Best Ball Chairs 2018

Improving your overall health is important and one way that a lot of people are doing that is by using ball chairs, which require you to improve your balance, your posture and more. With the best ball chair, you’ll find that you are actually doing better in plenty of different ways.

Best Ball Chairs

There are a number of different balance ball chairs out there and they range from a simple ball that you have to balance entirely yourself to ones that feature actual stands. The better the balance ball chair that you get the better the workout you’re going to have, and that’s definitely going to keep you in better shape. The best ball chairs will have some type of frame attached to them, so that when you sit you just have to worry about you balancing on the ball and not the ball rolling away on you. With any of the options that we’ve found here, you won’t have a problem with that and you’ll definitely be able to get the workout you’re looking for while also improving your posture and a whole lot more. Any of the chairs we’ve found will be great for at home, at your office or anywhere else you might need somewhere to sit down because they’re going to keep you going strong, so check out the best ball chairs reviews.

Best Ball Chair List

1. Gaiam Classic Balance Ball Chair

Gaiam Classic Balance Ball Chair

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This balance ball chair uses a traditional 52-centimeter yoga ball as the main center of support and provides you with a standard size frame that will fit with most desks and with users who are between 5’ and 5’11”. This means you shouldn’t have a problem getting comfortable in your new desk chair and for those who are a little taller, there are leg extenders available to get a few extra inches and make it work for you. With a total weight capacity of 300 pounds, the ball itself is removable and held in place with a metal support bar at the front. When you’re sitting you can lock the 2 back wheels to keep the chair in place or you can leave it to roll around easily on the 4 easy-glide wheels. Overall, you’re going to find yourself getting a better posture and increasing your overall core strength while you’re at it.

2. LuxFit Office Ball Chair

LuxFit Office Ball Chair

$69.95  From Amazon

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Available in several different colors, this chair uses a large yoga ball with up to 300 pounds weight capacity. Designed to work with different levels of inflation, you can get between 22 and 25 inches of height out of it to work just right for your height. The oversized wheels mean that it has no problem moving smoothly and the ball itself is held in with a metal support bar. It even comes with a two year warranty so you know that you’re getting something that you can count on. Great for improving your posture and keeping things simple in your home, this ball chair fits comfortably under just about any desk and can be locked into place easily if you want a little more stability. You’re even able to remove the backrest entirely if you want to really focus on your posture and your overall balance capabilities.

3. Sivan Health and Fitness Ball Chair

Sivan Health and Fitness Ball Chair

$79.99 From Amazon

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The heavy-duty nature of the framework for this ball chair means that you’re going to have no problem with support, and the overall style is definitely going to be a benefit as well. It offers four rolling wheels with two locking ones in the back to make sure it’s stable when you want and movable when you don’t. You’ll get a black ball and frame, and the whole thing is held in place with a metal support bar across the front. You’ll have the ability to improve your balance and posture as with other balance balls and you can use this for anything you want, including using it with your desk at the office. With a 300-pound weight limit and a 22” height off the floor you can get a comfortable seat for just about anyone, though someone very tall may want to purchase extenders for the legs to keep the correct posture.

4. Isonkinetics Inc Exercise Ball Chair

Isokinetics Inc Exercise Ball Chair

$91.24 From Amazon

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The backrest on this chair is probably what you think of as standard with an office chair, with the adjustable height and basic rest. The ball itself though is what really makes this a good choice. At 52 centimeters it’s about average for this type of chair and held in place with a metal support bar. It has extra height to it compared to most other chairs of this type and therefore works for users between 5’2” and 6’1”. Designed with four roller wheels or 2 lockable ones, this chair lets you get just the right position to stay comfortable and keep yourself in better shape. The tall version of this chair is only available in black, however the regular size version comes in different colors so you can choose your favorite. Overall, you’ll get just the right support wherever you need it with this adjustable chair. You’ll also have something that fits easily with your desk or workstation so you can continue to improve while you work.

5. Gaiam Adjustable Custom-Fit Balance Ball Chair

Gaiam Adjustable Custom-Fit Balance Ball Chair

$79.98 From Amazon

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This chair features a slightly larger yoga ball at 55 centimeters, compared to the average 52 centimeters. It also uses a circular base to hold the ball rather than a more substantial framework, but that definitely doesn’t cut down on the quality of this ball chair. With the more simplistic design, it fits in well with just about any purpose and requires even more from you when you’re using it. Available in several colors and supportive of those 5’ to 5’11” and up to 300 pounds, this chair even comes with a DVD of different workouts and stretching guides to keep you in the best shape possible. It also has adjustable legs to get just the right height and uses 5 wheels to keep it moving, all of which can be locked if you prefer. This chair is great for your office or other work area and will help improve posture and balance as well as a whole lot more.

6. Vivora Luno Office Ball Chair

Vivora Luno Office Ball Chair

$49.99 From Amazon

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Available in a range of different colors, this ball chair is going to really require you to do some work because it actually doesn’t come with a base at all. Instead, you have to balance on the ball entirely on your own, as well as balancing it properly on the floor. The slight flatness at the base helps with this, as does the non-slip material of the ball itself. Made with a carry handle to make movement even easier, this is a ball that will definitely keep you balanced and make sure that you’re getting the most out of it at all times. Even better, you don’t have to worry about any bulky extras that take up space in your office or other workstation and you can still use it just fine with any of them.

7. Gaiam Backless Balance Ball Chair

Gaiam Backless Balance Ball Chair

$59.98 From Amazon

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This balance ball chair comes in several color options and uses a base with wheels to it similar to many of the other options. It also has the metal support bar to keep the ball in place and provides you with the four roller wheels or two locking ones to get the movement and stability that you want. What’s really different about this option is that there’s no backrest for it, which means you don’t have anything to lean on or compromise your posture. You’re definitely going to have to support yourself and you’ll be able to do it no matter how tall you are because this ball works for users 5’ to 5’11” whether at a desk or anywhere else. It’s also compatible with the 2” extenders available online and supports weight up to 300 pounds. The 52 centimeter ball is just what you need in order to get the most out of your work day.

8. Safco Products 4750BL Zenergy Ball Chair

Safco Products 4750BL Zenergy Ball Chair

$128.89 From Amazon

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This ball chair is most definitely unique because it doesn’t look like any of the ball chairs you’ve seen, but it really is quite similar. It uses a standard ball with a steel frame that means it’s super durable and capable of holding even more weight. What’s unique, however, is the cover that goes over the ball, which is available in a range of different colors to fit your own personal style. You’ll get something that definitely looks fun and unique and you’ll still get all of the same benefits that you get with the standard ball chairs, because this one is actually very much like them. The stationary aspect of the chair also means that it’s not going to move out from under you and all you need to do is pick it up and put it wherever you want each day.

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