Escort RedLine Review

escort redline review

Escort RedLine
  • Detection Performance
  • Laser Detection
  • Range
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The most important quality of a high-end radar detector is range: if you’re going to spend good money, you want the radar detector that will alert you to the presence of a speed gun sooner than any other, giving you plenty of time to compensate before your car ends up in the crosshairs. Escort’s Redline radar detector prides itself on just this quality: its impressive system gives you as much warning as the best radar detectors, and better than any low- or mid-end model

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Overview of The Escort RedLine

The Redline boasts an impressive range of 14.17 miles under ideal conditions, far and away ahead of most competitors. It’s able to do this because it sports dual-antenna technology, which both increases its power and reduces the work of the processor, allowing it report back to you almost as soon as it detects a radar gun. Combine that with technology that makes it invisible to radar detector detectors and a versatile user interface, and it looks like the Escort Redline is already making a strong case for being one of the best radar detectors on the market.

Escort RedLine Specifications

escort redline


Escort Redline
Operating BandsX , K, Ka band.
Laser DetectionMultiple Laser Sensor Diodes
Best FeatureOne of The Longest Range Radar Detector
Price$429.94 on Amazon (price may be changed without notice)
Auto MuteYes
Community ShareEscort Live
Power Requirement 12VDC Negative Ground
Escort SmartCord® Included
Dimension1.25" H x 3.0" W x 5.0" L

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Detection Capability

How does all of this happen? I’ve already mentioned the Redline’s twin-antennae system, which significantly increases range and lowers response time. These antennae allow the radar detector to pick up the whole spectrum of speed gun ranges – X-band on antenna, K-band and Ka-band on the other – as well as lasers at 33 MHz. It should be noted that, due to the nature of laser speed detection (the broadcast is much narrower), they are a bit more difficult for even the best radar detectors to pick up. You should also be aware that police expand the frequency of their radars every so often, which means that if you’ve been using the same radar detector for a while, you need to upgrade; on the flip side, if you buy a new detector, know that it won’t last forever.

The Redline also detects radar coming from behind you (albeit at a reduced range) right out of the box—no need to buy a conspicuous rear antenna. Residents of Virginia or Washington D.C. (or simply those of stealthy mind) will be happy to know that the Redline takes advantage of the latest Spectre and V2 technologies to render the device undetectable to counter-detectors.

User Interface

escort redline



So much for how the Escort Redline radar detector communicates with radar guns. How does it communicate with you? Its design is pleasantly minimalist: a simple matte black finish with few logos, a sharp 280 red LED display, and three buttons. The finish is excellent for driving in the sun, as glossier finishes are prone to glints and glares that can distract you and make it difficult to read the display. Those who are already savvy to radar detectors will be able to install and use it immediately. For the rest, the instruction manual is lucid and controls so intuitive that you’ll become an expert in no time.


The squelch emitted by the Redline when it gets a hit will definitely get your attention. Auto-mute is the default setting, so the radar detector will quickly quiet itself, but if you’re impatient you can also hit the large, central mute button to keep it down. The brightness of the display can also be dimmed considerably for stealthy night driving.

Sensitivity Modes

The Escort Redline has three modes that you can cruise in: Highway, Auto, and Auto No X. Highway is for long trips between cities, as it will throw up an alert for any and all radar signals in its range. If you’re near any of the comforts of modern technology – garage door openers, automatic doors, whatever – you’ll want to turn on Auto, which sets up the intelligent microprocessor to filter out false alarms. If you’re still getting to many false alarms for your liking, switch to Auto No X, which excludes X-band waves.


The unit’s display tells you exactly and precisely what you need to know—band frequency and strength of signal. The Redline also sports a Safety Warning System, which uses a special K-band signal to detect weather alerts, highway construction, hazard zones, and other relevant information. Each event has a concise and unique message displayed on the unit.

Escort Live

Escort Live

Escort Live Help You Communicate With Other Users For Sharing And Receive Threats.

One common knock against the Escort Redline is that, unlike some modern radar detectors, it has no GPS functionality built in. Models with this technology can alert you to speed traps, red light cameras, and other geographical points of interest that the Safety Warning System can’t. Escort has worked around this, however, by making the Redline compatible with Escort Live, a smartphone app that incorporates all of this functionality.

It’s an extra step, but the app is highly functional. You’ll need to buy a special cord that connects the Redline to a Bluetooth receiver, but, as long as you have a smartphone and the Escort Live app, you’ll then have access to the entire crowdsourced network of Escort users. Now if one driver using the app detects a signal at some point on the highway, it’s automatically uploaded to the app and visible to everyone else on the network: surely a step up from the days of flashing headlights at drivers approaching a speed trap. The app also tells you your true speed compared to the local speed limit. With this small addition, the Escort Redline takes its place as the premier radar detector on the market today.


There is simply no radar detector available to consumers today with a better range than the Escort Redline. That should be about 80% of your consideration when buying a radar detector, so most of the legwork is already done in one stroke. However, we can add to this the high and simple functionality of the Redline that makes it responsive to any conditions and easy to interpret. The one thing it has going against it is its lack of GPS functionality, but we leave it to you to decide if that’s offset by the addition of Escort Live compatibility. All in all, I would say that if you’re looking to spend good money on a radar detector – one that will pay for itself in the number of tickets you avoid – the Escort Redline looks like a good way to spend it.


  • One of The Longest Range Radar Detector
  • Undetectable To All Police Radar-Detector-Detector
  • Effective Laser Detection
  • Escort Live Which Help You Communicate With Other Escort Users For Sharing And Receive Threats


  • Too Much False Alert
  • Paid Subscription Required For Escort Live App
  • Lack of GPS and Redlight Camera Detection

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