The Best Trail Camera 2018

There are many reasons why someone may want a trail camera. Perhaps you would like to view wildlife or see what tore up your garden. Whatever your reasoning is, there are cameras that take stills and some that can also take videos. Determine what the best trail camera for you is by looking at all the top rated options to choose from.

best trail camera

If you want a camera to keep outside your house or around some of your property, you need to determine what you will be using it for. There are many different instances in which trail cameras are appropriate. Some of these instances include to just view wildlife in the area, to check to see if someone is trespassing, to see who or what has been damaging your house or possessions, and to see what happens at your house when you aren’t around.

When you read each trail camera review below, you will notice that each item can not only see in daylight and at night, but is also able to take pictures at any hour of the day. Additionally, some of the cameras can also take videos, which is a great way to get a clear picture of what is going on.

Although each camera is different, they all have their strengths, where some can see great distances, and others have clearer pictures. Make sure you know which of these things is most important to you before you make a purchase. You can use them to get stellar photos and much more.

However, the main thing is that these items are supposed to be placed outside. That means they are able to handle the elements, and they have no problem when left unattended for long periods of time. Many of them take batteries and can be placed outside by themselves for up to a year. This can become an invaluable tool for you. When it comes time to look at the photos and videos, depending on the model, all you have to do is take out the SD card or plug the device right into your computer. This will allow you to clear the pictures off the camera and use it again. Each trail camera review below will give you an understanding of the capabilities of these products and what using them will be like. There is little to no maintenance required on these devices, so you don’t really have to worry about replacing parts or things like that. If this is an item that you think you would enjoy, you should not hesitate to purchase one for your amusement and to learn more about your homestead.

Best Trail Camera List

1. Stealth Cam G42

stealth cam g42

$114.95 From Amazon

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This is not only a device that looks like it means serious business, but it also can do many things. The front of the camera has 42 IR emitters, which make it able to take pictures even when there is virtually no light outside and they can see up to 100 feet away. This means this one can be used at any time of the night or day. It also has a burst mode, which will take anywhere from 1 to 9 photos when something triggers it.  It has a mini USB port, so you can get whatever pictures off you want to take a closer look at, and so you can empty out the camera to use it again.


Reconyx SC950 HyperFire

$649.99 From Amazon

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This is an inconspicuous looking camera that is dark grey in color. It has no glow surveillance, so no one will be able to tell there is a camera around if it captures someone that is somewhere they shouldn’t be. You can tell the camera what time of day or day of the week that you want it to capture images, so you can be sure to only get the shots that are relevant for your purposes. Besides that, the batteries can last for around 40 thousand pictures, so you don’t have to replace them frequently. Depending on where the camera is placed, it may be able to use the same batteries for many months at a time. The best part is that if you are unable to get to the camera and the memory becomes full, it will keep recording and save over the oldest images. That way it never stops recording.

3. Bushnell Trophy Cam HD Aggressor No Glow

Bushnell Trophy Cam HD

$130.31 From Amazon

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This camera has a clear 14 MP resolution, which means it offers sharp pictures, in which you should be able to make out what is in them rather well. It can also take HD video as well as record audio, so it is good for stills and video, so you don’t have to purchase something separate. There are 48 black LEDs, so nothing will notice the camera at night, and it can take pictures in the daylight or at nighttime. It is also able to scan the area at intervals you can select from and easily runs for a whole year with the same batteries. The best part is that the machine is relatively weatherproof and can hold a large capacity SD card, so it will have all the memory you need.


reconyx hyperfire hc600

$549.99 From Amazon

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This cool device is sealed in a box that allows it to be protected from the elements and camouflage nicely in the forest or in trees. It has night vision that spans over 60 feet, so it can see things clearly at far away distances. Furthermore, it comes with a 1 year warranty, and all the things you need to keep it outdoors and safe for a long time. This includes the enclosure, a mount, a strap to secure it, and a specialized lock. It is even able to take pictures as fast as 2 times a second, so this one can be valuable for you in many different situations.

5. Browning Recon Force HD Camera

Browning Recon Force HD Camera

$118.99 From Amazon

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This little device is quite powerful. It is perfect for those that want to see what is going on in full HD, so it is crystal clear. This camera is able to provide that due to the fact that it has a very fast shutter speed, so there is no time for movement in between the shots. Furthermore, it has the capability to take HD pictures and video, so you can capture a number of different things using it. It has infrared LED and can see in the dark over 100 feet away. It is able to detect things up to 55 feet away as well. You can also choose how you want it to capture images and if you want a time or date stamp on your photos.

6. Reconyx Hyperfire HC500

Reconyx Hyperfire HC500

$449.99 From Amazon

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Here is another great camera that comes in an enclosure, which keeps it safe from the elements. It is able to see in the daytime and nighttime, and has IR vision for up to 50 feet, meaning it can see things at a great distance. Since it has a protective case, it is able to be placed outside and left unattended for a great amount of time before you have to check on it again. It also comes with the software you need to be able to view the images on your computer. A major bonus is that you can choose the number of batteries you place in it as well.

7. Stealth Cam G30

stealth cam g30

$87.99 From Amazon

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This camera might not look like much, but it’s actually able to do a lot of different things. For example, it has 3 resolutions to choose from, so it will be able to hold as many pictures as possible. In addition to pictures, it can take HD videos. It also has IR technology that is able to see within 80 feet of the camera and is can limit the blurring in the photographs it takes. Other noteworthy features include backlit menus, menus that can be used in more than one language, and the ability to use a password to lock it. This enables you to keep it safe, even if someone else finds it and tries to see what is on it.

8. Browning Strike Force HD Camera

browning strike force hd

$108.99 From Amazon

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This camera can see a long way at night, with anything within 100 feet being able to be illuminated by the devices flash. This is much longer than some of the other items in this list. It is also able to keep the blurry images away because it has a fast shutter speed. Furthermore, it is able to take HD video and is 10 megapixels. Its IR technology allows it to see well at night and provides clear pictures in the daytime as well. The cool case that houses it is painted to look like a tree, so you can place it virtually anywhere outside to make sure it is undetected. Besides that, it is able to connect to trees and other areas quite easily, so anyone will be able to use it in an efficient manner.

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