Best Car Alarms 2018

Car alarms used to be rather simple and just made noise to tell you that someone was close to your car or trying to steal it. Now they are far more complex and can do so many other things too. Each of the best car alarm products has not only an alarm system, but also very technologically advanced responders that help you control the functions of the car. Each car alarm review below describes what a product can do and the different ways you are able to use it.


All car alarms are not created equal. Some have more capabilities than others, but each of them is able to perform a large number of tasks. For instance, some are able to be controlled through an app on a smart phone, while others can’t. Furthermore, you can remote start some from just a few feet away and others can read the transponder up to a mile away. Other popular functions are different modes, the ability to decide what sensors to pay attention to, and being able to turn off the sound without deactivating the alarm. Even the best car alarm is easy to use, so you don’t have to worry about not being able to figure out your remotes. There are usually two remotes, one that is a 2 way and is able to communicate directly with the car, and another that is 1 way, so you can press buttons and tell it what to do. The 2 way is more advanced, but you don’t even have to use it unless you want to. The simpler remote also works just fine, and can still do some of the same functions. It is solely up to you which one you want to use.

After you read each car alarm review, it will seem clear that every one of these products is similar, but they have intricacies that make them different. They also differ in price and what they can do. It is important to note that even though these alarms come with everything you need to install them, if you have a late model car, you may want to get an official installation. This is because you may need special equipment to make it work properly, so it doesn’t interact with any of the other computer components in the automobile. Besides that, they are designed to last a long time and most come with warranties.

Best Car Alarm List

1. Viper 5906v



$325.29 From Amazon

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This state of the art car alarm has a remote that has 2 way communication and another that only has 1 way. Both are designed to carry out many different tasks. On the 2-way remote, there is an OLED screen, which lets you know when your car is safe, and provides many other details to keep you updated, such as how much longer the engine will be running after a remote start and can even tell you how long you have left on a parking meter. The remote is also useful in opening the trunk, remote starting the engine, and can be used up to a mile away from your car. You are also able to use it for more than one vehicle and you can use a smart phone app to locate or start your car from wherever you are. This can help you if your car gets stolen or you lose it in the parking lot.

2. Python 5906P

python 5906p


$259.99 From Amazon

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This product is much like the one talked about above, except the remotes have a slightly different design. The 2 way remote actually has many different functions and can let you know exactly what is going on with your vehicle. It has a colorful screen that gives you alerts, can tell you when your dome light is on, and informs you of the temperature in your car. It even has a rechargeable battery, so you can plug it in when you aren’t using it. You may also pair it with a smart phone app, to get even more features out of it, including being able to start it form virtually anywhere. It may be difficult to put in yourself though, so make sure you take it somewhere that can install it professionally.

3. Viper 3305V



$189.95 From Amazon

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If you are looking for an inexpensive alarm system, this is one for you. It comes with two remotes, one that responds 2 ways and has an LCD screen so you can see what is going on. It is able to monitor many things in your car, including vibrations. The other is 1 way and has 5 buttons to complete the most important tasks. The alarm system itself has a six sound siren, so you will be able to tell when there is an issue with your car and can be on alert. You can also use the remote up to 1500 feet away to lock or unlock the doors. You don’t have to have remote start with this product, but there is the option if it appeals to you.

4. Avital 5305L



$115.04 From Amazon

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This alarm system has a dual zone shock sensor. This means the alerts it makes can tell you if someone accidentally bumped into it, or if someone is actually trying to steal it because they will sound different. This can help you determine what is going on, without getting up and going outside. Through the use of the remote, it has many more options. Some of these are remote start and trunk release. There are two remotes that come standard with this alarm, one which can keep tabs on what is going on with the car and can actually communicate with it, and the other simply has buttons that make it perform different things.

5. Python 5706P



$204.06 From Amazon

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Like other models, this one also comes with two different kinds or remotes, depending on what you want to monitor in your car. If you don’t want to monitor anything, you can just use the one with standard buttons, which will allow you to lock the car, pop the truck, and remote start the vehicle. With the other remote, you are able to see if the vehicle is unlocked on the LCD display, and start it from about a mile away. This device can also be used with a special smart phone app, and you can use it with more than one car. You can also recharge it, so you don’t have to worry about buying new batteries for the remotes.

6. Avital 5303L


$114.73 From Amazon

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This machine is much like other alarms in its class, with remote start and keyless entry. It also comes with a duo of remotes, which can perform many different functions. It can also be put into various modes, like silent, panic, and valet mode, depending on what type of situation you are in. In silent mode, you won’t hear the alarm, and in panic mode the alarm will make a lot of noise, to scare away thieves. Either one of these modes can come in handy in a pinch, so it’s good to have them. You can also choose how sensitive you want your alarm to be, which basically determines how often it will go off. For example, if you live somewhere near a lot of trees and acorns can fall on your car often, you can set up the alarm to stay silent when that happens.

7. Pyle PWD901



$115.00 From Amazon

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This one is a little bit different than others because it comes with a siren to put under your hood. This means you will definitely know when the alarm goes off because the siren is 125 decibels. It also comes with everything else you need, including a 2 way transmitter, a remote that is waterproof, and a lifetime warranty. You can also use it to control your ignition lock and to turn on the engine when you aren’t in the car. The alarm has 2 tones, so you will be able to tell which alarm is yours if it has been activated, even if you aren’t close to your automobile.

8. Pyle PWD501

Pyle PWD501



$100.00 From Amazon

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As with the rest of the items, this one comes with two remotes as well, so you and your spouse can have one, or you have an extra. The 2 way version is able to show you alerts with its LCD screen, so you know exactly what is going on. It also vibrates and makes noises, so you can tell what is happening, without having to lay your eyes on your car.  It comes with a siren that has 6 tones and an emergency override. Additionally, you can program it to do a number of things, like lock the doors or bypass certain sensors. There are even 7 relays built into the product, which control all the major areas of your car, so the lights can flash and the alarm will make a lot of noise to deter those that may be trying to target your vehicle. It doesn’t cost a lot and it can do most of the things that more expensive products offer.


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