Radar Detectors And The Law

What Is Radar Detector?

Radar Detector

The wonderful electronic radar detector is used by more and more drivers to reveal if their speed is being scrutinized by law enforcement or police using radar guns. Drivers like to know they are being observed so they can slow down and not be issued a speeding ticket that adds points to their driving record. Radar detector can only detect the Doppler radar-based devices. The other speed sensing and devices to measure speed that cannot be detected are VASCAR, piezo sensors, and ANPR. LIDAR needs a different sensor type that only modern radar detector contain. Today, many of the radar detectors sense signals across many wavelength bands comprising X, K, and Ka. In Europe the Ku band is common but not used that much.

How Police Use Radar Gun To Detect Your Speed?


Radar Gun is a device based on Doppler radar technology .It beams a radio wave at the vehicle. It then deduces the speed of the moving vehicle by using the Doppler effect-moderated change in the frequency of the reflected wave. Radar guns are mounted on law enforcement vehicles, hand held by the officers, or mounted on a fixed object usually a traffic signal. Many officers hide in bushes, close to building walls and other unseen locations by the drivers to catch them unsuspectedly.

How Radar Detector Work To Avoid Radar Gun?

Radar Detector


Radar detectors are sophisticated technology using a superheterodyne receiver for detecting the electromagnetic emanations from the radar guns. An alarm is sent to the drive to notify them that the transmission has been detected. Superheterodyne is a contraction of supersonic heterodynes where the supersonic is above the range of human hearing. If you’re not on that wavelength it’s a mystery! Operating in the save chunk of the electromagnetic spectrum as radar guns, false alarms are sent when someone uses their automatic garage door openers and those sliding open doors at the grocery. Auto adaptive cruise control can trip up and send a false alarm

Now specific radar detectors have GPS technology. This permits the motorists to manually store those locations where the traffic is monitored by police. The coordinates are entered by the user manually. Some GPS detectors can download the coordinates of red-light cameras, speed-monitoring cameras from the Internet containing the TRINITY database. When traveling the interstate, the driver could receive an alarm when coming up on a speed-monitoring camera.

Detectors and radar guns have evolved to counter each other’s technology. Rather like civilian electronic warfare, don’t you think? Until technology caught up, radar detectors were initially blind to the new frequencies used. So If you’ve been using a radar detector for a long time, you need to upgrade it to counter police radar gun.

Laws For Radar Detector

radar gun

All states in U.S permit radar detectors for passenger vehicles but prohibited for commercial vehicles except Washington/District of Columbia and state of Virginia. Radar detectors are not permitted for these stages.

In Canada radar detector are only permitted in: Alberta, British Columbia, Manitoba, New Brunswick, Newfoundland and Labrador, Northwest Territories, Nova Scotia, Nunavut, Ontario, Prince Edward Island, Quebec, Saskatchewan, and Yukon.

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