Cobra iRad 900 Review

Cobra Irad 900 Review

Cobra iRad 900
  • Detection Performance
  • Laser Detection
  • Range
  • False Alert Filter
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Cobra iRadar App Version 4.0 also includes music control, background alert notifications, and distance countdown to alerts. The iRadar is compatible with the iPhone,iPod touch and Android Smartphones. The settings are easy to toggle wirelessly directly from the iPhone. Cobra notes no specific Bluetooth version. Cobra assures you hardware X, K, Ka, and VG-2.
The iRadar is designed to sit on your dashboard. It is finished with a combination of glossy and matte-black plastic with dull silver side panels. On the end that faces the driver are a small multicolor LED and more radar/laser sensors. The LED glows red when it’s on and changes to blue when your phone is paired using Bluetooth.

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Overview of Cobra iRad 900

The Cobra Electronics iRAD 900 iRadar ATOM Radar Detector, Model iRadar 900, is a wonderful advancement for drivers who have been using radar detectors for many years.  With the Cobra iRadar ATOM, we are beyond knowing that a law enforcement officer is ahead.  We can depend on an entire community of detectors alerting to threats all over.

With the power of your Smartphone, and the Cobra iRadar ATOM, the brand’s highest performing and compact detection technology, the combination gives the ultimate in detection awareness.  You get access to the Community and the unit’s display alerting and warning of forthcoming speed and red-light cameras.  The iRadar Atom is Cobra’s highest performance detector.

Performance and Features

Cobra Irad 900

Cobra iRad 900
Operating BandsX-Band , K-Band radar, Ka-Band
Laser Detection Six Laser Types Detection
DisplayNone. You need a smart phone to see the display
Best FeatureCommunity Share
Price$54.99 on Amazon (price may be changed without notice)
GPS TechnologyYes
Red Light Cameras DetectionYes
Sensitivity SettingHighway and City modes
Community ShareiRadar Community
Auto MuteYes
Power Requirement 12V Cigarette Lighter Adapter
Dimension1.15H x 2.21W x 3.34L

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The iRadar provides its users with a real-time system of Community detectors for awareness of what’s going on down the road. The circumstances of what’s happening now will have all alert divers shift out of overdrive and back to reality. The Cobra iRadar ATOM is the groundbreaking platform in advanced technology leaving other detectors in the dust. It is user-friendly and leads the way.

This unit sees all laser and radar guns currently being used. It works well with iPhone and Android Smartphones providing visual alerts. Providing 360-degree protection, you do not need to have eyes in the back of your head. You will be forewarned of dangerous intersections, speed traps, red light, and speed cameras.

The Map

Cobra iRad 900 Map


The iRadar concerns the all-important map.  This is where you can see threat locations, where other drivers have received real-time alerts, and when paired with the iRadar, you too will see it all:  Speed cameras, red-light cameras, police locations where hiding out, areas to be cautious about, radar and laser areas of discovery.  If the Map View is over the roof for you, change to Dashboard View to see revelations as you come up on them.

Interfacing with your Smartphone makes the iRadar the easiest to use defector ever conceived and designed.  The app controls all the settings and the explanations are easy to understand where you can customize the unit to your specific needs.

No more embarrassing moments when you put your vehicle key FOB into its honking mode to find your wheels.  With iRadar’s Car Finder feature the minute your Smartphone disconnects from the radar unit and iRadar will save your GPS coordinates on the Map View.  You didn’t leave the detector in your vehicle, did you?  Your parking spot can be manually set by pressing and holding your location on the map.

Currently available only on the Android Smartphone is the Access Traffic View.  On the Tools Menu, you are able to see a snapshot of the traffic around you.  See green to hit the open road.  Basic Navigation is to press and hold your destination on the map for a route to take or enter an address.  Then depress Show Directions on the Tools Menu.  A route line will now be drawn for you from where you are.

Coverage Map View provides the new rotating map and zoom feature showing the driver more of the road ahead. You will see where concentrated and spot isolated locations are.  You can freely view the map at any angle by tilting, rotating, and panning.

You will also like the features for more mapping and simple navigation functions.  You will be able to avoid congested areas with the new Live Traffic Data Integration feature.  Not needing to run a separate navigation app, you can simply enter an address and iRadar will plot your best course displaying it on the map.  Above and beyond radar and laser details, the map also integrates user-submitted reports of photo enforcement.

iRadar Community

You will always know among the millions of iRadar users what’s ahead of you on the road.  When you and the other users detect laser or radar signals the alert information is sent to Cobra’s cloud servers anonymously.  The information is processed within seconds and revealed on your map as a Threat Area for the Community Radar and Laser sharing.  This saves everyone from getting tickets.

The app that reduces false positives also serves as a compass, speedometer, and monitor for your vehicle battery when you’re not receiving an alert or checking the map.  Alerts are large letters on the screen showing your current speed with an indicator for signal strength.  You can depress a button to alert the IRadar Community of police nearby.

AURA Speed and Red Light Camera Locations

Photo Enforced Aura Alert

iRadar reports 100% of verified camera locations including those reported by other users.  You will be alerted when you approach speed and red light cameras, speed traps, and caution areas, via the app.  Cobra realizes that camera and road locations change so they are up on their game providing you with the most current information.

Here’s what you get in the box

  • Cobra iRad 900 Radar Detector
  • Power Cord, Coiled
  • Windshield Quick-release Mount
  • Velcro
  • Suction Cups
  • Owner’s Instruction Manual



  • Newest Features For A Radar Detector: GPS, Bluetooth, Community Sharing
  • Effective False Alert Filter
  • Under $150


  • Need A Smart Phone To Operate This Radar Detector

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