Best Hoverboards 2018

Although you have been seeing hoverboards in movies for many years, they are relatively new to the market. They are a bit like skateboards, but don’t expect the rider to do much since they are usually self balancing. The best hoverboards will go fast enough that it isn’t a waste to use them, and they will take you rather far, so you can run errands, ride to your friend’s house, or just cruise around the block. They also have many other safety features, which keep you informed and safe.

best hoverboard

There are other features that you should look out for when you’re purchasing a hoverboard too. You want to find one that has LED lights and indicators, and it is also beneficial if they can be paired with a smart phone or come with a remote control. That way you know that you don’t have to rely just on your movement to monitor the device; it is like a security blanket to make sure that your board is always in top form. The best hoverboards will offer you all of these features, while looking good. Most have thick rubber tires, large foot beds, and bodies that will not break or scratch easily. Each hoverboard review below will tell you about a top-rated product that is safe for people to use no matter if they have experience on hoverboards or not. Many models even have a learning setting, so you can learn to ride it in a way that is very secure.

Best Hoverboard List

1. Segway miniPRO

Segway miniPRO

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This is a really cool mini version of the popular device, the Segway, which also has many interesting features. It has 1600 watts of power, so it can go as fast as 10 mph. It is also able to drive about 14 miles before you need to charge it, and can handle a little over 200 pounds of weight. It has ergonomic controls, a padded knee bar, and 10.5 inch tires which are fitted with special shock absorbers. Another really cool thing about this machine is that it can be controlled with a smart phone app, which can also allow you to get firmware upgrades and keep it from getting stolen. It will even let you know if something is wrong with the product. It features a magnesium alloy body and has LED lights to light your way. It only takes a few minutes to learn how to ride too, so even if you’ve never used one before, there’s no need to worry.

2. Swagtron T3

swagtron t3

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This self balancing scooter is easy to use and can go up to 8 miles per hour. It can run for up to 12 hours before it needs to be charged and it comes with a 1 year warranty. It has a special learning mode built in for first time users, and there is also a standard mode, for whenever you feel comfortable on the product. It has aluminum wheels, a foot area that is resistant to slipping, and has a battery indicator. Another cool feature is that it has a Bluetooth speaker built in, so you can listen to your favorite music while riding. You can control this through a special app on your smart phone, which will also let you see the routes you have traveled and keep track of your battery. It also has LED lights on the outside, to allow you to see what’s going on.

3. Razor Hovertrax 2.0

Razor Hovertrax 2.0

$398.00 From Amazon

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This hoverboard is powerful enough to go over 8 mph due to the fact that it has 350 watt motors. It has able to accommodate around 220 pounds, meaning many different body types can use it  and it can run for about an hour nonstop before you have to charge it. The battery is designed to be quick change, so if you have an extra, you can easily swap it out and keep riding. Other features include an LED light bar, power indicator, and it is self balancing. It has additional safety features, such as a shatter resistant body, slip proof foot areas, and it is easy to carry around when you aren’t riding it. Since the device self balances all the time, it is easy to use, even if you are new to the whole thing, so you don’t have to worry about falling when you’re being careful. It also allows for a very smooth ride.

4. Swagtron T1

Swagtron T1

$399.99 From Amazon

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This product has a lightweight body, which makes it able to travel 8 mph and faster when you’re riding it. It can go at least 12 miles and possibly longer before it needs to be charged. It has powerful 300 watt electric motors, so you can be sure it has enough power to get you to your destination. In fact, the batteries only take a few hours to charge, so it won’t disrupt your whole day if you need a quick charge. This attractive board also has LED headlights, and will tell you when the battery needs to be recharged. It can hold over 200 pounds and has strong aluminum wheels with rubber tires, so it will work great on pavement and sidewalks. Users report that nearly anyone can learn how to ride it in a week or less, even children, so it can be fun for the whole family to use and enjoy.



$499.00 From Amazon

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This is a board you can use, no matter what skill level you have. There are actually three levels to choose from: beginner, normal, and advanced, which can be utilized through a smart phone app. The advanced mode is for experienced boarders who really know how to use this type of device. The machine also comes with speakers built in, a specialized battery indicator, so you’ll always know how much battery you have and it comes with a carrying strap, meaning you can just stick it over your shoulder and go. The item only weighs around 30 pounds, so it won’t be hard to lug around whenever you want to use it later, or if you have to use the bus or other forms of transportation. It also has wider foot areas than other machines, so it can be comfortable for most, and it has very responsive controls for a smooth ride.

6. Powerboard by HOVERBOARD

Powerboard by HOVERBOARD

$349.99 From Amazon

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This product will never overheat, and has cool looking wheels, which make it look like a really cool toy. It has a top speed of 10 kilometers an hour and is able to go around corners without causing any problems. People that have used it recommend it because it is stable enough to do anything with. Some have even used their cameras to film video while riding this device. It comes with a 1 year warranty and they have a solid customer service department that you can contact any time you need to. It has a weight limit of about 220, which is just like many other models, but it is able to accelerate and reverse better than some other products that are available. Besides that, it has LED lights for lighting the way and telling you if the product is on, and it features airless rubber tires, so you won’t ever get a flat.

7. IO HAWK 2.0


This is a sophisticated hoverboard, which is powerful and able to provide all the specs that you’re looking for. It can go around 7 mph and can take you about 12 miles before you need to recharge it. You can find it in black, white, and grey, and it comes with 2 remote controls, as well as a Bluetooth speaker. This is really everything you need to have the time of your life. It only weighs around 30 pounds, so it won’t break your back when you carry it, and it can hold about 260 pounds of weight without it causing any problems. It has two 300 watt motors and 6.7 inch wheels, which look great. It is easy to use, has responsive controls, and can be paired with your smart device for even more fun features. It also has wide foot pedals and the battery charges quickly.

8. EROVER Two Wheel Self Balancing Scooter


This is a no nonsense product that can get the job done for a regular sized adult or even children and teens. It doesn’t have a battery indicator on the product, but it should be able to last for quite a while when you’re using it properly. It has a max weight of around 110kg and can go 15kmh, which is fast enough that you won’t get bored. It can also take you around 15 km before needing to be charged, but the distance varies greatly depending on what type of terrain you are riding on. The item weighs around 12 kg, so it is lighter than many other products out there. It can climb up to 15 degrees and has no problem turning corners. It is also fancy but looks plain enough that people may not want to steal it from you. It is also great for people that are just starting out or are advanced with hoverboards.

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