Cobra XRS 9770 Review

Cobra XRS 9770 Review

Cobra XRS 9770 Review
  • Detection Performance
  • Laser Detection
  • Range
  • False Alert Filter
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The Undetectable VG-2 Stealth is a technology that police use to detect radar detectors. This is primarily used in states where radar detectors are illegal.Luckily, Cobra XRS 9770 detects cops at about 200 yards and have the VG-2 Stealth feature can make themselves invisible to this detection. Let’s check Cobra XRS 9770 review for more detail.

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Overview of Cobra XRS 9770

Total protection and peace of mind greets you when you install and use the Cobra XRS 9770.  This dynamic unit offers extra ranges of detection with the very best advanced warnings to be the quickest of POP (point of presence) for instant-on radar guns in the Super-fast, Instant-on mode.  Extra protection is provided with the fast sweeping circuitry for the best possible warnings to all laser and radar guns in use in the U.S. and Canada.

Features and Performance

Cobra XRS 9770


Cobra XRS 9770
Operating BandsX , K, Ka,Ku, Safety Systems and Radar Detector Detector Band ( VG2 and Spectre)
Laser DetectionYes
DisplayLED display
Best Feature15 Bands Detection
Price$169.99 on Amazon (price may be changed without notice)
GPS TechnologyNo
Red Light Cameras DetectionYes
Sensitivity SettingHighway and City
Community ShareNo
Auto MuteYes
Power Requirement 12V Power Cord
Dimension1.26(H) x 2.96(W) x 4.54(L)

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Clear indications for the signal being detected are provided by DigiView™ Text Display including the current mode.  Other great features are:

  • Digital Signal Strength Meter
  • EasySet Programming Menu user-friendly mode selection/setting with visual guidance
  • Voice and Tone Alert with specific band voice annunciation
  • LaserEye
  • IntelliMute
  • IntelliMute Pro
  • VG-2 Spectre Radar Detector Detectors
  • Auto or Manual Mute
  • City and Highway
  • Dim Modes
  • X-,K-, Ku-, Ka-band detection
  • Filtering Modes
  • Text Display
  • 8-point electronic compass automatically provides an accurate electronic direction heading

Cobra states this:  DigiView Digital Alpha-Numeric Text Display Alpha-Numeric Display—is an alphanumeric text display common on mid-range and high-end radar detectors. An alphanumeric display is capable of displaying any combination of letters and numbers, and even some shapes. This type of display is typically very easy to read and understand.

With an alphanumeric display it is common to see the band spelled out on the left side with the rest of the display turning into a graph indicating the strength of the signal. This is superior to detectors with an LED or Icon display, which use a different LED light or an icon to represent each band.

Some high-end models are capable of displaying 60 or more detailed text messages describing Safety Warning System (SWS) Alerts. For example, you would actually see “ROAD WORK AHEAD” or “EMERGENCY VEHICLE” printed on the display instead of having a generic SWS tone.

The sleek compact unit with improved design and range provides super high performance with its perfected and honed style and features.  The LaserEye mode offers 360-degree detection of laser signals.  For the user’s relative proximity to a target, this is well handled by the Digital Signal Strength Meter display using a 5-level digital strength meter.  Additionally, Cobra has the VoiceAlert™ providing you with audio band identification.

  • This radar detector does not detect photo radar.
  • The Xtreme Range Superheterodyne Technology, detects all 15-Band™ Detection for radar and laser bands using its ultra-fast lock-on circuitry for detections.
  • With VG-2 Alert and Spectre Alert™ you will know when you are being watch by the VG2 or Spectre™ I/IV+ Radar detector-detectors.
  • City/Highway modes are basic that tells you to select an operating mode that greatly reduces false alerts in heavily populated areas in the city.
  • You will have 6 laser signals with 360-degree detection so you no longer need to wish for eyes in the back of your head, and 7 radar signals
  • The IntelliShield false signal rejection with 3-level City Modes provides the rejection in both rural and urban settings.
  • You cannot do without some of the smart features, for example SmartPower™ automatic power-off for your ignition.
  • The Safety Alert Traffic alert with 2 safety signals will warn you of road hazards, railroads, and emergency vehicles from the system’s Safety Alert transmitters with a memory function.
  • A convenient dimmer is provided for dark areas and nighttime needs.

This radar detector complies with FCC rules and regulations.

You will now that your radar detector has completed its self-test correctly when the System Ready Prompt notifies you.

The laser signals used include Ultra Lyte, LTI 20-20, LIDAR (Light Detection and Ranging), ProLaser III, and Speedlaser.  Safety signals use Strobe Alert as well as Safety Alert mentioned above.

Relative speed sensing and automatic shutdown is provided with IntelliMute Pro making your detector undetectable by radar detector detectors currently used.

Convenient Auto Mute and IntelliMute

Cobra XRS 9770


The Auto Mute will routinely reduce the audio volume after 4 seconds for all alerts while the signal is being detected.  Since you have heard it, you probably don’t want to continue to hear it.  Being a new feature, IntelliMute gives you the opportunity to avoid alerts not necessary to hear because you are driving too slowly or are stopped.  The feature senses your engine RPM and intuitively knows you are stopped or going slow, so it automatically mutes alerts except for strobe signals from emergency vehicles.

The Stay Set Electronic Memory remembers electronically for an indefinite time your radar detector settings when power is removed.

Important Details

  • Item Weight: 5.29 ounces (150 grams)
  • Dimensions: 4.54” (115.3 mm) H x 2.96” (75.2 mm) W x 1.26” (32 mm) D
  • No batteries; a lighter port adapter is on one end of power cord
  • Warranty: 1 year

Here’s what you get in the authentic Cobra box

  • Cobra XRS 9770 Radar Detector
  • Power Cord, Coiled
  • Bracket Kit For Windshield Mounting
  • Self-Adhesive Velcro Pad
  • Compass Information card
  • Product Registration Card
  • Suction Cups
  • Owner’s Instruction Manual



  • Undetectable by VG-2 and Spectre
  • Good Sensitivity
  • Under $200
  • 15 Bands Detection


  • Sound could be better
  • Lack of Newest Features as GPS, community sharing

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