Best Remote Car Starter 2018

The Best Remote Car Starter are brilliant tools to elevate your car’s functionality. It will add to your sense of security by enabling excellent remote control in various ways.

best car remote starter

The remote car starter is a device that uses radio waves to control certain car functions. It is able to manage the temperature of your car, switch alarms on and off, or unlock the doors when your hands are full. It can transform your entire driving experience, adding to your comfort particularly in adverse weather conditions. This little tool can substantially increase the value of your car.

This remote car starter review will introduce you to some of the best remote car starters that you can buy right now.

Top Rated Remote Car Starter

1. Viper 5906v


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The Viper 5906v is a Remote Start and Security system that comes with a HD 5906v responder, a two-way HD color wireless remote, and a one-way remote. The HD remote is rechargeable, and comes with a menu wheel to help you scroll through the menus.

The range of the Viper 5906v is impressive, as this remote can start your car from a mile away. This is ideal, especially if you are in a large parking lot. This range is thanks to the 900 MHz Spread Spectrum Technology (SST) that Viper uses on this remote.

The Viper 5906v comes with a range of sensors such as a dual zone proximity sensor that warns you when someone is too close to your car. It also comes with an immobilizer, and a car locator that sets off your alarm sound so that you can find it in large parking complexes.

The Viper 5906v comes with keyless entry and automatic trunk release, allowing you to access your car with ease. It also comes with automatic window rollup so that you do not have to worry about locking your windows.

2. Python 4806P


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The Python 4806P is an onboard automobile security system that comes with remote start and a 2-way remote that allows your car to communicate with you. There is a five button, one way remote that serves as a backup, and four auxiliary outputs if you would like to add any more triggers.

The security system comes with a double-guard, remote adjustable shock sensor that will alert you whether anyone disturb your car. It features a two stage warning system that first alerts the person that the car is armed, and then sets off the six-tone siren.

The remote start feature ensures that you can start your car from almost anywhere as the receiver has a remarkable one-mile range. You will also find a car locator , which honks your horn so that you can find your car in a large parking lot.

3. Viper 5806


The Viper 5806 comes with a single, 5-button, one way remote and a two way LED remote. The LED remote has a long battery life, and if used properly, can last up to 6 months.

This device will give you one-mile range, allowing you to start your car and get reports on your remote from wherever you are. You can also do things such as check the vehicle’s cabin temperature to make sure that when you finally get to your car it will be just right.

The alarm system comes with a proximity sensor to ward off potential threats, and an immobilizer. Worry about someone tamper with your car. Don’t worry, an alert will be sent to your remote when anyone approach your car.

The Viper 5806 remote start system is excellent, although you may need additional equipment if you would like to install it in a manual car. However, it does not come with keyless entry or trunk access.

4. Crimestopper RS7-G5

Crimestopper RS7-G5

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The Crimestopper RS7-G5 is one of the best budget systems that you can get right now. It comes with a 2-way rechargeable LCD remote and a backup 5 button 1-way remote which connects to your smartphone.

The Crimestopper RS7-G5 allows you to start your car from as far as 3,000 feet away. The system also comes with a valet mode for those times when you leave your car with someone else.

However, it uses high frequency FM signals, making communication with your vehicle highly susceptible to interference.

The vehicle locator honks your horn to help you find your car. The remote affords you keyless entry and the ability to pop and lock your trunk. Once paired with your smartphone, you will be able to carry out all the remote functions.

Unlike the other devices in this review, the RS7-G5 has no security features other than horn honking when someone opens your door. That means no proximity sensors, shock sensors, audible alerts, failsafe shut offs or panic mode. Therefore, if you do not have a secondary security system you should install one alongside this unit.

5. Avital 5303L


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The Avital 5305L is a state-of-the-art automotive security system that comes with keyless entry and remote start capabilities. It comes with two remotes, a standard 4-button remote, and an LCD remote that will alert you whether anybody tamper with your car or not.

Though this may be a budget system, it comes from the same company that makes the Python and Viper systems, meaning that you still get a full set of features. The remote has a range of 1,500 feet. This is if the antennae is in line of sight of the remote. If not, the range can drop to as low as 100 feet.

The Avital 5305L comes with shock sensors that will alert you when your car is being tampered with, and the LCD remote will even show you which part of the car was touched. The system comes with a panic mode to help you attract attention when you feel threatened, or help you find your car, by flashing your lights and sounding the alarm.

The only downside to this remote is that it does not come with a silent mode, though this does not affect the overall performance of the system.

6. Viper 5706v


The Viper 5706v is a 2-way security and remote start system that comes with a 5-button LCD transmitter and a regular 5 button remote, in case you misplace the LCD transmitter.

The LCD remote allows you to control up to 24 different parameters on two cars, including the remote start, keyless entry, trunk access, window rollup, and even temperature control. If you activate the Active Temp Check, the remote will show you the cabin temperature.

The Viper 5706v’s security system is one of the best on the market. This device has various parameters that can be controlled from the remote, such as proximity sensors and silent arming. The Range on this device is also impressive, and the remote will still be useful when you are a mile away.

The only issue with this remote is that the antenna is prone to breaking, and getting a new one can be tricky.

7. Avital 5103L


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The Avital 5103L is a 1-way security system that comes with remote start capabilities. There are two 1-way 4-button remotes that can be used to replace the factory remote on most vehicles. The remote start comes with a fault-proof starter interrupt that ensures that you can start your car reliably, even in extreme weather conditions.

The Avital 5103L has good range, and can be activated from 1,500 feet away. The device comes with various sensors, including an impact sensor that responds with a warning chirp followed by the full-blown alarm.

It also has a voltage converter that continuously takes a sample of the car’s voltage, therefore eliminating the need to connect it to the vehicle’s tachometer. A Bitwriter programs the XCR onboard relays.

This is an outdated process, as many of these systems are now being upgraded via USB or Wireless connections. However, it is something that will not really affect its effectiveness, and can be overlooked once you consider the price.

8. AutoPage C3-RS730


$108.04 From Amazon

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The AutoPage c3-RS730 is one of the best security systems that you can get for your car. It comes with two remotes, one LCD, 2-way remote and one 5-button 1-way backup. Also included is keyless entry for added convenience and comfort.

The AutoPage C3-RS730 is equipped with various features, including a safety feature that alerts you when you try to lock the vehicle using the keyless entry, or if you accidentally leave a door or window open.

The C3-RS730 has shock sensors that activate the alarm if anyone try to gain access to your car, or if your vehicle is struck by anything. The range is about 500 feet, allowing you to start the car from quite a distance, however, this is disappointing considering the competition.

The C3-RS730’s panic mode comes in handy when you are feeling threatened, or when you have lost your car in a parking structure, as it sets off your horn, alarm, indicator and parking lights.

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