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Escort Passport

Escort Passport
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Are you in the market for a radar detector that works perfectly and comes with all the right features you need? Tired of dealing with a useless device that only gives you inaccurate and confusing results most of the time? If so, then you might want to check out the Escort Passport, one of the leading radar detectors available today in stores. This review looks into the product’s features, specs and everything you need to know before making a decision into purchasing this radar detector. Read along and find out more about to determine if this item is for you.

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Overview Of The Escort Passport

The Escort Passport provides outstanding coverage that you can count on each time you are on the road. It features a long-range warning that alerts you against radar guns within the area. To make it even better, you can expect quick and hassle-free connectivity to an intelligent app called the Escort Live, thanks to the Bluetooth technology included in this device.

Thus, it offers real-time reports to protect you from getting a ticket as you receive alerts and warnings given by several users nearby. What’s more, this app gives you an instant access to over-speed alerts as you learn about the speed limit in areas where you drive. With reliable reports and alerts you get from this device, you can drive with confidence anytime and anywhere.

Great Features Of The Escort Passport

Escort Passport


Escort Passport
Operating BandsX-Band , K-Band , Ka-Band
Laser DetectionMultiple Laser Type Detection
DisplayMulti-Color OLED Display
Best FeatureEscort Live Real Time Protection Network.
Price$219.55 on Amazon (price may be changed without notice)
GPS TechnologyNo
Red Light Cameras DetectionYes
Sensitivity SettingHighway , Auto and Auto No X
Community ShareEscort Live
Over-Speed AlertYes
Auto Learn TechnologyNo
Power Requirement 12VDC, Negative Ground
Dimension1.3" H x 3.2" W x 5.3" L

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The following are among the best features you can expect from the Escort Passport radar detector:

1. Clear and Vivid OLED Display

Whenever you are driving, all you need to do is to check the device’s display, give it a quick glance, and be instantly warned of potential threats around. The display comes with vivid and multi-color graphics, which add to your convenience. You may even customize the color by selecting your preferred backlit color that matches the interior gauges of your vehicle. However, you need to connect to the app before you can have the information on speed limit data displayed.

2. Customizable Controls

You are in full control of setting up the device based on your type of driving, depending on what works for you best. For instance, the Escort Passport gives you total access to change options in it such as the radar bands you are looking to monitor. You can also choose to view the meter in case the device picks up a signal. This way, you can expect better coverage and protection each time you drive.

3. Feature-Rich App

To further enhance your overall experience in using this device, you can gain access to numerous capabilities that this radar detector offers by connecting to the app. Escort Live comes with intelligent features such as these:

  • Real-time ticket protection network for upcoming and accurate warnings received by other device users within the area
  • Live and up-to-date traffic data
  • Speed limit information for alerts on over-speed
  • Mark locations for quick access in the future
  • True Lock, which eliminates false notifications

In addition, this device includes a brilliant Defender Database. This informs you immediately of any red light cameras, speed cameras and speed traps detected nearby.

4. Updates On the Software

To give you a much better experience in using this radar detector, you can simply have the software updated whenever necessary. All you need to do is to check the website and use the tools included to update the detector’s operating software. However, you need to have your Passport registered first before you can gain an access to software updates. Upon registration, you should check your email to obtain details on available updates for Firmware, which is the operating software. Then, connect the Passport to your computer using a USB A or Mini B cable (these items are sold separately).

5. Bluetooth Connectivity

When you are on-the-go, you can access the mobile app called Escort Live through Passport’s Bluetooth technology built right into the unit. To download the app, just visit Google Play or iTunes, then pair Escort Live with your device. Once the app is downloaded, you can gain increased protection on the road, thanks to reliable alerts given by other drivers nearby. You will receive notifications whenever there are speed traps or police visibility in the area. Finally, you can ease your worries on getting tickets as you check into the speed limit data featured in the app.

6. Accessories

  • 12 Volt Smart Cord
  • Travel Case
  • New Magnet Mount

Performance Of The Escort Passport

Escort Live

Escort Live Help You Communicate With Other Users For Sharing And Receive Threats.

The Escort Passport features a brilliant display with clear graphics for your convenience and ease in using this device. You can access the app Escort Live using your iOS or Android, so you will gain further information that enhances the device’s performance and value. When you use the app, you can check relevant details crucial when driving including the speed limit versus your current speed. Moreover, you will receive aural alerts of upcoming police activity, or you can set the “cruise alert”, which mutes all alerts each time you are driving at a much slower rate than the preset speed.

The volume control is audible enough, even when you are playing loud music on your car stereo. This is perfect for drivers who love to cruise around with booming sounds in their car. Furthermore, this device features English and Spanish, so you can select your preferred language.

As for the physical appearance of the unit, the packaging is quite impressive with its black matte finish in an elegant and durable case. The device’s color is perfect because you can discreetly place it in your windshield to make sure it remains undetected. The haptic controls that include the power button are also positioned in the right area. This allows for quick access to the on and off button or when you need to remove it from the mount.


Overall, the Escort Passport offers you the best value you can get for your money. It is loaded with smart features that enhance your driving experience while sparing you from receiving a ticket each time you are on the road. Most importantly, connectivity to the app is seamless, which gives you access to further capabilities that this device offers.


  • Long Range Detection
  • Effective False Alert Filter System (Traffic sensor rejection and True Lock)
  • Escort Live Real-Time Ticket Protection Network


  • Paid Subscription Required For Escort Live App
  • No GPS and Auto-Learn ( you need to rely on Escort Live )

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