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Escort Passport Max
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The Escort Passport Max is one of the best radar detectors out there and provides a good value for money. Available for about $408(Amazon), it gives guaranteed protection against tickets on the road. It is the only detector to offer a high definition performance and accuracy, and is comparatively easy on the pocket as well.
It can block false signals and accurately identify real threats, sending off an immediate warning to the driver. The brilliant OLED display enables the driver to gain a better and more definitive view and take necessary measures beforehand. Other than that, it has an enhanced GPS system that can save locations and notify the driver in the future.
These are just a few of the many incredible features that make the Escort Passport Max a worthy buy.

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Reasons to buy the Escort Passport Max

While looking for a radar detector, it is easy to be confused as to which one best suited to your needs. Well, you do not need to be anymore.

The Escort Passport Max is one radar detector that is able to cater to anyone and everyone. SEMA’s best new product for 2013, the passport max took the markets by storm.

Here are some reasons why the product is worth your money:

  1. Results: Its functions and performance will give the driver the best, most accurate results. It can point to real threats sooner than any other detectors and flash warnings in case any kind of threat is close by.
  2. Features: It has a range of sophisticated and highly advances features that are easy to function. The driver is able to identify potential threats very quickly and even from a distance.
  3. Technology: It’s GPS comes with location-based intelligence that can block false threats and enable the driver to mark certain locations for future reference.
  4. Compatibility: The Passport Max is compatible with ESCORT Live, which is an exclusive network that provides the ticket protection and wars against any kind of threats close by. The network receives alerts from other users and can notify everyone in the area while also giving its users access to speed limit data as well as over speeding warnings.

Features and Controls

Escort Passport Max


Escort Passport Max
Operating BandsX , K, Ka band.
Laser DetectionMultiple Laser Sensor Diodes
DisplayMulti-Color OLED
Best FeatureGPS and Auto Learn
Price$400.00 on Amazon (price may be changed without notice)
GPS TechnologyYes
Red Light Cameras DetectionYes
Bluetooth TechnologyNo
Community ShareEscort Live
Over-Speed AlertYes
Power Requirement 12VDC, Negative Ground
Escort SmartCord® Included
Dimension1.3" H x 3.2" W x 5.3" L

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The Escort Passport Max has a number of easily functional controls and features. It comes accessorized with a StickyCup windshield mount, 12 Volt SmartCord and a travel case.

You can easily plug it in, customize and access all the settings according to your preference once you have the basic knowledge of its features and controls.

The Passport Max is known for its distinctive features and controls which are as following:

  • AutoPower: This is a feature that will automatically turn off the Passport Max to save battery and avoid unnecessary drain. It can be very useful if there is a constant power ignition in your vehicle.
  • Volume and Display: The mute button can be easily adjusted to the driver’s preferred level of volume for an alert tone. Similarly the display of the detector can have various colors to match colors of other vehicles and speeds. The brightness levels of the display are automatically adjusted to match the inside of the car.
  • Modes: There are two available modes in the Passport Max; Advance and Novice. The advanced mode will customize and self-access all the settings. Where else the novice mode only allows the user to customize units and display colors. All other preferences and settings are set to factory default.
  • AutoLearn: This feature is able to analyze the source of signals through frequency and location. This can able the Escort Passport Max to distinguish between the false signals and real threats. It can identify signals being emitted from motion sensors, automatic doors, etc. and lock those, then sending a ‘stored message’ which will appear on the display notifying the user.
  • Voice Alerts: The Passport Max has clear voice alert that can communicate with the driver and send out warnings when necessary.
  • DSP: The detector comes with the technology known as DSP (Digital Signal Process) that is responsible for its accuracy. It enables the Passport Max to identify threats quicker and more accurately while also quickening its response time.

Defender Database

Think of this as an added bonus! You see all those cameras and speeding obstacles that are everywhere, well, the database shows a record of all those in United States and Canada.

The Passport Max comes pre-loaded with the Defender Database that gives the user an idea of all the speed monitoring cameras and speeding traps. The database will enable the driver to keep a tab on all the active red lights and camera locations throughout the country. When any of those will be in close proximity, the Passport Max detector will alert the driver in advance.

The user can even personalize locations, adding their own ‘hot spots’ by availing the Mark Location feature.   The data within the database can be easily cleared as well, for example, you might need to clear out some of the marked locations or locked out locations, which is actually very simple. All you have to do is make some adjustments to the settings and the database will be cleared.

Marking Locations

escort gps


There is a button on the detector, ‘MRK’, it allows the user to mark a location for future reference. When it is marked, the Passport Max will alert the driver when they are in the area again.

To unmark it, press the MRK button again and remove the location from the marked category.


Yes, it comes with the following:

  • 12-Volt Smart Cord
  • StickyCup Windshield Mount
  • Travel Case
  • Quick Reference Guide

Distance and Warning

The Escort Passport Max gives warning of the oncoming markers at certain distances.

They are as following:

-Red Light cameras; 250 feet or within ten seconds.

-Speed Cameras; 250 feet or ten seconds.

-Other Speed Cameras; when traveling below 55mph the distance can go up to 500 feet, and when traveling above 55mph the distance is almost to a 1000 feet.

-Speed traps; 0.3mi or an approximate distance of 1,584 feet.

Final Word

The Escort Passport Max is really the best radar detector and I mean it when I say that you won’t be able to get anything better in the market for the given price. It comes with the all these amazing features and technology that will enhance the user’s experience and provide consumer satisfaction.

Its results are highly efficient, accurate and there is little chance of error. The detector has radar sensitivity that can enable the users to choose from the options of Highway, Auto and Auto No X. It also has a TrueLock feature that blocks out and saves the false signal along with its source.

Trust me. Escort Passport Max is the detector that will make your traveling experience much more stress-free and enjoyable.


  • Long Range Detection
  • Effective GPS Technology
  • Effective False Alert Filter System
  • Compatible with Escort Live
  • Auto-Learn Technology Which Can Remember Spots Where False Alerts Have Occurred.


  • Lack Of Bluetooth Technology
  • You Need To Buy An Extra Smart-cord If You Want To Use Escort Live Feature
  • Paid Subscription Required For Escort Live App
  • Slightly Pricey

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