Cobra SPX 7700 Review


Cobra SPX 7700

Cobra SPX 7700 Review
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The Cobra SPX 7700 is a radar detector that is small in stature, but very powerful. It is barely noticeable on your dash or your windshield and can detect radar in all directions, which keeps you protected at all times. It is worth researching if you are in the market for a detector or need to replace an outdated one. There are features that set it apart from other brands, including its very powerful CPU. This not only lets this tiny machine work like a charm, but also delivers straightforward controls, making this one great for users of any skill set from novice to expert.

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Introducing the Cobra SPX 7700

Choosing a radar detector that will meet your needs shouldn’t be a difficult task. After all, there are just a few things that you need it to do. For example, it will need to accurately measure when radar is found in the area, and let you know in time to adjust your driving behavior. This machine does all that and more. It has plenty of features, which make it fun and useful, especially for those that are looking for a simple, yet powerful product. It comes with everything you need to set it up right in the box, including a windshield mount and cord, and offers a 1 year warranty. Cobra has been making electronics for over 50 years and they are still making high quality products like this one.

Noteworthy Features



Cobra SPX 7700
Operating BandsX , K, Ka,Ku, VG2 and Spectre
Laser DetectionYes
DisplayMulti-Color OLED
Best FeatureVG2 and Spectre Undetectable
Price$117.68 on Amazon (price may be changed without notice)
GPS TechnologyNo
Sensitivity SettingHighway and City modes
Community ShareCompatible With Iradar
Auto MuteYes
Power Requirement 12V Cigarette Lighter Adapter
Dimension3.71" H x 2.43" W x 1.54" L

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When you are purchasing a new device, your main concern is that you want to know what it is capable of doing. Here are the major specifications that the Cobra SPX 7700 possesses. These range from features that are necessary to ones that make ownership of this detector fun to use.

1. Radar Gun Detection

This device is powerful enough to read every type of radar gun used in the United States and Canada. This helps to let you know of any and all radar guns that may be operating in your area while you are driving on the road, no matter where you are. Besides that, it reads different laser bands, which are a more modern way to measure driver speed, and is used by law enforcement nowadays.

2. Accounts for False Signals

It uses sophisticated technology, which lessens false positives. This means it can differentiate between a real radar gun and something that is not. It is also able to mute itself if false positives are being read. This means you can trust the device to alert you of real events, instead of things like traffic lights.

3. Bright Display


This cool detector comes with a full color display, which features OLED. This not only makes the screen bright enough to read at all times, but it can also be dimmed automatically or manually, depending on how you want the screen to look. This can be accomplished by using the day or night modes. Furthermore, you can customize your display in the color you want. You can choose from green, red, orange, white, blue, or more than one color at a time. This not only keeps the product interesting to look at, but you can change the color to match the lights in the interior of your car. The best part: it will always remember what settings you chose, and won’t change them.

4. High Quality Construction

Not only is this machine small enough to remain unseen when you are using it, but it is one of the smallest detectors available for purchase. It also contains components that are military grade and tough. This means that it is durable and constructed in a solid manner, making sure it will last a long time. It also means that the appliance can read signals better and from farther away.

5. Clear Alerts

Audio alerts are easy to hear and come in a variety of different sounds. There are various sounds for different types of alerts, including specific tones for things like radar or laser detection. They can also be turned down if they bother you or if you need the vehicle to be quiet. This is advantageous when you are in traffic or trying not to be noticed.

6. Protects From Radar Detector Detector

When using this product, you do not have to worry about radar detector detectors because this allows for them to be blocked. This means people that are searching for radar detector signals will not be able to see that you have one. It may also alert you if your detector is being monitored.

7. Different Modes

There are different types of modes that can be set, depending on what type of area you are driving in. For example, the city mode will be able to differentiate between traffic signals and a real radar source. There are 4 modes to choose from

8. Safety Features



This Cobra gadget can tell you of safety alerts in your area. For instance, if there are road hazards, fire trucks, or ambulances in the area, it can let you know. It does so with a special alert in the form of a strobe. This will keep you from confusing it with other alerts. When it is plugged in, it can also tell you if your car’s battery voltage is low. This can save you from getting stuck somewhere, and allow for you to get the battery charged to save yourself a major hassle.

The Bottom Line

People really like this radar detector. It works well and does the job it is supposed to do. No matter what your previous experience with detectors is, this is one to look into. It will be able to tell you when there are radar sources near you, and maybe even save you from getting a speeding ticket or something worse. No one wants to be pulled over by an officer of the law, so any headache that can be prevented is well worth the price of this machine. Of course, this machine is reasonably priced, especially when you consider all the things it can do. Between the fact that the screen can change colors and that there are different modes, this item does more than some of the others that are similar in price. Moreover, Cobra is a name that is widely trusted when it comes to radar detectors and this machine is one of the most discreet detectors out there. It lasts a long time and you can trust it to protect you and keep you covered on the road.


  • Compatible With Iradar Which Help You Communicate With Other Users For Sharing and Receive Threats.
  • VG-2/Spectre Alert
  • VG-2/Spectre Undetectable
  • Effective False Alert Filter System


  • Lack Of Newest Features Like : GPS or DSP

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