Whistler Cr90 Review

whistler cr90 review

Whistler Cr90
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You want to have one of the best radar detector under $200. You want to have a newest-featured radar detector with a budget-friendly price. Trust me, Whistler Cr90 is the best option for you. With newest GPS technology,High-Contrast OLED Text Display, laser detection and false alert filter system, Whistler Cr90 will meet all user expectations.Let’s take a look at many of the other features and benefits associated with the Whistler Cr90 radar detector review.

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Overview of The Whistler Cr90

The Whistler Cr90 laser radar detector is a GPS-enabled detector that sits very close to the top in regards to quality radar detectors. It features a sleek black housing, beautiful chromed buttons, and is user-friendly enough for practically anyone to use (regardless of whether you have experience with radar detectors).

Whistler Cr90 Specifications

whistler cr90


Whistler CR90
Operating BandsX,K,Ka bands
Laser DetectionYes
DisplayBlue Oled Text Display
Best FeatureNewest Features With A Budget-Friendly Price
Price$153.74 on Amazon (price may be changed without notice)
GPS TechnologyYes
Red Light Cameras DetectionYes
Power RequirementIntellicord Powercord
Dimension1.24" H x 2.86" W x 4.45" L

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High-Contrast OLED Text Display with a Premium Exterior Design

On the front of this quality radar detector, you’re going to find a blue OLED text display that outshines many competitors in contrast and visibility. The designers for the Whistler Cr90 also managed to make enough room for generously-sized fonts that are larger than other models. Overall, this means that you’ll be able to read it much more easily while in bright sunlight, as well as see it from several feet away without much effort.

What are some other things that you’ll find on this device’s user interface? It will provide you with information regarding your direction of travel and location, as well as tell you your real-time speed. This opens up a plethora of advanced functions and capabilities that you just can’t find in most radar detectors.

Also included are warnings from nearby speed cameras and red light cameras (courtesy of the device’s programmed coordinates). Finally, there’s a USB port located on the right side of the device, allowing it to receive updates so that it can upgrade the red light camera database to ensure that it remains as up-to-date as possible.

Additional Features and Benefits

whistler cr90

Unlike most radar detectors, the GPS antenna for the Whistler Cr90 resides within its housing. This not only contributes to a much sleeker design, but it also makes the detector more conspicuous, which is a huge plus for some drivers. While on the road, you’ll be hit with voice alerts and tones whenever a signal gets picked up. There are also visual alerts available, which are displayed on the easy-to-read OLED screen.

Overall, this is a “plug-and-play” model, meaning, there’s not much needed to set it up. What you might find surprising is that it offers an unusually large amount of user settings – up to 21 items on the primary menu alone- that will allow you to further customize the Whistler Cr90 to your liking. With so much control over the device’s behavior and operation, you’ll definitely be getting amazing value for your dollar.

Reduce False Alerts Easily

There are a variety of features installed within the Whistler Cr90 that will help reduce those annoying false alarms that we all seem to be so familiar with – and you can do it without reducing the device’s overall performance. For example, when in the city, you can effectively lower X-band sensitivity (or even disable it) to ensure that you aren’t bombarded with hundreds of false alarms.

Traffic Flow Signal Rejection

The Traffic Flow Signal Rejection feature will tell the Whistler Cr90 whether or not to ignore signals originating from pole-mounted, low-powered radars. Remember that these types of radars are often used by engineers to monitor traffic flow – not cops looking to bust people who are going too fast. As a result, it would be in your best interest to turn warnings from these devices off so that you can effectively lower your false alert notifications even more.

Ka RISD Feature

whistler cr90


The Ka RSID feature, which stands for “Ka-Band Radar Signal Identification”, is used to verify a K-band signal originating from a speed trap. Basically, it will ensure that this signal is in fact coming from a police radar gun and not some other source that will cause the device to give off a false alert. If you’re trying to avoid more tickets while maintaining your speed on the road, this is a feature that you can’t overlook.

When receiving Ka-band warnings, you’ll be able to see a variety of information about the signal. They include:

  • Signal Strength
  • Base Frequency
  • Frequency Number

Users who are a bit more advanced with radar detectors are encouraged to take advantage of the Laser Signal Identification feature. This will display something known as the “PPS”, or pulses per second, for a laser beam.

Beginners may not find this feature all that useful, but more experienced ones will be sure to love it. There’s also another advanced-user feature known as Segmented Selectable Laser Receiver. Basically, it will divide a laser detection bandwidth into three separate segments. Then you can allow one or more of them to become activated. The end result is fewer false alerts from laser signals originating from non-police sources.

Power On Self-Test

Once you power on the Whistler Cr90, it will automatically proceed into a “self-test” that will check to ensure that both the speaker and visual displays are working properly.

Volume Level

Adjusting the volume level on this radar detector can be done using the volume/power button. Once you set it to the volume of your choice, you will hear a single beep. This confirms that the volume level you’ve chosen has been set.

External Audio Jack

Aside from the ability to adjust the volume of your device, you’ll also have the option of connecting an external audio device (like headphones or a speaker) to your detector. This is so that you can better hear the voice alerts as they come in. Once you engage the external audio option, the internal audio within the detector will automatically be turned off.

Auto Quiet Mode

whistler cr90


No Whistler Cr90 review would be complete without first talking about its Auto Quiet Mode. Exactly five seconds after a signal has been detected, this feature will kick in to reduce the volume level to one. On the same token, you can also manually mute the device by hitting the Quiet button. Overall, this is one of the better radar detectors on the market today. It’s great for beginners and advanced users alike, and won’t break the bank at the same time.



  • Newest Features with a Budget-Friendly Price
  • Effective GPS technology
  • 2 Year Warranty
  • High-Contrast OLED Text Display


  • Lack of Community Sharing
  • Lack of Over-Speed Alert

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