Best Car Amplifiers 2018

If you want to listen to some serious tunes in your car, you may not be happy using your factory sound system. In this case, you’ll likely want to get new aftermarket speakers and an amp. The best car amplifiers are able to be set up easily and are designed to be used for a long time.


Since amplifiers can offer a wide range of power and performance, there are things you need to be familiar with when you are in the market for one. For example, some of the best car amplifiers have circuitry that is designed not to go out or get too hot, and they also have powerful heat sinks and connectors, to increase the life of the amplifier. Each car amplifier review below describes a product that is able to be used in many different circumstances, and with a variety of different speakers. In some cases, even factory speakers are sufficient. Other than that, some models are able to be connected to an additional amp, to increase the performance even further. Whatever item you choose, remember to read the directions to install it properly. You don’t want it to become damaged or cause anything to happen to your automobile, so you want to take your time during the install. If you don’t know how to wire it up yourself, it is advisable to consult a professional, especially if you aim to use the setup for many years to come.

Best Car Amplifier List

1. Rockford Fosgate Prime 750 Watt



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This amplifier is powerful but is also able to keep from overloading the system. It is specially designed to be used with subwoofers, so you can have a powerful sound that is clear. It can also tune out bass notes that would otherwise harm your system and mess up the sounds. Other features include an aluminum heatsink, controls on the top, and 4 gauge connectors, so there is a place for everything that needs to be plugged in or connected together. There is protection from the system short circuiting, so the wires are very unlikely to burn out. Besides that, there is an infrasonic filter, and real time sensors. Users also report that the item doesn’t shut off, burn out, or get hot. This makes it very powerful, and it won’t interrupt your tunes while you’re driving, even if you’re driving all night.

2. BOSS AUDIO PD5000 Phantom 5000-Watt



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This device is powerful and looks cool too. It has a solid matte black finish and has red LEDs that light up the back of it, so you are able to see it at night or in the back of your car, depending on where you place it. It has the capability for the user to be able to change pretty much anything, once the device is set up in place properly. For instance, you can change the amount of bass that is playing, you can link two amps together, it can turn itself off if it gets too hot, and you can change the gain as well. You can also control the subwoofer remotely when you use this item, and it comes with a lengthy warranty. People that use it say to be careful and pay attention to the temperature of it, but otherwise it works quite well when you take the time to set it up correctly.

3. Kenwood KAC-9106D



$159.47 From Amazon

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This amp is able to pick up all the highs and lows that you will want to listen to when you listen to music. You can tell it what you want your music to sound like. This is due to the fact that it has a bass boost, subsonic filter, and speaker-level inputs that are also able to tell the differences in the setup and sound. It has a capacity of 2 ohms and has a max power of 2000w. That means this is a powerful system that can blow other amps out of the water. Owners of the product say that it works on a variety of different speakers and can really put out the power that it says it can. It also won’t burn out or get too hot easily. Other than that, it is a breeze to set up and works well in different sizes of automobiles.

4. Rockford Fosgate R500X1D Prime 1-Channel Class D



$129.00 From Amazon

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This amp has a heatsink and a control panel that is on the top of the device, which is also a bit hidden. This will keep nosey people from touching the buttons on your machine. It also comes with a remote, an equalizer, and it can boost up to 18 decibels. It can also protect you from the unit burning out or trying to use too much power, since there are features that keep either of those things from happening. It can also easily be used no matter what type of system you have in your car. It doesn’t have any onboard fuses, but you will only need them if you intend to use more than one amplifier in your system. It’s rather small in size, but powerful enough to keep even discerning audiophiles happy. All of its parts work the way they are supposed to and it gives you the power it says it offers, which is 500 watts.

5. Kenwood KAC-8406


$126.95 From Amazon

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This is a 4 channel amplifier that is able to put out 900 watts of power. It has low and high pass filters, so it has the capability to give you the crisp sound you are looking for. It also has speaker level input and bass boost. This means you are able to get a good sound on virtually any type of speakers you want to use. It is also good if you want to use it with another amp to get more sound and power. It can make good speakers even louder and even cheap speakers won’t keep it from offering you rich music. Besides that, the model is very affordable, and only weighs around 5 pounds, so it won’t add much to your speaker box or vehicle.

6. Planet Audio AC5000.1D ANARCHY 5000-Watt



$136.95 From Amazon

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This is another model that has a very good warranty. It also has a cool logo that you will be able to see in the dark. Other features are a controller for the subwoofer, low level inputs, bass boost, and different features to perfect the sounds that you are hearing play out of your speakers. It also has a MOSFET power supply and can give off 5000 watts of power, so everyone should be able to hear you coming. The circuits offer lots of protection for the system and the wires, so you will not have a problem with the temperature of the device, including speakers going out or overloading of the circuits. It only offers 1 channel and is able to be strapped to another amp if you need additional power. The best part is that the connections are chrome plated, so they are able to get hotter without messing up or being compromised. This also allows them to last for a long time.

7. BOSS AUDIO AR4000D Armor 4000-Watt Monoblock



$111.40 From Amazon

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This amplifier has a soft start and a serious level of protection, so that all the wiring operates like it supposed to at all times. It has a strong aluminum alloy heat sink, allowing the unit to be able to keep from getting overheated, much like how your home computer is able to handle being on all of the time. There are also low level inputs and you can control the level of the bass. The model is able to hold steady at 1 ohm, and you don’t have to worry about it giving you less power than that. In essence, this amp is able to offer you all the sounds you want to come out of your system, without having to overload your battery or speakers. It knows what you want to hear so it filters out sounds that are too low or high for your ears to decipher.

8. BOSS AUDIO R3400D Riot 3400-Watt Monoblock



$89.95 From Amazon

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This solid machine has a MOSFET power supply, RCA outputs, and is also able to deliver a consistent level of power. Besides that, it is easy enough to install for a beginner, and you don’t have to worry about if your speakers will work well with it. It is powerful, but it doesn’t pull too much power, so it can work with any type of speakers you have handy, as long as they are compatible in terms of power. It also has a wired remote, so you can handle the volume in the front seat, and a subsonic filter. This filter keeps the low frequencies from messing up the speakers, especially sounds that are rather difficult for human ears to hear. In short, this one is great for someone that has never owned an amp before, since it offers clear sound and lots of features to keep the music sounding great.

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