Cobra XRS 9570 Review

Cobra XRS 9570 Review

Cobra XRS 9570
  • Detection Performance
  • Laser Detection
  • Range
  • False Alert Filter
  • Features


Having an ultra-fast electronic system, you will have extra protection at distance detection. Giving you the best in warning against today’s excellent radar guns by law enforcement and police, the Cobra XRS-9570 is valuable to have in your vehicle. With this unit, you can respond more quickly to those potential expensive tickets you might get. Just slow down your speed in those areas you are being alerted and then you will easily avoid those threats.

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Overview Of Cobra XRS 9570

The Cobra XRS-9570 Voice Alert 14 Band Radar/Laser Detector is in the XRS family of Cobra radar detectors and has been valuable to customers.  It offers High Performance Digital Radar/Laser Detector with DigiView™ Text Display and Voice Alert to keep your driver’s license points at zero.

The Cobra XRS-9570 demonstrates its technology as a radar laser detector.  Its DigiView™ offers digital text on the display that is clearly identifiable.  This Cobra model has 14 bands.  What is a band, you ask?  First, numerous bands are more costly.  A section of frequencies is a band similar to radio stations.  The more things scanned the less likely of getting traffic tickets.  The city mode frequency is more responsive so that each time you pass a microwave it doesn’t alert you.  Another way to say is the 14 bands pick up 14 different channels.  This is where a laser detector is more valuable, since law enforcement and police use lasers.

Performance Of Cobra XRS 9570

Cobra XRS 9570


Cobra XRS 9570
Operating BandsX , K, Ka,Ku and RDD band
Laser DetectionYes
Best Feature14 Bands Detection
Price$119.09 on Amazon (price may be changed without notice)
GPS TechnologyNo
Red Light Cameras DetectionNo
Sensitivity SettingHighway and City modes
Community ShareNo
Auto MuteYes
Power Requirement 12V Cigarette Lighter Adapter
Dimension1.3H x 2.8W x 4.2L

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The super-fast circuitry offers additional ranges of detection and advance warnings to all radar laser guns used today in the United States and Canada. This includes POP Mode, Instant-on Radar guns.

This detector picks up radar signals from any direction. Similar to radio waves, the radar signals travel through almost all objects, including the windshield and body of your vehicle. For LIDAR laser speed gun protection, be sure the detector has a good line-of-sight through your windshield and your rear window. LIDAR sends a beam of invisible laser light and only work from behind or ahead. Therefore, if a police officer next to you wants to detect your speed, it will not operate since you are not moving towards the officer. Detection time and distance will differ because radar signals will not go through the ground and laser signals will not go through opaque or solid objects.

Radar signals can bounce off nearby objects—glass laden buildings, other vehicles, and flat surfaces. You will not usually get advance warning on top of a hill with a police officer at the bottom. On level ground, you are able to detect police officers far away if they have their radar guns on. Only LIDAR guns work quickly and the signal does not scatter very much. If you do get a laser alert and you were indeed speeding, chances are you were caught.

City mode will filter out many false alerts. The detector knows police officer’s radar and will alert you.

Cobra XRS 9570 Features


The Cobra has the Voice Alert function, a more groundbreaking feature advantage.  The unit is now provided with a great industry-leading compact design for improved ranges with high performance having a stylish look.  The signal strength indicator provides proximity to an object in population-packed metropolitan areas.  It offers auto mute and has a dimmer for dark times or dark areas.  The LaserEye 360-degree, Ku-band detection, and the VG-2 non-detectable alert are provided.  Other features are the SafetyAlet to forewarn drivers of road hazards and emergency vehicles.  The two items will be provided if the system used is equipped with SafetyAlert transmitters and memory capability.  This product type is FCC Compliant.

You will have total protection feeling secure with the Xtreme Range Superheterodyne® technology that is able to detect all 14 radar laser bands.  This technological advancement provides a superior range than its predecessor offering more features.

  • System Self-Test—informs the user that the detector is ready after correctly administering its self-test.
  • Spectre I Undetectable—Affords total protection from Spectre I radar detector-detectors.
  • 14-Band Recognition—Detects 1 safety signal, 7 radar, and 6 lasers. The X-band, K-band, Ka Superwide, VG-2, Ku-band, Spectre I and Spectre IV plus Ultra Lyte, LTI 20-20, ProLaser, ProLaser III, Speedlaser, Stalker LIDAR, and the Safety Alert Traffic Warning System

The Set Electronic Memory remembers the radar settings indefinitely to include power outages.

Mounting the Detector

Cobra XRS 9570 Review


The unit can be mounted either by attaching the suction cups to the windshield or sit it on your dashboard then move it until it connects with the glass. Some vehicles will not pick up signals if the detector sits too low. It needs to be high enough that the back window has a clear view to it. They operate best higher up close to the rear-view mirror; however, the sun or heat uncouples the soft suction cups from the window and it falls down hitting the dashboard, steering wheel, another object, or your head. The Velcro that is supplied with the unit will help you to mount the unit on the dashboard.

Here’s What You Get in the Box

  • Cobra XRS 9570 Radar Detector
  • Power Cord, Coiled
  • Windshield Quick-release Mount
  • Velcro
  • Suction cups
  • Owner’s Instruction Manual


Let the Cobra tell you with its voice alert functions of impending situations with its band announcements. Not staring or guessing is required while you are driving—just listen to what it tells you. Additionally, the Data Display has well-defined text for informing you of any specific threats you might come across. There is no need to outstare your radar detector—it is staring the information right in front of your face. Use its technology and advanced features to outsmart those radar guns. These valuable tools allow you to drive down the highway or city streets to avoid getting tickets. Use the tools and enjoy your adventure on the road.


  • Long Range Detection
  • VG-2 and Spectre Radar Detector Detector Warning
  • Under $200 Radar Detector


  • Lack of GPS Function
  • Lack of Red Light Camera Detection
  • Many False Alert

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