Best DSLR Shoulder Rigs 2018

It doesn’t matter whether you are a professional cameraperson or just like to take great videos or still, you should be able to have everything you need to take the best shots. The best DSLR shoulder rigs will be able to keep you comfortable and hold whatever type of camera you need to use.

best dslr shoulder rigs

DSLR cameras shoulder rigs are very sophisticated and are able to do many different things. They can allow you to film various angles, operate well while moving, and even keep the picture steady no matter what. The best DSLR shoulder rigs are able to hold whatever types of accessories you like, are easy to use, and easy to set up. There are many models that are quite affordable and you will be able to get a lot of use out of them. For example, each DSLR shoulder rig review below shows a highly rated product and tells you what it can do to make your life easier. Each one is sophisticated and works with different camera models.

Best DSLR Shoulder Rig List

1. Fotodiox WonderRig Elite

Fotodiox WonderRig Elite

$209.95 From Amazon

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This is a high quality rig that is able to do what you need it to do. It comes with a matte box, side-flags, a rail adapter, and a lens gear belt, which makes it a whole set. It can hold different types of cameras, as well as lenses. It is great for people of all backgrounds, and it’s also lightweight. However, some people that own the item have mentioned that you may need a counterweight if your camera is large or heavy. This will make it sit in the right place on the shoulder, so it doesn’t hurt you or cause you any pain. Otherwise this isn’t really an issue and you can use it wherever you need to. In essence, it is a complete set that is straightforward to use and has room for any accessory that you may need.

2. SUNRISE Shoulder Pad DSLR Rigs DSLR DSM-802


$228.99 From Amazon

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This item is made well because the whole thing is cut out using a CNC machine. That means that not only will all the parts fit together well, but even the screws and everything else will fit into place just right. It consists of a shoulder pad with a built-in counterweight and a handle that will not slip in your hands. It also has support rods, which are able to extend, depending on how you need to use it. The base plate is of professional grade and you can adjust the height so it is able to release with ease. Some that have used the product appreciate that it is made well, and say that the counterweight works really well too. On the other hand, since it is a smaller rig than some other models, you have to be careful when you walk around, as it may fall off your shoulder or slip a bit. You wouldn’t want your camera to become damaged because you forgot you were wearing this shoulder rig.

3. FILMCITY DSLR Shoulder Rig FC-02

FILMCITY DSLR Shoulder Rig FC-02

$209.00 From Amazon

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This kit comes with the shoulder rig, matte box, and brackets to make sure that everything fits together just right. It should be able to hold a wide range of cameras, whether you are accustomed to using a DV, or DSLR camera. The shoulder pad is adjustable and sits well, so you won’t have to worry about it hurting you at all when you are shooting something really important. The device is easy to put together and can be used by anyone that needs a rig that is able to be universally used and won’t cost you too much money. It can be heavy at times, but it is also able to hold whatever special accessories you require, so that is to be expected. Besides that, it has a unique look that people may ask you about.

4. Ivation Pro Steady DSLR Complete Movie Rig with Shoulder Mount

Ivation Pro Steady

$127.46 From Amazon

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This product is designed to be comfortable, so it can be adjusted depending on who is using it, what angle it needs to be used at, and what type of camera you are filming with. For example, to accommodate different cameras, the matte box is able to be adjusted. Other cool features include dual hand grip, a shoulder pad that is sturdy and won’t bother you one bit, and reversible follow focus. This cool gadget also comes in blue and orange, which adds a little bit of style to your setup. People that have used the product think that it is a great deal for the money, especially since it comes with all the parts you need and that it accepts different sizes of cameras. Besides that, it sits comfortably on your body and can also be utilized with a tripod. It is great for people that are amateurs at using video cameras or people that have been doing it for a while.

5. Morros DSLR Rig Video Chest Stabilizer Shoulder Mount Rig

Morros DSLR Rig Video Chest Stabilizer

$279.00 From Amazon

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This rig is able to support virtually any type of camera you want to use, so you don’t have to worry about it, even if you are a professional videographer. It won’t cause the camera to wobble, so you’ll get clear shots, and the handles have special grips, so your hands won’t slip even if you’re holding it for a long time. You also don’t have to worry about your camera moving around, because the camera plate also has a rubber bottom. It is made of aluminum and stainless steel, so it should hold up quite well over time. It also has a rail so you are able to change the height and can use whatever other extra tools you need to use when filming. Furthermore, it folds down small and is able to be taken apart easily when you need to store it or put it away.

6. Neewer Professional DSLR Rig Set Movie Kit Film Making System

Neewer Professional DSLR Rig Set Movie Kit Film Making System

$109.99 From Amazon

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This one is gear driven, so there won’t be any jerky movements when you are filming with this rig. It is able to house whatever camera you have and is able to shoot at many different angles, if you need it to. This is because it can be adjusted easily and can even be affixed into a standard sized rod if you need to add it to rails, in order to film something that is moving. It is constructed of aluminum and ABS, so it is strong enough to carry around and use, no matter where you are. This helps if you need to film for a long time or are using it in a professional manner. What makes it really unique is that you can mount the gear box on either side of the rig, so it makes no difference what your dominant hand is. This degree of personalization is a great thing and isn’t always seen. The only thing to worry about is if you need a counterweight, since this one doesn’t come with one, but it has a place to add one.

7. Opteka CXS-300 Heavy Duty Dual-Grip Video Shoulder Stabilizer

Opteka CXS 300

$99.97 From Amazon

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This stabilizer can allow you to take pictures or video well because it can hold even still cameras. It has two large and sturdy handles in the front and a shoulder pad, both of which are well padded and won’t slip. The device is made of aluminum, so you don’t have to be concerned that it will become damaged or not able to hold a bit of weight. It has 15 mm rails, so it can be adjusted and moved around a bit.  The product only weighs around 4 pounds on its own, so men and women of all sizes shouldn’t have a problem with it. Since this is just a stabilizer, you also have to ability to add different accessories to it if you want to. There is plenty of room for whatever you need, whether it is a matte box or something more advanced.

8. Fancierstudio FL02M DSLR Rig with Follow Focus Matte Box

Fancierstudio FL02M

$90.50 From Amazon

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This rig is able to be adjusted 360 degrees, so you can always get the shots you want rather easily. It also comes with a matte box, which is made of strong ABS and can allow for follow focus. If you already use 15 mm rails or rods, you can add this rig to it with no problem, because it is highly compatible. Other than that, it is important to understand that this setup is for all types of cameras and that it is easy to use. There is even a lens support on the bottom of the matte box, to ensure that you are getting a stable shot, and won’t have to worry about blurry images or videos. There is plenty of space on it to add other things you may like, such as a monitor, or other extras that help you do your job. Users also note that it can fold up easily, so it isn’t a pain to take on location or while traveling.

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