falling off or breaking, but they are able to fix the problems themselves, so keep that in mind if you think this one is for you. Other than that, the jack comes in handy in many situations and for multiple types of vehicles.

3. Pit Posse PP2551S Motorcycle Jack

Pit Posse PP2551S

$159.95 From Amazon

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This lift is unique in the fact that it operates in a scissor lift fashion to get different motorcycles or bikes off the floor so they can be repaired. It can be lifted up to 3 feet off of the ground, and there is a drain hole in the middle of the jack, in case you have to replace fluids of any sort. It can hold up to 300 pounds and is made out of steel, so it is extremely durable. Besides that, it has rubber on top to keep it from being worn down or damaged by gas or other substances. It also comes with a two year warranty. Many people that have the jack absolutely love it and don’t have any complaints with it. Besides that, they have been using it for years to fix up different bikes, so they can function properly.

4. Rage Powersports BW-0101 Black Widow Foot-Operated Motorcycle

Rage Powersports BW 0101

$119.99 From Amazon

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This is another product that is designed to be used with all types of bikes. It is capable of lifting up to 18 inches in the air and has safety lock arms that hold 6 different positions. There are also spots to tie your project down, through the use of different types of straps, so there will be virtually no chance of it falling over and injuring you. It operates hydraulically, through the use of a foot pedal, so it is very easy to do some lifting with this device. Other features include 4 wheels, including rear wheels that are able to swivel and lock, and a compact size, so it doesn’t take up a ton of space or get in the way. It is economical, and it can get the job done if your bike isn’t too heavy or large.

5. PowerZone 380047 1700 LB Hydraulic Motorcycle Jack

PowerZone 380047

$114.95 From Amazon

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This one is not only powerful, but it actually looks the part as well. It has a frame that is painted orange and black and is made up of durable steel. It can withstand 1700 pounds of weight and can lift a little over a foot into the air. That may help you out immensely if you are trying to change a tire or fix another problem you might have with a car or bike. If you are using it for a motorcycle, there are special pads on the top of the base to make sure that the body doesn’t get harmed or scratched. There is also a large handle, which you can use to grip the machine, or it can be taken off if it’s in the way. It operates through the use of a hydraulic pump that you step on to use. This means you don’t have to worry about what to do with your hands. They can be manipulating the bike into the correct position. One more thing that is noteworthy is that this one folds down to under a foot in height when you fold it down to store it. That means you can put it away virtually anywhere or keep it in the cab of your truck for safekeeping.

6.Titan Lifts MLJ-1000B Black Motorcycle Mini Jack with Safety Bar

Titan Lifts MLJ 1000B

$99.10 From Amazon

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This device looks more like a standard car jack, but is more durable. It has a 1000 pound capacity for lifting, so it should be able to lift nearly any type of bike that you have. There are rubber parts on the top of it to protect the bike body from harm and you can use this device with a lift table if you need to. It also has a crank handle to use to do the heavy lifting, so you can use it on site or bring it back to your garage to work on. Furthermore, it has a safety bar, to make sure it stays in place at all times. It can lift up to 16 inches in the air, with 6 different positions that you can lock it into, so you can keep it at just the right height.

7. Rage Powersports Black Widow Motorcycle Scissor Jack

Black Widow Motorcycle Scissor Jack with Dolly

$109.99 From Amazon

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This is a bench shaped lift that is also a scissor jack. It has an 1100 pound capacity, so it can lift bikes of all types. It lifts through the center of the bike, so you are able to use it for just about any purpose, from major repairs to just changing the oil. You can alter the height by using a socket wrench and it lifts up to around 15 inches in height. There are even 4 caster wheels to get it in the right place for your needs. It is made of steel and is painted black, so it won’t look out of place anywhere. It also folds down small so you can keep it handy for whenever you need to use it.

8. Torin T64017 Motorcycle and ATV Jack

Torin T64017

$99.99 From Amazon

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This bright red jack will stand out in a crowd. It is able to lift up to 1500 pounds, which makes it great for different sizes of bikes or ATVs. It can get as high as 16 inches off the ground and has a bottle jack and pulling bar for maximum effectiveness. You can place it in any one of 6 different locking positions and it has rear caster wheels so you can get the jack in the right place to make repairs. The top also has rubber skids, so you won’t harm your bike when you use it. You lift the device using foot hydraulic controls, so it isn’t a battle of being strong enough or not. It is a great product that is brawny and works well, for many different types of maintenance.



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