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radenso pro se

Radenso Pro SE
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This device is fancy even though it doesn’t look the part. The bands can be adjusted to your specifications, or you can turn it into a speedometer, so it doesn’t look like what it is. The item also comes with up to the minute GPS maps and databases that can be updated any time you need to. What’s more is that this is one of the most powerful devices that the average motorist can get. You can customize the functions to make it work better, and there are different sound levels and displays to choose from, making it fun to play around with to get just right.

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There are many models of radar detectors in the marketplace, but not all of them are capable of keeping you truly protected on the road. The Radenso Pro SE can not only do that but it is one of the most sensitive detectors that can be placed in your windshield. It is very small, so it isn’t easily noticed and can fit perfectly into your vehicle, no matter what size car, truck, or van you have.

The device has a long list of features, which means it is perfect for enthusiasts and beginners alike. It is not complicated to use, does all the things you need it to do, as well as many other functions, which can help you stay away from policemen enforcing radar, red light cameras, and other things that can ruin your day.

Key Features



Radenso Pro SE
Operating BandsX-Band , K-Band , Ka-Band
Laser DetectionMultiple Laser Sensor Diodes
DisplayLED display
Best FeatureGPS feature
Price$450.00 on Amazon (price may be changed without notice)
GPS TechnologyYes
Red Light Cameras DetectionYes
Sensitivity SettingHighway, City and AutoCity Mode
Community ShareNo
Auto MuteYes
Power Requirement Power Cord with Power ON/OFF button
Dimension3.6 x 2.4 x 1.3 inches

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This product fits in the palm of your hand, and is the size of a garage door opener. It has a black plastic exterior with silver buttons on the top and side. The buttons are clearly labeled, making it easier to use and figure out.

Stays Put

The detector comes with a powerful suction cup that helps it sit wherever you put it on your windshield. That means you don’t have to worry about whether it will stay put or not when you place it. It is also designed to work well, no matter how bumpy the roads are, so it will perform flawlessly even on tough terrain.

Reads Many Bands

This machine can read many different bands, including K and Ka. You can also select exactly which spectrum of these bands you want it to read. Some bands are not used in the United States, so they won’t be relevant if you get alerts from them.

City Modes

There are different modes to choose from like city and highway. This helps the detector know what the terrain is like and what type of landmarks to look out for. You can also change the traffic filter if you are on a country road. This can also help the machine work even better and for longer distances.

Bright Display

The LED display is bright and is easy to see and use. It can also be dimmed or brightened, according to your specifications. The screen can even be turned off, if you need it to be unnoticeable. Moreover, you can tell the screen which of the 7 modes you want it to display, meaning it will show you the information you choose. You can even switch up the product to be a digital speedometer.


One of the coolest aspects of this one is that it has a large database of GPS maps and coordinates. It’s able to tell you known areas of cameras and speed traps in your neighborhood. The unit also blocks locations that were falsely flagged as alert areas, and you can add a marker to areas that have caused you concern, so you will remember them at a future time.

Computer Updates

The databases are updated quite often and can be uploaded to your appliance through the internet. The product comes with a cord for you to plug it into your computer. The updates are available for life, which means your machine will always have current locations for problem areas.

Audio capabilities

Not only can this detector guide you through the menus using audio cues, but it can also tell you about nearby alerts. Of course, you can turn these audio alerts off if you wish to.

Other Things to Consider

radenso pro se


If you are on the fence wondering what this item can do that others have a hard time with, here is a quick run through.

The device, like many others reads numerous bands. However, you can turn off some of the bands and tweak the parts of the bands this one listens to. In a nutshell, this means it will only be measuring frequencies that will directly affect you in the case of a problem. The item is made in Germany, where they have different bands than those used in North America, meaning it has to be adjusted just a bit to work properly.

Besides that, the product has a rather prominent speaker on the bottom of it that allows for you to get the audio alerts and cues you will need. This is especially important if you can’t take your eyes off of the road or are driving in the daytime and can’t see the display. The sounds can also be turned off when it would disturb you.

The machine comes with all the cables and mounts you need, and features a warranty that is good for 2 years. However, the machine will be relevant for much longer, thanks to the free database updates that you can get at any time.

The Verdict

This detector not only constantly updates itself using its GPS technology, but has a level of customization that isn’t often seen. You can tell it what type of environment you are in, what the traffic is like, which bands to patrol, what frequencies to patrol, and even keep the display off or silent. It is a small device that can nearly disappear from sight and is guaranteed to work properly.

The surprising thing is that this device and all its capabilities are easy to use and come at a price that will pay for itself over time. When you are able to keep downloading database information and fixing it to be true for your day to day routes, you will remember each day why you bought it.

If you are concerned about speed traps, radar traps, or even red light cameras, this could be the correct product for you to look into. It is a product that has blown many people out of the water because of the functions it can do, and how it is one of the most powerful devices available.


  • Long Range Detection
  • Effective GPS Technology
  • Effective False Alert Filter System


  • Lack Of Directional Arrows And Community Sharing Feature

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