Escort Passport 8500ci Plus Review

escort passport 8500ci plus

Escort Passport 8500ci Plus
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The modestly priced, highly reliable, improved and advanced Escort Passport 8500ci Plus is perfect for evading the law enforcement. Its stellar performance has made it the most sought-after remote radar detector in the market today. It offers permanent liberation from false alarms through its supercharged laser/radar detecting mechanism. Also, the Passport 8500ci Plus is fully loaded with thousands of fixed-position and red-light speed camera locations across North America. Exclusive features like Auto Sensitivity mode, Proprietary TSR (Traffic Sensor Rejection) software and Cruise Alert button make it extremely user-friendly. Therefore, if you are looking for a comprehensive built-in, discreet defense system from radar/laser detection then Escort Passport 8500ci Plus is the ideal choice.

Overview Of The Escort Passport 8500ci Plus

Getting the presence of a radar/laser detector inside the vehicle identified by the police isn’t anyone’s preference. A detector hanging from the windshield can put you in trouble. Although there are various custom-installed remote radar detecting systems available that can be discreetly installed into the vehicle but such systems are usually very pricey. Moreover, the traditional radar detectors aren’t user-friendly because cars don’t let them operate properly. For instance, in a majority of radar detectors, the windshield solar tint has metal film, which although is hard to identify but cannot detect signals properly. In this regard, the most feasible, affordable and reliable option happens to be Escort’s Passport 8500ci Plus.
Escort Passport 8500ci Plus is a great system to install in your car and avoid detection from the police without attracting thieves. There is a vast range of handy features embedded in the Passport 8500ci Plus, which make it the best possible choice for people from all walks of life. It’s reasonably priced but performance of Passport 8500ci Plus rated among the best ones. It can easily surpass industry’s best and most hyped Laser/Detection systems.
It has custom-installed radar/laser detection. It can easily capture the appearance of X, K and Ka radar gun used by the police. The system has an internal GPS that instantly alerts you whenever a fixed photo enforcement camera is identified and also located potential speed traps set by the police. Since it is a remote mounted radar detector, therefore it is stealth to the eye. Let’s find out more of the Passport 8500ci Plus features that make it so irresistible for users.

Easy & Discreet Installation

Escort Passport 8500ci Plus Interface

Escort Passport 8500ci Plus
Operating BandsX-Band , K-Band , Ka-Band
Laser DetectionMultiple Laser Type Detection
DisplayLED display
Best FeatureAuto Sensitivity Which Adjust Sensitivity Based On Vehicle's Speed
Price$899.95 (price may be changed without notice)
GPS TechnologyYes
Red Light Cameras DetectionYes
Sensitivity SettingHighway , Auto and Auto No X
Over-speed AlertYes
Power Requirement 12VDC, Negative Ground
DimensionDisplay/Controller: 0.59 H x 3.32 W x 1.06 D
Interface 0.83 H x 3.90 W x 3.61 D inches
Receiver Unit 1.78 H x 3.14 W x 4.18 D inches

The new, improved and advanced Passport 8500 ci Plus offers users a unique combo of industry’s best windshield model Passport 8500 X50’s performance and a wholesome defense mechanism. The system has a waterproof Laser/Radar sensor, which is mounted at the front grill whereas the tiny display controller can be easily mounted in the vehicle’s interior with ease. Therefore, no cords or wires are visible to the eye when you have installed Escort’s Passport 8500 ci Plus. This is a great quality because you can drive safely without worrying about unwanted attention from thieves.

Performance Of The Escort Passport 8500ci Plus

passport 8500ci plus


Along with full-fledged, custom installation, the system offers supercharged performance and detects all sorts of radar/laser detecting guns including X, K and Super-wide Ka bands, etc. It is a fully loaded product that comes with voice alerts, AutoMute and Signal Strength Meter. There are three display modes, with customizable brightness level due to presence of 5 options. It also has a Full Dark Mode, which makes identification of the system’s presence in your car completely improbable. Another feature that helps in evading detection is that the system’s display can be mounted almost anywhere inside the car’s interior. Perfectly concealed radar/laser detector is such a blessing nowadays, isn’t it?

Versatile Built-in Features Enhance System’s Capabilities

Passport 8500ci Plus is an extremely efficient Radar/Laser, Speed Camera and Red Light detector that comes with Patented Speed and Location Intelligence features. The product uses GPS technology to offer a wide-range of exciting features. Such as, it can lock out false alarms with accurate location and frequency identification. It also can comprehend radar sensitivity according to your car’s travelling speed. It adjusts audible radar and laser alerts accordingly whenever your car is over-speeding.
The system basically comprises of four components namely: an antenna/receiver, GPS module, the interface and the display/controller. In fact, Passport 8500ci Plus is an integrated detection system that becomes a part of your vehicle as if it is factory fitted. The system comes with a unique Auto Sensitivity mode that adjusts radar sensitivity as the variations in the car’s speed. This ensures maximum performance when you require. The patented antenna design offers long-range security against all sorts of radars and laser guns with the “instant-on” and the subtle “POP” mode.
Escort’s patented GPS technology is another plus point since with the addition of GPS, the Passport 8500ci Plus never gives out false alarm, such as those caused by automatic door openers and motion sensors, etc. It happens so because the GSP technology helps the device to identify the location and frequency of the radar signals accurately. This is why, Passport 8500ci Plus is considered so reliable in producing positive alarms.

User-friendly Device

escort passport 8500ci plus


The Escort Passport 8500ci Plus is a great companion while you are travelling because it is flexible and user-friendly. It has an excellent feature called Mark Location, which lets users mark any location where signal was detected for future reference. So, if marked once, the device automatically alerts you and displays the label you assigned to that location on the screen instantly if you travel to that destination again.
This device has a miniature display, which is loaded with a multitude of options for installation along with easy-to-read visual alerts and easily visible/accessible user preferences. The device itself becomes ready to use as soon as you finish its installation. However, there is the option of customization as per your driving preferences. You may choose between various brightness levels from Dim, Medium and Max to Fully Dark. Fully Dark feature comes very useful during nighttime driving.
The exclusive Proprietary TSR ( Traffic Sensor Rejection) software is yet another significant feature as it eliminates the tendency of false alerts that may be prompted by radar-based traffic sensors. False alerts can be blocked manually too using the True Lock feature. You can easily modify audible laser and radar alerts through the Cruise Alert button if travelling on 30-95mph speed. Also, the presence of Defender® Database in this device is highly productive as it alerts the driver beforehand whenever the device detects a pre-loaded red light or speed camera location.
Therefore, it can be stated that the Escort Passport 8500ci Plus is a great device that has been designed keeping in mind the requirements of today’s drivers and driving needs. With such low rate of $899 only for a custom installed radar detector, this system becomes a must have for all.



  • Long Range Detection
  • Effective GPS Technology
  • Effective False Alert Filter System
  • Auto Sensitivity Which Adjust Sensitivity Based On Vehicle’s Speed
  • Reasonable Price For A Custom Installed Radar Detector


  • Lack Of Newest Features Like Auto Learn Or Escort Live

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